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  1. They are so cute awesome sauce!
  2. That's what I told her, (and the same thing my sister told her about turtles.. She fidged a little bit) I am definately not getting any bunnies/rabbits anytime soon. At least my friend has some!
  3. I <3 bunnies and rabbits, though it's really sad for me to those who are allergic. :/ They miss all the fun. My mother says that bunnies poop too much so I'm probably neve going to get one.
  4. I'll support this, it's much more efficient to type Mr. Ball rather then Mr Ball.
  5. Do you guys think I can get the new eggs caught on the 15th inexchange for a 2nd Gen silver IOU?
  6. I can't believe I was on a trip while the new releases got out! *Goes to the cave in hopes of catching one*
  7. Could I have my scroll sat while I'm on my raft trip? Scroll Name: FlowerOwl Forum Name: FlowerOwl What Eggs/Hatchlings would you like to be sat: How Long will you be gone: From Tuesday (today, august 14th) to sometime on Friday What Sitter's list do you want to be on: Any, they all seem relible My hidden egg is at 4 days and 10 hours, just in case you need to know. Thank you to whom sits my scroll!
  8. I am going on a trip today (it's Tuesday the 14th) and I won't be back till Friday the 17th (About 3-4 days) I think.
  9. Name: (forum name) FlowerOwl What: (what is it you want me to draw) Winter Magi hatchling How: (special details such as pose, clothing, and what the request is holding) Sitting with claws hugging itself while shivering with small flakes of snow on him Reference: I couldn't find a picture of one... Style: (Digital, Sprite, or Traditional?) Digital
  10. "Gah!" Lydia screamed when the man talked,"Uh, Uh," She started a bit embarrassed to say much really. She didn't mind the stabbing pain that was loose on her foot, right now her concern was focused on the man. Though, she started trying to get the weight off while watching the man to see his reply. ((Sorry for another shortie...))
  11. I'll support this! All the URL blah blah drives me insane and I don't understand it.. Much.
  12. Lydia didn't notice Marcus at the other side of the gym when she entered. She was a bit to nervous to think and decided to rather do. So, she crouched on the floor, pondering how to do a sit up. I guess my legs go straight and my arms go- She thought until she was disturbed by falling. "Oof," She groaned, and tried to do a push up again and again until she gave up at a grand total of 0. Still not noticing Marcus, she crawled over to some weights. Each with a number which said how many pounds it weighed. She choose the 1 pound one. This is easy, Lydia beamed and picked up the 2 pound one and had the same result. And then she kept doing that until sixteen pounds, where it had gotten very hard to lift it up even an inch. "Ow! Ow ow ow..." She dropped the weight on her foot, and now she was dragging her foot from under it. "Ow.."
  13. That is one lovely green... http://dragcave.net/lineage/hUGlT This is one of my favourites, and I've got more but I'll post those later since I need to go somewhere right now...
  14. Those look good, *Goes to try to breed you some trios like KrystalSharz is*
  15. I put mine in about usually eight-six hatcheries. The strange thing is though, they don't really get sick. When I first got on DC I used seven a lot and they got a bit more sick, but I guess my eggs aren't very.. popular.
  16. FlowerOwl


    Just joined! Here are my cuties: And could you pm me about your contest? I want to learn more!
  17. Lydia walked to the elevator after she had rested in her room for a couple of minutes. She breathed, and pressed a button which she knew would lead her to the locker rooms... And then the gym. Lydia had skinny arms that had hardly any strength, her legs could run fast for her age, but you don't see many people her age around her. Which she kinda liked since she always had gotten better friends out of the older kids and some of the younger kids more then her own age. She her legs could just run about as fast as the average people in this building could. But Lydia's arms were as weak as foam. Even a baby could win in a arm wrestle easily with her. It was quiet embarrassing, so she usually kept her training to herself. So she was hoping no one would be there. She walked out of the elevator and into the locker rooms.
  18. That red is absolutely gorgous! ^^ Could you tell me if you are willing to trade or gift it's offspring or it with me?
  19. I've hardly been working at all. I basically try to just get cool codes and hopefully one day I can combine them all up and make a beautiful code lineage. I am also trying to ffind a good mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/IBRtO. Apparently he doesn't like Luminas at all. I am also trying to make a small frozen lumina army. Other than that, I'm just trying to get pretty lineages as they come and such. Hopefully the stuff you guys are doing will spark me some ideas.. And if anyone knows where a cb silver breeding results thing is, please tell me!