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  2. "Thank you," Kendra smiled and placed her new feather inside a secure place within her hair.
  3. Kendra turned over the feather and looked at it, "What's this?" Kendra asked, holding the feather up to the sunlight. "It's very beautiful..."
  4. Kendra hesitated and dropped the whip/vine and look out the window. She came here to cut vines while watching the sun, didn't she? She glanced back at Elenora and whisphered,"True, sometimes it's very... Annoying but I'd rather stay out of it. Dangers lie ahead to anybody who takes a side, and I'd rather not chance it." Kendra breathed and in a much happier voice she said,"Would you like to help me cut some vines? Or at least sit down and have some tea?" Kendra laid out the bowl she put away from ealier and pour the crushed vines from her pouch into it. She grinned,"You just crush it a little bit with a rock or something and add water."
  5. Kendra surrendered her knife, and narrowed her eyes. She touched a few vines and froze them behind her fingers. She grabbed one and cracked it like a whip against the ground. Kendra blushed when a few pieces of ice fell before she refroze it twice as much as she did the first time.
  6. Kendra's knife was flung out of her hand by a sudden movement of a vine. She slowly and backed up and picked up her fallen knife. A tree sprite arises from beneath the vines at the same time. "I'm Krenda," She paused before saying,"And who are you?"
  7. Maybe... I love your signature though!
  8. Kendra sighed, halfly disappointed and halfly relieved. She flouted through the window and cut the nearest vine to it. She dragged it along the floor, hoping to find a suitable place to cut it. Kendra stopped by an another window about ten or five minutes later. It had a glorious view of the sun and had many vines. She only noticed one 'flower', but it was the kind that only had sleep powder. In which Kendra had gotten fairly amuned to. Kendra found a flat rock moments later and heaved it over to the window for her table. She pulled out her knife and began cutting vines all the while humming.
  9. Kendra screamed as she fell from her vine. Hitting the ground, she flouted up and thought, The nerve of some creatures... She touched a few empty places on the wall, forming small ledges. She climbed up onto them, and made a few more higher above her, creating a rock climbing sort of thing. Kendra climbed to the top and flouted near a window, and peered inside to see what was happening.
  10. Oh my, Kendra thought and gasped as she spied on them fighting. The window was blocked and she didn't want to flout right through the middle of a fight to flee. She touched a thick vine covering a gap inside the wall and it froze with a crack. I need to go before this heats up to much, Kendra thought and hit the frozen vine, shattering it to pieces. She quickly squeezed herself through the wall. Kendra hugged the wall once outside and began looking around for other entrances that would allow her to avoid their fight.
  11. Kendra turned when she heard a few yells and almost dropped her pouch. "Hello?" She whisphered, slowly approaching where she heard the voices coming from. She neared the walls of the castle, many vines alongside it. She recognized some new vines where she had cut others off. There wasn't any 'flowers' in sight. But the thing that was peculiar, a Phoenix was by the window. Kendra kept to the shadows very carefully, carefully being sure not to be noticed. Kendra frowned. What's going on here? She thought while she continued to lurk inside the wall's shadow.
  12. Kendra hummed softly to herself as she chopped some vines from a plant she 'found'. "You're not gonna mess with me again!" She sang as her song came to an end. She began preparing the flower, which was like one from that of a horror story with a fanged mouth that would eat you when its vines had dragged you near enough, and started removing the petals. Kendra ripped them apart before putting all of the vines and petals into a small pouch inside her pocket before flouting off.
  13. Username: FlowerOwl Name: Kendra Gender: Female Age: 11 Personality: To be RP'd Appearance: Species: Ice Ghost Other: Skyward
  14. Thanks TJ and the dragon cave staff! I can't wait to see what the 2013 valentine drags look like! I also can't wait for my flower vase to enlarge it's numbers! (Don't have any the last time I checked...) Any donations? My scroll name is FlowerOwl. Anyways... Happy Valentines Day!
  15. Yes, just caught my second one and will go onto gingerbread house eating, I mean gingerbread house decorating when I get on my computer. TPBM Loves the new holiday egg so far.