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  1. They'r taking the Tatdis to Rewbqore! That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be on my iPod... Type: FlowerOwl loves owls, so all bow down to owls!
  2. "So sorry sir, it seems that we have some difficulties with a few troublemakers during the past few days..." Waiter, there's a baby in my soup...
  3. Very true, too many tv shows these days have hardly any plot and almost no funny punchlines as well... TPBM has a bronze trophy on DC.
  4. Well, when I was four or five I slipped on a magazine and fell down my family's house's tile stairs. I went to the ER, and I can't remember much other than that..
  5. Not a very colourful signature, but I suppose that doesn't say much... 7/10
  6. Minecraft Mods. I love minecraft and all, but I swear that the whole neighbourhood can hearing me screaming.