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  1. I sure hope not! I was offline when they were released and came into the cave a couple days later, and have never even seen any of the new eggs in the Cave, let alone missed them. My machine *should* be fast enough, and I have a wired LAN w/ fast FIOS connection...
  2. IKR... came into the cave a little while ago after a few busy days in RL, and haven't even *seen* one of the new eggs go by yet. Kinda was hoping that they would be more plentiful for a few days, since the cave birthday celebrations have lasted about a week in previous years...
  3. My silver dragon attracted a Bright Pink, but, as is happening with just about everyone, she doesn't stay long... she wants some combination of meat & sweets, doesn't seem to care a lot about the other categories. I tried putting out other items to see if different breeds would be attracted, but always the Bright Pink one rolls by and isn't satisfied with the exhibit... My husband's gold dragon attracted a Golden Wyvern, but she seems to be picky about the balance of mana and shinies. My niece's Thunder dragon attracted a Nebula who seems mostly interested in meat & ma
  4. Finally bred a 9G purple nebula boy (he has 2 green brothers ) for my traded 9G horsie, and they like each other: New Egg Form Dragon Breeder: evilcostumelady Team of Breeder: leaf Generation of Egg: 10 Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/9BWUm Transferring or Keeping: Keeping! will post naming form when I get a chance; gotta run right now!
  5. Thanks for bumping this; I hadn't seen it before. Brutes are handsome little devils, aren't they? I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN Forum Username: evilcostumelady Scroll Name: evilcostumelady How many Brutes do you have: 4 CB (2 pairs, if they cooperate) What Generation egg do you want: 2nd or 3rd, if even gen My plan is to breed even gens, non inbred... I WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST AN EGG Forum Username: evilcostumelady Scroll Name: evilcostumelady What Generation 2nd or 3rd, if even gen I'm not sure I understand the option to request a breeding list... will have to read
  6. The GoN x Sunsong is a pretty pairing; I hadn't thought of it. I got a refusal from my male GoN x Ice but have another Ice girl to try later. Got an avatar of destruction from my female GoN x Thunder And a failure to summon a third GoN. Simon says I can try again to summon on 4 June... that seems sooner than it used to be
  7. 'Grats! One of my Lovely Common projects needs a harvest, too, and I'm anticipating a long wait... since the other parent is a Teimarr. Haven't gotten to 11 breedings yet, though. I've seen a lot of harvest CB eggs in the AP, so I know they aren't becoming rarer... I just bred this little guy and was surprised to get a terrae (needed BBW for the project) but can use for another project... checkers are generally welcome everywhere.
  8. I have only found one Dusk descendant on my scroll... which amazes me. I thought I had more of them... Quin Dusk Dorkface Thuwed
  9. Progress... :prances about gleefully: Finally, a gray from gray & trihorn, last 2g for my gray/trihorn/electric group: Yay, gray! Influenced male, and he will have his choice of several females, since trihorns have been rather dominant lately... His child will be the mate of this lovely one if all goes well A mixed bag from one of my green groups... Egg Available: needed a BBW, not a canopy from this pair Claim my egg! Taken! But I already have the 2g pair for the other half of this group, provided they gender correctly and don't hate each other: the boy; the girl
  10. Finally got an egg, after a month... and it's their first goldfish! New Egg Form Dragon Breeder: evilcostumelady Team of Breeder: LEAF Generation of Egg: 8 Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/miDfH Transferring or Keeping: transferring to Calankh of Team Silver Transfer Form Sender: evilcostumelady Team of Sender: Leaf Receiver: calankh Team of Receiver: Silver Generation of Egg: 8th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/miDfH
  11. New Egg Form Dragon Breeder: evilcostumelady Team of Breeder: Leaf Generation of Egg: 9th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/TAWol Transferring or Keeping: Transferring to ghrowl Transfer Form Sender: evilcostumelady Team of Sender: Leaf Receiver: ghrowl Team of Receiver: Steel Generation of Egg: 9th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/TAWol Naming Form Dragon Owner: evilcostumelady Team: Leaf Name of Dragon: Novepicus Generation of Dragon: 9 Lineage URL of Dragon: http://dragcave.net/lineage/qDeVp
  12. I have finished my first set! Here's the result! Now I need to decide whether this needs to be male or female, though I guess I can breed a sibling if I change plans... I'm making these as part of a rainbow lineage from 4th gen to ?
  13. Oops Form What went wrong: changed my mind about which of my 8g epic offspring would continue the line Dragon Breeder: evilcostumelady Team of Breeder: leaf Intended Dragon Owner: evilcostumelady Team of Intended Dragon Owner: leaf Generation of affected Dragon: 8 Lineage URL of affected Dragon: http://dragcave.net/lineage/hZq4g Replacement: http://dragcave.net/lineage/XXB2j Naming Form Dragon Owner: evilcostumelady Team: leaf Name of Dragon: Octepicus Generation of Dragon: 8 Lineage URL of Dragon: http://dragcave.net/lineage/8QZQk New Egg Form Dragon Br
  14. Just received via transfer link but don't see it posted, so here goes: New Egg Form Dragon Breeder: calankh Team of Breeder: Silver Generation of Egg: 8 Lineage URL of Egg:http://dragcave.net/lineage/8QZQk Transferring or Keeping: transferring Transfer Form Sender: calankh Team of Sender: Silver Receiver: evilcostumelady Team of Receiver: Leaf Generation of Egg: 8 Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/8QZQk I bred my dragons to return an egg, but they did not produce one this week.
  15. Refusals abound... I had to rebreed a stripe & lumina since their offspring and his prospective mate refused (maybe I should have tried a different pair instead & replaced the lumina, but she was a giftie from my husband) ... But, I needed a stripe from these parents And now, a question: I finally got a black egg for another set, but she hatched alt. Can I still use her in the project? Or do I need to try again? The blacks are the "A" pair of the set... edited to ask about the alt edited again to get rid of the expired teleport link
  16. Another mixed bag report... hope the links are correct, since the cave is down ATM and I can't check. A 2nd gen for one of my greens and waiting for a 2G to grow up for the other half... and success with one half of my "whites" project... but the other 2G pair refused Not sure who's the persnickety one, the stripe or the lumina. They are probably both divas. Got a few other refusals (more than usual for the number of dragons bred, and from dragons I would not expect to be picky) but have noticed other players' comments about increased refusals lately And then
  17. Commons are lovely! Forum name: evilcostumelady Scroll link: http://dragcave.net/user/evilcostumelady Can people PM you and request eggs? Sure! If yes, any requirements? Not to bite, neglect, kill, or inbreed (further even gen breeding would be awesome, but not "required") Regifting is fine, but abandonment is rather a waste. My lineage plans: Create monochromatic groups then breed them together in a rainbow fashion to produce higher generation even-gens. Combinations I'm thinking about... the dimorphism (and the late hour) challenging me at the moment ...alternati
  18. I just claimed the white egg Centuri posted; thanks! I have been trying to breed a 2g white to influence female; have 2 white 2g males needing white mates. -------- Paying forward; I can breed pairs from CB thru eg-4g in most color combinations of 2g & 3g parents; PM me to request.
  19. Come sit by me... I bred this sweetie while scroll-locked so of course the egg auto-abandoned... When it got to serious ER status I enrolled it in a fansite, but apparently it never turned up in the AP; this lovely dragoness (purebred 2G copper) has been a wild dragon ever since she grew up. What a waste!
  20. I'm one of Team Leaf, also waiting for instructions... and I thought our team were ready to trade 8th gens even earlier than the date on the spreadsheet... my 7th gen pair has been ready to breed my 8th gen trade egg since July 2011 (they have already given me 4 offspring)
  21. LOL.... perhaps the breeds really aren't overfond of each other ETA: either gender combination works I got eggs from the first 2 pairs I tried breeding, but my husband got a "no egg" on his first try... then got 2 other pairs to produce eggs. A friend has reported 2 'no interest' results (female horses & male hellfires) before obtaining a pair of eggs... but at least all the tries today have produced the hybrids and not the parent breeds.
  22. Worse, there don't seem to be any eggs in any of the other biomes at all... maybe there will be 5 minute drops? :hopes:
  23. Finally... Forum Name: evilcostumelady Victor's Name: Finessia V Mockingjay Breed: purple dorsal Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/eB7J7
  24. Lenape Egg Available! Sabbeleechen was lost on my scroll and she and Munham couldn't wait for a potlatch when they found each other, and have produced a lovely 3G EG geode hatchie: Claim it here! Or, after the birthday scramble is finished, request a sibling...
  25. Sorry for the late reply, and for the confusion... Most of the Lenape names I've used are place-names, and Lenape words (sometimes adjusted for gender, as best I could suss them out). Here are links to sites I've used for naming my Lenape dragons: http://www.talk-lenape.org/index.php http://www.gilwell.com/lenape/ http://www.woodlandindians.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=4269 (caveat: forum contains some heated discussions about NA politics) http://www.delawareindians.com/ My starting pairs should be listed in a post on page 1 of this topic, unless the first few post