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    I'm a very geeky witch, into sci fi (the good stuff not the second rate crap stuff) for example Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens. Also like fantasy like LOTR and am a big Harry Potter fan and proud Slytherin. Yes I know I'm a bit old to be but that's what makes me a loveable geek.

    As for my dragon collection, just like collecting dragons, no particular breed, am new at this so just like finding new dragons although won't kill any or do vampire bites. I have a few pairs that have mated already and I will keep them as mates on my scroll only for each other. I am up for trading if asked nicely although most of my current dragons have sentimental value so will be staying with me. Give me time though and I will collect more.

    I don't like cheekiness, rudeness or arrogance - especially from DC members young enough to be my son/daughter! Ahem! I enjoy intelligent conversations and original ideas. I respect others I expect the same. I am a Pagan, Vegan, animal lover and animal rights activist. I like nature, true friendship, love and laughter and children - when they're not cheeky lol.

    I've been through hell in my life: more than you could possibly imagine but I came through. I still struggle with chronic health issues but am not going to let them stop me living my life.