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  1. 2 minutes ago, arjunvohra said:


    there is some substance that is leaking from the crack going upwards?

    Probably some sort of magic time fluid or reality warping fluid?

    Maybe it's spores. Would be another classic. ;)

  2. Yes, well, the hourly drop took 1 minute to load a biome, then I got to click on one egg (that was taken already), and now it's been first loading for 3 minutes to get back to the cave, then another three trying to open a biome, before saying "Bad Gateway". And now, 8 minutes past the hour, it loads splendidly. Too many people trying to catch for the poor server, I guess. I'll keep to the 5min drops.



  3. Happy Halloween, DragonCave !


    When I first opened the thread, and saw the logo and the eggs, I thought "Evil Cyborgs from Outer Space".

    Reading the codes and taking a closer look I'd rather expect some tentacled monstrosity from outer space or "the depths of time", now. (probably both)

    If it's as well done as the codes and the logo, the new dragon could be a homage to all the horrors lurking in the dark voids of space, mind and time that have been conjured up by different genres. Go for it !

    (It wouldn't be my cup of tea, but it would be interesting to see. So I'm really curious to find out which of the many variations of the theme it might be !)

  4. 9 minutes ago, Cayde6 said:

    I'm a little apprehensive about the new breed only being around for 24hrs.


    If the Halloween biome and the recent new release in August has taught me anything,

    it's that the huge influx of people rushing in to get the eggs bogs the site down and no matter how quick you click,

    someone's beat you to it. A refresh clutch is gone within seconds.


    It's going to be extremely touch to get the new dragon unless the eggs are flooded into the biome

    instead of being dropped every five or so minutes. I will cross my fingers and hope for the best though.

    You shouldn't worry too much. The key for catching in peace is not trying it in the first few hours. ;) But after half a day has passed it usually isn't that bad. The Halloween biome is that crazy because everyone has to hunt there. The new dragon usually drops in all 6 biomes - that's 6 times the people getting their fill per hour. And it's only one kind of dragon, so apart from AP gifters no one has a reason to drop "misclicks" and hunt again. It's not as easy as Christmas and Valentines, but it should be doable for everyone at some point in the day. :)

  5. @jillybean711: That seems a widespread glitch, and for most people a hard refresh (and/or clearing the browser history/cache) fixed it. I'm not of much help in those things, just look into the news thread, it was mentioned there multiple times. Good luck !


    That said, the Lantean Royal Navy is still on deck in full garb (and has been all day):


    Windows 10 PC, Internet Explorer 11

  6. 17 minutes ago, The Dragoness said:

    I've only found 42/50 treats, but I haven't seen any since yesterday. Do some take longer to appear or something?

    When that happened to me F5 usually fixed it. I usually collect them on the "Cave" or "Account" side (they are easiest to spot there).

    Edit: But if there is a known glitch that might be futile. :(


    1 hour ago, Moondragon007 said:

    I love the d20!


    (that's the purple isosehedron  with a 20 on it for non-gamers)


    Did you also find the Pen & the Paper already ?! ;)

  7. Like The Dragoness I picked a Shadow Walker because they are my all time favourite Halloween dragon !

    And among my top five favourites on DC.

    And after joining half a year too late to get caveborns now I finally have them on my scroll in splendid first generation glory !!! I'm so happy ! (Not having CBs didn't keep me from building a gazillion lineages with them, but it will be a whole new experience to be able to actually breed the 2nd gens I need myself.)

    Celebrating all that by going trick-or-treating with my little Shadow Walker friend !

  8. 2 minutes ago, Syiren said:

    Ill tellu right now I'll be hunting for CB Wrapping Wings for sure. I inly grabbed one when they first released and to this day ive been kicking myself for it. Then again, while halloween dragons have no cb limit, the other holidays do.


    ...why is that anyway?

    TJ once said something along the lines of "because Halloween is about grabbing as many treats as you can while the other days are more about sharing the joy and the feeling". (Not an exact quote, mind you !)

    And since Christmas and Valentine's are times you are supposed to spend with your loved ones, having a limit of CBs probably helps with that. Catch your two and be done with it. Everyone easily gets all they can get, no one is left out. No time spent online in a trading/hunting/gifting frenzy, more time for the real world. ;)

    And it makes the respective holiday dragons more special, I guess. Like Christmas is supposed to be a special time of the year, and Valentine's is celebrating the special-ness of your sweetheart(s) and your relationship(s).

    I'm completely happy with the limit, but I'd be over the moon with joy if we should get to collect the past CBs we don't already have. (My beloved Shadows were given to me, now if I could have CB Heartseekers as well... Dream come true.)

  9. @FluffyPillow: A dragon can hatch when the timer of the egg reaches 4 days left. So if you caught them today that will be the 31st without, or the 30th with Red incubation. (with the correct use of hatchery/hatcheries - put them in there some time before they reach the 4 day mark, but not too long before that, so they don't get sick) Both options will let you gather the new Halloweens on the 31st. (Provided you are not scroll locked with to many hatchies, don't know what you have already and when it will grow up.)

  10. 1 hour ago, Liontails said:

    Is anyone else seeing knight costumes? I had a hatchling visit in one but they're not in the shop.


    Ohhhh, a dragon knight ?! This is getting better and better !!

    But I, too, can't find it in my shop. Maybe it depends on having collected a certain amount of candy ?

    For me the costumes worked perfectly all day. (At least on my end.) Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11.

  11. Huzzah ! Pirate Costumes !

    And because DC loves and knows me, I got the "Navy" variant for free ! :lol:

    Had to buy the black/piratey version as well, though, to get more respectable shirt and trousers. Now my hatchie can pretend to be of the Lantean Royal Navy !



    Did I mention "Huzzah !" ?! :)

    Just wish there was a tricorn hat without the skull and crossbones. But I know, it's supposed to be a pirate costume.

  12. Of course I chose the little Shadow Walker to go a-trick-or-treatin' ! :) (It's wearing the blue scarf and mantle at the moment. No Potter reference intended, they are just quite elegant.)


    So far we saw:

    Grave 6

    Pumpkin 4

    Shadow 3

    Witchlight 3

    Desipis 2

    Marrow 2

    Caligene 2

    Lurker 2


    And I found all the treats so far. So many wonderful pieces of art !

    I wonder - do the pen and the D20 belong together ? In that case all that's missing is a sheet of paper. :lol: (And then we go meet the tentacle-cat from last year ! Yay RPG !)

    I love the cat with the witch hat, the two rats, the autumn leaves, the waving pumpkin in the pumpkin, the little dragon on the skull (both with glowing eyes), the dragon with human shadow, the spooky forest, the... honestly, they are all awesome !

  13. 3 minutes ago, Solanatsea said:

    My husband didn't buy all of the costumes yesterday and today he can't buy yesterday's missing ones but only the new ballerina ones. If other people can buy the old costumes it might be a bug for him.
    I didn't want to spread false rumours. I'm utterly sorry.

    That should be a bug on his side. My costume shop still shows both the Ballerina and the Wizard costumes (bought only one of the latter) as available.

  14. Have


    on cooldown for about 2 more hours

    user posted image  user posted image


    CB Grave, CB Witchlight


    Will trade both for one CB Shadow Walker if you offer me one before the cooldown is through. Please PM. (Will be offline for one hour now, after that will edit this as soon as I get an offer.)

  15. TJ, you never cease to amaze me !

    A Halloween biome to get all the old CB Halloweens.

    That's the best Halloween goodie, ever !

    And simultaneously it is the worst nightmare of many a DC user ! (Imagine there is a release of 8 breeds that everyone wants desperately, which are only catchable for one week a year, and they are all in one single biome, at the same time. Sheer horror !)

    So this was a brilliant act of supreme generosity and supreme cruelty in one stroke ! Halloween at its finest. :lol:

  16. So many new entries, this is great ! Thank you, TJ ! And thank you, spriters and whoever else wrote up all the dragon lore !


    My beloved Shadow Walkers finally got an article ! And I'd love them even more now, if that was possible in any way ! As it is I'm just happy that their encyclopedia facts add perfectly to all the reasons why I love them so much. :)

  17. @OutlawQueen

    You have to wait until you've visited 10 cities (your own included if you keep a "souvenir"(egg) from it). That way we wanted to make sure that only people who actually stay with the project for a while get a second city.

    Once you have a Belgrade ticket to trade you could post here in the thread, or PM the host of a city you'd like to travel directly. (Some members are quite sloppy in following the thread, but they do respond to PMs.) If the other traveller doesn't want to visit Belgrade (usually because they've already been there when it was hosted by someone who went inactive) they should still give you a ticket to their city and you can offer your ticket for exchange with someone else.

  18. Hello and welcome, OutlawQueen !


    It's great to see another traveller in our company - may the winds always be fair, the streets open, and the planes on schedule.

    I added you to the lists.

    Actually, when the rules were changed a short time ago, to allow for a new choice of breed for cities that already had one, the option to reserve a second city in advance wasn't included any longer. (It was originally there to make up for the lack of choice of breed for the first city.)

    But since you are our first new member after the change I'll reserve Marseille and the Scripts for you. (added that to the lists as well)

    I'm looking forward to visiting Belgrade again, and hope to see you in Paris (or Heraclion) soon.



    If you are eager to make another trip, why not visit Belgrade again ? There are many new things to be discovered (including a new breed of representing dragons), and it is already available. ;)




  19. 42 minutes ago, SheridanCharon said:

    Edit: Interesting. The gold-ridged ones can't be bitten, which means they're a drake or a two-headed.


    10 minutes ago, Gryphonic said:

    If they're normal-sized, they're probably a two-headed dragon.


    So a Two-Headed sorting between Balloon and Black-capped Teimarr.

    Binary dragons perhaps ? :)

  20. Thank you, Ruby Eyes ! No limit is good news indeed.

    I thought I remembered some status comment when first looking at the new messenger (that said I still had lots of space when before the update I was near the limit), but I never saw that again. So either it was never there and I imagined things, or it was changed to unlimited at some point.

  21. There are some points at which extinction begins to look rather friendly... ;) 

    But alright, let's be nice little evolutioneers and adapt.


    I just discovered another question (and used the search, found the question, but not the answer):

    Where can I see how many space is left in my inbox/messenger ?

  22. The change of rules is implemented, and the lists were adjusted accordingly. If I missed something, or the rules need to be clarified, please let me know !

    Since my browser is acting up a bit I'll update the map with cities and their hosts on another day.