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  1. Round 1!


    Regular bingo

    R1. A checker lineage (at least 3rd gen) in which the two breeds’ colours are complementary. - Bingo! Heartseeker x Fever or, in case that isn't complementary enough, Pumpkin x Kyanite

    R2. Two lineaged dragons of different breeds whose eggs can be found in a puddle. - Bingo! WaterTsunami

    R3. A frozen unbreedable. (Leetle trees do not count.) - Bingo! Theodeus Lanteis

    R4. A dragon that is your favourite colour. - Bingo! Kairos Lanteis I don't really have a favourite colour, it's always a question of what it is that's coloured, and of shades and hues. But I'll go with turquoise for this. (Green and blue are kind of my favourites, and a nice turquoise has the best of the two. ;))


    Competitive bingo

    Com1. Dominant genes! A non-holiday dragon with the greatest number of only same-breed offspring. Progeny from a mate of the same breed will not count. - Bingo! 25 (I'm lucky I forgot that I wanted to re-breed that lineage once the Imperials were more established...)

    3 points, 2 points and 1 point for the highest scores.


    Cascading bingo

    Cas1.a Alt Black, Alt Vine OR Alt Undine.

    Cas1.b Alt Black, Alt Vine AND Alt Undine.

    Cas1.c Alt Black, Alt Vine OR Alt Undine that is purebred. - Bingo! Alt UndineAlt Vine (Thought I had a PB Alt Black, but I don't. Should remedy that.)

    Cas1.d Alt Black, Alt Vine AND Alt Undine that are purebred.

  2. @Tiga

    Hello there, nice to see you again !

    San Marino is hosted by Viridis at the moment. They haven't reported back to the activity check so far, but there is still 10 days left for that. (And I'll probably send out a last chance notice for stragglers when the time comes, adding a few days to that.)

    So if Viridis stays with us you'd have to start with a new city, because every city can only have one host at a time. If they should decide to leave the project you could take over the then-inactive San Marino and use your old pair again.

  3. I found Mows little Scotsdragon in the AP ! PMed her about it. So if anyone else was searching there, you can stop now. ;)


    Important Note


    In the light of some responses to the activity check, I thought about some of our members who took up inactive cities before our change of rules that allows a change of breed. Some seemingly had a hard time finding people who wanted to visit again, having been there already under the previous host.

    So I looked over the passports, and sent out PMs to those of them who haven't given out more than a few tickets. If the people who already got a ticket from them (usually one or two) agree, those members will be allowed to change the breed for their city. Their old pairs (and the offspring) will stay part of the project, but will fall inactive, like it would be if the host for the city had changed.

    This will be a one-time thing, designed to bring some more traffic to travellers who host cities that have seen many visits under previous hosts, but nearly none under the new ones.

    After this, just like before, changes to a city/breed combination under one host won't be allowed.


  4. @Mow

    Congratulations on opening your second city ! You can add it to your passport now.

    I added Edinburgh to the lists and the map, and I'm really looking forward to visiting it !! I always wanted to go there, and until I manage to actually do it in the real world, I'll take a look via using the imagination, borne on the wings of our dragons. :)

  5. @Warriorchick2000 


    & everyone who doesn't get offers on their tickets:


    If nobody is offering an exchange of tickets for yours in the thread, you should think about using a PM. We have quite a few members who tend to forget about the thread, but are available to exchanges via PM - and happy to do them. That way your little ones get out into the world, and you can visit more cities.

    You can find the names of the members in the List of Travellers. (If you follow the link to their passport you just have to click on "Message" at the bottom of the post.)



    Having the 10th ticket on your scroll will be enough to apply for and open your 2nd city, I trust our members to be able to hatch and grow their little ones just fine, so we don't have to wait for it before going ahead. ;)

  6. "Roll for Initiative" ?! :lol:

    Okay: Got a 3 ! Hah ! (Plus modifier for "sending dragons on flower errants", whatever that may be.)


    @TJ09 TJ, I love you ! Without any romantic inclinations, of course, but still... Doing Pen&Paper for 20 years now, and having started with AD&D back then - just thank you for this event title and the codes of your dragons ! It made my day !

    Just how do you come up with all those great ideas year after year ?! (Great Game Master, I guess. ;))


    This event is fantastic ! The portraits of the dragons are awesome, and the texts for them are fun ! (And I only talked to a few so far, can't wait to meet them all !) It's also a nice mix of casual gaming and still getting new content. You can pop in, send dragons on flower quests, read their texts, send some flowers and/or get some, and it works with any amount of time. (Well, I guess it doesn't hold up for hours on end, but that would be a bit much, anyway.)


    A happy DC Valentine's to everyone !

  7. Agreed, we do need an activity check. If all goes as planned I'll have a week free from work starting Feb 12th, that should give me the time and leisure to do one. And all people that are still marginally active should be around by then to notice it, because it's Val event time. ;)

  8. @pretty_thumb

    There is only one pair of dragons that is allowed to represent your city, so you can only have one CB pair to breed from, I'm sorry. But the two CBs don't have to be of the same colour, so maybe you could use a red male + blue female, or vice versa. The offspring may have any colour you choose (or your guest chooses, if you'd allow them to contact you with a colour wish).

  9. @Daydreamer09

    Beautiful ! Best of luck for breeding the pair ! (They'll probably give you a Tan Ridge first. ;)) And I'm sure it took lots of patience, with the Ridgewings having an Alt, and the Lunars only being able to breed every few weeks anyway.




    That's an amazing lineage ! Looking at the 2nd gens tells me that you started building it before I had ever even heard of DC. And I'm not exactly a newbie. ;)

    I just wish there was a way to look at it in all its glory, but even zooming in it won't fit completely on my monitor. Consider me awed !

  10. @pretty_thumb:

    Hello, and welcome to our merry fellowship of travellers ! You are right, it IS fun, so I hope you enjoy your journeys all across Europe ! :)

    I'll add you to the lists with Chisinau and Fire Gems.



    You could offer on Beldarius' ticket to Nicosia. If you don't mind the little one being a hatchie already. And I don't know if Beldarius would like to visit Belgrade again, but since you brought a change of host and dragons I think it's worth a try. ;) (And it would be better than letting the little one grow up untravelled.)



    Perhaps a trip to another part of Belgrade, if OutlawQueen offers ? If they don't (or you don't want to visit again) you should probably PM someone who has a city you'd like before the little one grows up.



    Thank you for the quick help. :)


    For everyone who is asking themselves (or me) about reservations:

    It doesn't say "no reservations" anywhere. That's because the option of reservations was taken out of the rules entirely when the possibility to choose a new breed for an inactive city was introduced.

    The idea behind the option to reserve a 2nd city was to compensate for the fact that new members had to choose from a list of capitals that had all been hosted before, and had a certain breed of dragon already attached to them. Because they got no choice of breed for their first city, they got to reserve a second one. With the new system new players can choose a breed again, so the reservations are gone. The ones on the list are still there from before the change.

  11. @Mak0 So it's Podgorica ! :) And the Striped Rivers, a very elegant choice !

    Welcome to our merry fellowship of travellers. May you have fantastic journeys through Europe !

    The lists and the map now include our newest member.



    So it doesn't get lost:

    There's a ticket to San Marino a few posts above !

  12. @Mak0

    All you need to do to join is filling out a passport with a city and dragon breed that are open for choosing and that you like. :) Open capitals are: Chisinau, Podgorica, Tirana. The list for the breeds already in the project (and a link to a list of those that are still free) is here.

    You can get the caveborns after that (of course you should actually get to that soon, not waiting weeks to even start collecting them), and you don't have to breed a 2nd gen for yourself at all (that's just in the passport because most people prefer to have a "souvenir" from their own city anyway, and it's a nice way of showing off your pair).

    As soon as you have a pair and they give you an offspring that you don't need for yourself (many people keep the "firstborn, but again, that's not a must) you can offer it for exchange and start travelling.

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask them here in the thread, or PM me.

  13. @Beldarius

    Yep, it's a lot of text - and I really enjoyed reading it ! That's a great kaleidoscope of fascinating things and moments all over Europe. And it's exactly this kind of moments that make travelling so much fun, and that stay with us long after returning home.


    If you feel like sharing a few of your travelling impressions (I'm sure you could fill books if you wanted to), please feel free to do so any time ! :) Maybe keep it to the European part of your globetrotting, for thread topic's sake. ;)



    This is a thread about travelling Europe, after all, no need for it to be only about travel reports.

    Only this: If there is an open ticket offer it should be linked to or mentioned if more than one or two posts follow after it. We don't want our travel offers to get lost, right ?


    That said:

    15 hours ago, Winterspheonix said:

    So I messed up and didnt realize I was egglocked when I bred Andorra pair..... So there's a wild ticket on the loose? XenF9 is the code, if anyone picks it up, congrats! ;v;