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  1. 3 hours ago, SamuelMaybird said:

    I sit and wait for the royal blue to get updated because I really want to like them but uh, anatomy is key for me


    Oh dear... If that ever happens I will sit in a corner and cry for weeks on end. And after that I'll probably still sob now and then. ;)

    Because correct anatomy or not, if they get updated they'll loose those gorgeous colours (everything that gets updated ends up brighter and shinier for some reason), and they'll loose bulk (because it seems to be really hard to do more detailed antomy without loosing bulk). And then they'll not be my gorgeous, perfect, DC-favourite sprite anymore.

    Also, probably because I'm no expert, I can't even make out any anatomical errors in the sprites. (At least not when I see them normally sized on the view page.)

    If it has to be updated, then I'll have to accept that, but I sure hope it will take years until that's necessary !


    And speaking of this...


    @Sprite Updates

    I think the update of the Reds was fantastic work, because the spriter managed to make a "3D" version of the "2D" sprite without changing any defining details.

    With the Seasonals I still think a lot of care went into keeping things like overall posture and lineage view - which is a great thing ! And the work of correcting the anatomy is fantastic, although I lament the loss of bulk that stems from it in most cases, but I guess that couldn't be helped. But some important details (like the dimensions/proportions of the head crowns, or the ratio between tail and tail-frills) were changed for no anatomical reasons that I can see, and that's a real pity, because it changes the dragons specific look more than seems necessary.

    Also - the colours. Why do the colours of re-sprited dragons always come out so much brighter than the original ? Silvers, Hollies, the Reds now, too, to a certain extent. All became more bright and shiny. And I first realized the sprite update when I came to my scroll this morning, looked at the lineage of my Spring egg, and thought my monitor colours were off, all the Springs being too bright. I guess it has to do with more different colour shades being necessary, so if you start at the old colour you end up being brighter through the many layers, but shouldn't it be possible to keep the overall hue the same ? (A muted light-blue instead of a bright one, and so on) ?

    Apart from the "slimmer, brighter, shiny" issue (which may not be avoidable) I'm really impressed by the careful and well done update our Reds and Seasonals got. The new sprites on their own are beaufiful !

  2. Having looked the Market over, I have to say I'm mostly happy with it.



    I'm in favour of keeping it as it is. While a picture and maybe some fluff would be nice, I can see why people with a weak internet connection might prefer not to add such things. Loading the list of available dragons will take long enough.

    And I'd really like to keep that list, because that way I can just scroll down the alphabetical order to the thing I need in one swoop, instead of clicking my finger off when only 3 (or however many) breeds are listed at once, with an arrow to get to the next batch !



    Here's the one thing I could be (a little) happier about: The biome-specific alts. Xenos, Zyus, Coppers are the ones that come to mind immediately. Them being quite tricky to catch they'd be an ideal goal to save up to. Hopefully they can be implemented in the future (with whatever biome nominator attached to them).

    If the time-specific breeds are only available during their specific timeframe (day/night/lunar constellation/season) I'm totally happy with that. Being only available at specific times is part of those breeds after all.

    Price dragons... I'm undecided about those. It would be really nice to be able to save up for one (or a few), but if they are to stay really special, meaning raffle prices, I'd be fine with that. With the raffles putting out quite a few of them each month, lineage building should get possible even without having CBs (eventually).

    Similarly undecided about CB Hybrids. Some gorgeous lineages would be made possible, but the whole breed concept of them being hybrids would be put down the drain by making an indefinite number of them available. So, as enticing as the idea is from a breeder's point of view, I'd be sorry to see the dragon lore go to make it possible.

    Neglecteds and Zombies are a special mechanic. The whole point of Neglecteds is getting the "process" right, so selling them would defeat the purpose. For Zombies, getting the "ingredients" is part of the process of making them, so same thing there.


    Earning Currency

    In my opinion it's perfect ! Earn currency only through normal everyday actions (not playing some same game for the gazillionth time or whatnot), with no pressure to be there, well, every day, and no grind due to a realistically achievable cap. This is supposed to be a game that's rather laid back for current internet standards, and I'd love it to stay that way.



    I like them as they are. Need that common fast, but it won't show up right now ? Buy it for a week's change. Saving up 6+ months for a rare ? Great, because that way it is still a fantastic thing to catch one in the cave, but if that doesn't work out you'll still get one, eventually. (In less than a year, no less !) Prices for "fun breeds" (like chickens, papers, dinos) way out there ? Good. They are supposed to be freakish coincidences, not standard rares. (They might be more common in the biomes, but the idea behind them is being a joke that's only thrown in now and then.) They are unbreedable anyway, so they don't need to be bought regularly, the shop's purpose is to help along with things people need, not necessarily with things people want to hoard just for the heck of it. At least that's what I thought.


    So all in all I'm absolutely happy about our new Market, and the only thing I'd really like to see improved would be the availability of biome-specific Alts. Because they are exactly one of the things (just another normal dragon, but tricky to get) the market should help with.

  3. Happy Birthday, Dragon Cave !!


    A happy DC birthday to all of us, since all of us are part of DC !


    Thank you, spriters, event builders, mods, and gifters !! You all make this game such a special, wonderful experience !!


    And most of all, thank you, @TJ09 !!

    A dozen years ago you brought a fantastic game into the world (and yes, that's ages in internet-years), and you kept it going, growing and flourishing through all that time !

    And, most important of all: You never, not in success and not in hardship and adversity, lost your vision and your way for it !! That's something truly exceptional, and something I really admire about your way of running this game ! Too many people get either greedy, or bored, or swayed by some clamouring part of their fanbase, but you kept true to the spirit of what DC should be (or what I guess that you want it to be). That takes a measure of care, self-confidence and integrity not many game designers/executives have (or display).

    And it gave me a game that I still love playing after half a dozen years, now, with no sign of getting tired of it for at least the next half a dozen more.

    Many thanks, and congratulations !!

  4. 21 hours ago, Dracaena said:

    I'm not real crazy about changing the time for sun rise/set dragons.  It's not hard to hatch what you want.  Just get the views needed for hatching before it hits ER time.  Remove from hatcheries and fog it.  Unfog before the next window that you want (if you can't be around at the right time), put the egg into allure of neglected dragons.  There it will only receive normal views and wouldn't be auto ER'd, will hatch safely there.


    That's exactly the way to go, and it works fine for me, despite being 6 hours ahead of cave time. And shortening the 6 hour window between the different variations would be counter productive to this approach (because the window for dropping in for fogging/unfogging when you have time gets reduced).


    I think 6 hours each is a nice balance between lore (sunset and sunrise make only a small part of a day) and game mechanics (people need some minimal amount of time to work with for hatching dragons). So I see those 6 hours as the time between "first light of dawn" and "the day is well underway" (sunrise/morning), or "the sun is getting low" and "the last light of day is gone for good" (sunset/evening), respectively. Fits the lore, still allows me a generous amount of time to work the hatching mechanics. Extending that by more hours, declaring more than half the day to still be "morning" or "evening" just doesn't cut it for me.


    Mechanically, as said above, you have 3 days to gather the views you need when you have the time to do so, and then you just have to find the time to unfog it between the cycle you don't want and the one you do want, or within the one you want. Which gives you 6 (no hatching) + 4+x (hatching correctly, with time to spare) = 10 hours to do it. Usually, even with work/school/sleep, there is a possibility to drop in to unfog a single thing within 10 hours. (If not during the week, then certainly on weekends.)

    And even if three days didn't give enough views, from forth day on you can fog before the wrong window, and un-fog after it (avoiding views for a given 6 hours of any day is doable).


    Personally, like some others here, I like the planning involved for breeding some breeds, and would like to keep it, as long as it doesn't make breeding impossible for some people. Which, in my opinion, Sunsets/rises don't do.

  5. I'm once again really impressed by the things here !


    @wobster109: That Holiday Zork is a really great collection, especially since all the CB holidays are from their original year. I love to see lineages that bring together the years of collecting we do on DC !


    @Ytak: That's... 1024 CB Guardians on your scroll, just for this lineage ?! And more than half way to a mate... I guess most of DCs Guardian population lives with you. 😃


    @RubyEyes: Aww, I love lineages that play with multi-sprited dragons ! This one is really beautiful. And you got four colours out of two breeds - hope it didn't take too many tries. 😉

    (I'm still thinking about doing something with Winter Magi + Stripe, since they're supposed to give three colours, and now I have CB WMagis...)

  6. 2 hours ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    And why am I not getting notifications from this thread any more ?


    That's a really good question, because I, for example, do still get them. So it's not the function in general. Probably some hard-to-trace "forum software+internet browser+PC security=chaos" thing... :wacko:

    I'd try the old windows trick: Un-follow, log out, log in, follow again. Probably wouldn't work, though. :rolleyes:

  7. @Winterspheonix

    Welcome back ! I hope you are better now, and things are looking up for you.

    You never lost your place, since you checked back in within the time set for the activity check, so merry travels !


    Activity Check - Update


    I'm happy to say that our last stragglers found their way home again, and have rested enough to resume their travels.

    With Tiga returning to the project, taking up London as their first city (since San Marino is hosted by Viridis now), and re-opening Sankt Petersburg, two more cities will be waiting for visitors again.

    San Marino will soon introduce a pair of Xenowyrms, eager to show guests around and point out new facets of their city.

    With that everything should be set up for smooth travelling again, so enjoy your journeys across Europe !

  8. Activity Check - Update


    The deadline for our activity check has passed, and some cities seem to have been lost from the map, so to speak.


    Amsterdam, Bucharest, Budapest and London have fallen inactive, and are waiting for a new host to open their gates again.


    I'll also send out a "Last Call" (via PM) to three of our members who have been quite active in the past, but failed to answer so far, giving them till April 15th to find their way back from wherever their travels got them stranded.

    So, @Beldarius (Nicosia, Torshavn), @Viridis (San Marino) and @Winterspheonix (Andorra) - please respond via thread or PM if you are still with us, otherwise I'll have to declare your cities inactive !


  9. 2 hours ago, auroradragon93 said:

    i haven't even been lucky enough to get the new pretty purple or gold eggs ;-; not sure how i'm gonna get lucky enough to find the easter eggs..

    No luck needed. The easter eggs do just appear (one every 10-15 minutes) on the different DC pages. And they are on whatever page you look at, not just on a specific one. Personally, I use the "Cave" and/or the "Account" page to pick them up, because those are shortest and I don't have to scroll so much to see the egg. (It's usually at the bottom of the page for me.) Then just pick it up, go back to cave or account page, and refresh (F5) when the time is up again to find the next one. (And as StormWizard said, if you refresh before picking up that's no problem, the egg stays there until you take it.)

  10. 8 minutes ago, Yubelchen said:

    Got eaten. I KNEW the other one would blame me, so i gave them the win....


    Well, I went for being decent, and thanks to someone like you that other person and me both got a "cave" biome Mint. So thank you for being out there ! I hope next year you get an honest parter as well. Or you try being a little dishonest, if you yearn for an upside down Mint so much. ;)

  11. 16 hours ago, TJ09 said:

    For the next three days, special eggs designed just for the event will pop up in random spots on the site. Click on them and they'll go in your "basket." Everyone can see your basket, and the more you collect, the more full your basket is.


    So you have three days to collect the easter eggs. After that you can still look at those you gathered in the times to come if you click the easter basket badge on your scroll.


    Edit: Too slow.

  12. There's a certain movie I watched too many times, or so it would seem. Now I thought TJ sounded like the "worst pirate I've ever seen" in his opening post. But it made me laugh, and I love his DC, so I won't try to give him a "short drop and a sudden stop".

    He probably just drank too many green things, anyway.


    This is a fantastic 1st St April's easter thing !!


    And many thanks to my fellow prisoner who refused to point dishonest accusations, too. So we both did the right thing and got a CB Mint to show for it. Huzzah !!

  13. Round 2


    Regular bingo

    R5. A creature whose code includes two consecutive letters of the English alphabet next to each other in order. - Bingo! CefbF

    R6. A creature whose code includes two consecutive numbers next to each other in order. - Bingo! 34Fru

    R7. A frozen CB hatchling (not unbreedable). - no

    R8. A dragon with red eyes. - Bingo! Hard to spot - but red they are.


    Ponderous bingo

    P1.a I was released the year DC was created. - Bingo! Lantea's Powdered Sugar

  14. Travelling Europe !


    Travelers involved: OutlawQueen, Lantean_Pegasus

    Capitals travelled: Heraklion, (Marseille will be visited once the Scripts give out a ticket)