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  1. Hm. I think something is bugged.



    4 am drop gave no new release eggs, just the old ones. And the other biomes are back on.

    Please fix this before the "super rare panick" starts to strike ! ;-)


    Edit: 3:55 am was pure new eggs, and the other biomes were empty. So I'm sure it's just the new release mechanics glitching out, not the old eggs mixing in.

  2. @cbussiere It's definitely a monitor thing. For me, on two different computers/monitors, all three colours are clearly distinguishable.


    The Siyats are really beautiful !! And their description is fun. It makes me like them quite a bit, but they also sound like quite a handful, being as lively and attention seeking as they are. 😉

    Their colours are gorgeous, and once we have found out/confirmed how to get which one, I look forward to collecting and breeding them all !

    And while it's really hard to pick a favourite, I think I'll choose the blue one. Love that shade of blue !

  3. @Cinspawn

    That graphic is excellent !! (And it is also correct, as far as I understand the theory. 😉 )

    Maybe you should put it in a separate thread in "Site Discussion" (like "Siyat Colour Mechanics Theory" or some such), so it doesn't get buried under all the joy for the adults.


    And with credit to @angelicdragonpuppy, I think ? Did I see it right, and you made up this theory ?


    Edit: Okay, to be really correct you'd have to replace every "theory" I mentioned by "hypothesis". cbussiere has the real science going. :-D


  4. 13 minutes ago, Cinspawn said:

    Can anyone spell out for me how the mechanic works (or how we think it works)? With and without incubation? I.e. what time do I need it to hatch for it to be green, purple, or blue, with or without incubation?

    If I understood the theory right, it is as follows:


    - when the egg hatches before the "natural" 4 day mark, you get green (you can only achieve that by using "Incubate", because the incubated 4 day mark is the natural 5 day mark)

    - when the egg hatches between the "natural" 4 day mark, and the "natural" 3 day mark, you get blue (if you used Incubate, it has to hatch between 3 and 2 days left; if you let it hatch earlier you'll get green)

    - when the egg hatches after the "natural" 3 day mark, you get purple (if you used Incubate that would be after the 2 days left mark)


    Or, in other words:

    Counting from the moment you catch the egg:

    - until it is 3 days old, it hatches green (an egg can only hatch before it is 3 days old if you use Incubate on it)

    - between 3 days and 4 days old, it hatches blue

    - older than 4 days it hatches purple


    Keep in mind that the theory is only proven up to the point where it changes from green to blue. We don't have any dragons old enough to hatch purple, yet. (Because they are all only 3 days and some hours old, from Sunday till today.)

  5. 6 minutes ago, Jazeki said:

    The problem is that it's "all but confirmed." Meaning we're not sure because no one ever said yes or no.


    Regarding spotties, I was hoping for the 12 hour colors. It might really be day-based.

    The theory may not be confirmed, but it works. Whenever I needed a certain colour of Lumina, I went and bred/caught it in the time window I mentioned in my post above. Worked every time. So either I'M monstrously lucky (and others as well), or the theory is sound and applicable. I don't need anything official, I just need it to work. Which it seems to do.


    About this guys:


    I still like the idea that the Spotties will just cycle through their colours with time. Like the Nocturnal through the night/day form, only with longer intervals.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:


    ah i see. still, not much hope on my part


    Dark Luminas have been out for 2...years. 2 years. 2 fricken years xD


    and we cannot breed them true still, because we cannot figure out how they work.


    Since those Dark Luminas seem to be your nightmare, maybe this could help a little:


    "Summary: Based on data gathered, the Luminae Family Breeding Cycle is based on the Cirion Lunar Cycle, where Dark Luminae are most available during the Cirion new moon, and 'Light' Luminae are most available during the Cirion full moon. The ratio of Dark Luminae to Luminae on phases in-between the new and full moons is not entirely certain, but overall, the closer Cirion is to full moon phase, the easier it will be to obtain Luminae, and the closer Cirion is to new moon phase. the easier it will be to obtain Dark Luminae."

    From the Dark Lumina breeding theories thread.

    So when I need a Light Lumina , I breed on Cirion full moon, when I need a Dark Lumina, I breed on Cirion new moon. Since that one makes a complete cycle in 15 or 16 days, I can try every two weeks for the Lumina I need, with a near 100% chance to get the right colour.

    Near 100% for the right colour every two weeks sounds a lot better than "never figured it out in two fricking years, so nothing can be done with them", no ?

    Many thanks to all the great people in that thread ! :-)

  7. 1 hour ago, Alrexwolf said:

    tbh for a game where all you can do is collect sprites and breed them, i... expect to be able to catch whatever (non-holiday) sprites i want and breed them whenever I want.


    I should not have to do research every time I want a certain dragon sprite or a certain pair to produce certain offspring. Random is fine - it is what it is. But making me jump through hoops/keep calendars and clocks just to try to get a bunch of pixels is silly. 

    Ridgewings, Gemshards... I'm ok with random alt mechanics, or breed only alts. It's a chance. I can still breed them whenever I like to whatever I like and end up with the result I want eventually. I don't have to remember a million different nuanced things for them.


    1 hour ago, Jazeki said:

    Ok, honestly. This game is pretty boring even with unpredictable elements. I love DC. I'm happy whenever we get releases (even surprise ones). But at the end of the day, it exists for collecting sprites. Sure, you can breed and do other stuff, but all of the actions tie into collection. I'd rather it stay boring and easy. It's not fun for everyone to make calendars or monitor threads or whatever else.


    I beg to differ.

    This game doesn't just "exist for collecting sprites". At least not solely. And yes, it is about collecting sprites and breeding them. But that doesn't imply that you can catch OR breed anything you want at any time you want.

    I'm sure there are games out there that meet this criteria. BUT...


    This is Dragon Cave. No more, no less.

    It is a game about collecting sprites, some of them at any given time, others only at specific times of the day/month/year. Some of them are very easy to get, others very hard.

    It is also a game about breeding said sprites to each other. (If it wasn't, there wouldn't be mechanics to do so.) Again, some of them at any given time, others only at specific times (like holidayxholiday). Some of them are very easy to breed, others very hard (commons vs. rares, for example). And some breeding results can only be achieved by breeding at specific times.

    These "mystery mechanisms" (or whatever people may call them) are an inherent part of the game called "Dragon Cave", have been for quite a long time now. So when you decide to play DC, you decide to play a game with certain rules and mechanisms. You can like or dislike them, sure, but you can't just declare that those rules and mechanisms have no place in this game, just because other games that share some elements (like sprite collecting) don't have them.

    Doing some "research", as you call it, is also part of the game. Like feeding your critters is part of other games. Though I must say, with the forums and the wiki in place, all you have to do is using about 5 minutes to look up any given mechanism, and then proceed accordingly.

    DC never said anywhere "get anything you want at any time you want". On the contrary, it uses a variety of mechanisms you have to take into consideration. Like time and view limits (minimum/maximum) on hatching and growing, cooldown for breeding and BSAs, dragons that appear/hatch/breed differently by time of day/month/year.

    That's the game it is, those are the rules and mechanisms it has. If it didn't have all this, it would be another game.




    So, the new mystery mechanic...


    What options do we have:

    - Time of Day (hour or day/night) when caught or when hatched

    - Moon phases

    - Seasons

    - Use of (specific?) BSAs

    - Biomes (seem to be out as single factor)

    - Elements (not sure how they could figure into this, though)

    - Scroll trophies (quite sure that won't mix in, but it came to mind)

    - Combinations of any of the above


    Looking at all that (and not finding it very helpful):

    What if every dragon just goes through all the colours with time ?!

    Like the Nocturnes (Oh, same spriter, look at that ! 🙂 ) Only with another timeframe than day/night. Maybe weekly ? So one week they are green, then they are blue, then purple, then green again and so on...

    Or maybe, instead of weeks, the moon phases come in here. Seasons seem unlikely, because there are four of them, and only three colours. And three different colours during the day (day/night/dawn&dusk) seem a bit much.

    That would be quite cool, I think ! (And it would give all colours as CBs despite all hatching green right now.)



  8. 24 minutes ago, Alrexwolf said:


    Welp, that's honestly a complaint I didn't think I'd see about releases. I think an entire month (usually) to catch/breed 4 of one dragon (assuming adult dimorphism) is pretty fair... then again, I guess it depends on your scroll goals. That just assumes one of each sprite.


    You can't exactly blame the game for your play style making it difficult/repetitive. 


    Then you probably weren't around when monthly releases started to be a thing. ;) There were quite a few people who mentioned not being too happy about that, for different reasons.

    I, for example, don't have exact "scroll goals". But getting one to three new dragons thrown out every month is a bit too much for my taste, nonetheless.

    Honestly, I often find it hard to remember the names of many breeds from the last one or two years, because I didn't get around to do anything with them besides shoveling them to my scroll on release day. No breeding, no lineage planning. Because there are just too many dragons now. And before you get to the next, the one after that makes its appearance. So it's down to a one-week hype of "yay, the cool new dragon", and then most species are forgotten because, look, the new "cool new dragon". I'm a little sad to see the noteworthiness of each individual dragon species reduced in that way.

    And about playstyle making things repititive: Sitting down each last Sunday of the month, saying "Oh, man, another four weeks gone already. Time to pick up the new dragons, let's see if it's two or three this time." tends to be a bit... well, maybe not boring, but instead of being a special day a new release has become more of a routine than a celebration.

    I'm still overjoyed when I find out that a certain species in a release is something I really love, but most tend to get a little lost in the masses.


    That said: I'm really curious how the Glowspots will turn out ! Colour variations are always interesting. And it's always a great thing to get more Pygmies ! Variations, huzzah ! The egg description screams will-o'-the-wisp, like someone already mentioned. Maybe they are distant relatives of the Witchlights. Pygmy Witchlights. :lol:

  9. Thank you, TJ, for solving this, and gifting us with Alpine blackies on top of it ! If the Windys weren't ready there's nothing that could've been done about it, and getting the hard-to-gets instead of them helps a lot !!


    @all the people throwing tantrums:

    Please calm down ! Mistakes happen. TJ neither has to, nor can he, be present 24/7 just in case something goes wrong. He reacted as soon as he was aware of the problem, and he reacted in a very reasonable - and generous - way.

    No one is entitled to compensation. Or "perfect service". Or whatever else you may expect from someone who is running a great game you can play for free.

    It wasn't even a "now or never" sort of thing, because all eggs that were released would be a permanent addition to the cave anyways.


    @all the reasonable people:

    Thank you for making up the majority of the player base, and keeping DC a great experience !



    I hope to see them in cave soon, these eggs were really beautiful ! And I have faith that we'll get to catch them for real eventually.



  10. Just now, Gsea said:

    I'm fashionably late as always, what's going on? I'm only seeing the windy/gusty eggs in the Alpine every 5 minutes, have not seen a single other egg. Are they still dropping/why are there supposedly 3 in-cave but 2 in TJ's post? *eyes emoji*

    Until 9 am cave time the new eggs from TJ's post dropped. One in all biomes, the other in the Volcano.

    From 9 am cave time on there was another, unannounced new egg, the windy one. Dropping in the Alpine only. The other biomes went empty, as they usually do when a new release starts.

  11. Just now, Shokomon said:

    Im not even seeing the two offical release eggs.


    Dang, they are going fast.


    They went really fast, allright. But I think at the moment you just can't see the "official" release eggs because they are suppressed by the newer release of the windy one. There were none of them at the hourly drop, also non of the commons that were mixing in, so I think the other biomes are locked now by the Alpine one.

  12. 4 minutes ago, Ruby Eyes said:

    Well, supposedly, one of the two from the front page should appear in all biomes, the other in the volcano. And there was nothing - I refreshed the volcano from :59 until :03 without any eggs appearing.

    With "new" I meant the Windy surprise. If that's a realease that just started it would supersede the previous one, deactivating its drops.


    @Data_Girl_3 It is far too early to put eggs into hatcheries (if you mean clicksites by incubators). You should wait a day. And viewbombers seem to be an issue for at least the whole first day of new releases nowadays, so be careful !

  13. Just now, Ruby Eyes said:

    And zero of the other two types with this hourly drop.

    Well, when there is a new release all the non-new-release biomes are empty. ;) (No matter if their latest additions came only a few hours ago.)

    This is... interesting.

  14. So, the little hot one sorts between Pyralspites and Radiant Angels. Pyro-something, maybe ? With it spitting fire and all...

    I find it interesting that the egg reminds me of the Ultraviolets', and the colours are similar to the Yellow-crowneds. Both done by JOTB as well. And both have that heat-theme going as well. ;)

    It's a cute little hatchling, in any case. Seems to have quite the nasty temper, though.


    I'm very curious were the little black one will go. Pleasant smell and oily hide... a perfume dragon ? Can't see where it is sorted, I have yet to unlock and catch one.

  15. @dragonsrus That's impressive !! Congratulations ! Just getting those 4 CB Silvers of your own must've been an epic quest, and looking for Thunders from SilverxThunder can't have been easy either.

    At least it's breeding rare x rare (so hopefully not dozens of one-sided wrong offspring), but I guess I don't even want to know how many "no interest", "no egg" you got through the years... ;)

  16. These four look great ! Congratulations and many thanks, dear spriters !!


    My favourites are the Leodon and the Melismor, but the Razorcrest is just a tad behind, and beautiful in its own way, and I even like the Lacula ! (Their main wings make all the difference for me, somehow. The "bare" snake wouldn't have drawn my attention, but with those wings the dragon as a whole looks great. I'll need time to get used to the little tail wings, though, they stand apart a little too much...)


    My most favourite thing about this release are the personalities of the dragons involved ! I'm not that much of a HP fan, but I've read all the books, and I appreciate the really artfully executed references. But I always loved personalities rather than just animal behaviours for dragon breeds, and that's why I'm really happy with what we got !


    Could someone help me with the Leodon's face ? For some reason I can't make out where the eyes are... (And even without having discovered that I still love the sprite !!)




  17. 2 hours ago, Ruby Eyes said:

    Shards of Obtanium (as opposed to unobtanium since we can clearly obtain these shards with reasonable effort)?


    Perfect !

    It's quite rare - or has anyone ever heard of it before ?!

    And probably stable (unlike Volatilium). Guess it's somewhere around Titanium in the periodic table.

    Great currency material.

  18. 5 hours ago, TJ09 said:

    Having a rotating selection of eggs (across all breeds) is an option I considered, and could still change to.


    I'm not sure if I get this right. If it means "there is only a handful of breeds available in the market at any given time", then I'd rather not see it implemented.

    The point of the market (as far as I understand it) is to offer a possibility to directly buy the dragon you need (if you saved up the necessary amount of shards), usually because you couldn't manage to catch it instead.

    But when the things I can buy on the market are dependent on me being there at a specific time of day/week (at best, if the rotation follows a regular schedule), or (at worst) coincidence (like the "3 out of all" of the biomes), then I'm back to possibly not being able to get that dragon when I need it, despite having the shards. That would make the market slightly better than the biomes, because if something is there it is a "guaranteed catch", but it would still be strongly reduced in usefulness compared to its current state.


    I'm glad to hear that the implementation of biome alts will happen at some point, and I'm fine with the "only in-cave eggs" restriction.


    And just to re-emphasize, since more opinions were asked for on that point: Daily activity rewards, while being all the rage all over the internet gaming world, aren't a thing I'd want to encounter on DC !

    I've always been thankful to have a game that doesn't give you the impression to miss out, just because you didn't use the internet for a few days.

    I usually tell myself to be a sane grown-up and not think about such things when pursuing "real life" (like going on holidays, meeting friends, long work hours, sickness or whatnot), but sometimes there's that little voice saying "Oh, I wish I didn't have to miss that cool daily whatever." Sure, that's my own fault for getting my priorities straight only to 99%, but I greatly prefer to come back to my DC without feeling punished for having a life outside of it !

    And with the shards, there already is an activity bonus now. To max out the cap you'll have to be active regularly (meaning for some time every week), though not frantically (every given day). The internet (users) could use a lot more games that reward regularity without driving it up to "roll call every day" !

  19. 6 minutes ago, Ruby Eyes said:

    Nope. The Red hatchie looks completely different now.


    Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sure you're right with that. I only looked at the adults. If the hatchies got relevant changes that's rather a loss to keeping the spirit of the breed.