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  1. Requester's Form Forum name: Lantean_Pegasus PM link: Here Egg wanted and special wishes: 3G Storm Rider from Storm Rider father (male Electric + female Waverunner) and Blue Solstice mother (from Electric + Solstice), mate for her Secret field: No holiday requests! If anyone has a 2nd gen Blue Solstice from Electric, but no matching Storm Rider, please PM me ! I'll breed and hatch a 2nd gen Storm Rider and send it to you.
  2. I donated! Lantean_Pegasus -> Omen | 2nd gen Pillow from pacified Aegis | https://dragcave.net/lineage/BEUCz | accepted I donated! Lantean_Pegasus -> Omen | 2nd gen Azure Glacewing from Mistletoe | https://dragcave.net/lineage/APTbi | accepted
  3. I donated! Lantean_Pegasus -> Omen | 2nd gen Spirit Ward from pacified Aegis | https://dragcave.net/lineage/Zb11m | accepted
  4. To figure out the look of a lineage, I used to use some Corel Draw program. Take a standard lineage mock-up background (the ones used in the various "Breeding Plans" threads), and put in the little pictures of the different dragons of interest. (Which I usually got by using some windows snipping tool.) My old computer died on me, though, and the new one didn't come with a free Corel program, so I'm a bit at a loss on that front. For the actual bookkeeping of the lineage breeding I use an Excel sheet, similar to relaks. It looks like this: I plan out the whole lineage, writing up the breeds I want to make in each generation. Once I got the egg I need, I add its code to the appropriate place. That way, I can easily find the pairs I want to breed by copying the code, and can see how far I've gotten at any given point. If the breeding is time sensitive or irregular due to breeding mechanisms, I add the next breeding date for that pair (like I did in this older example for the Bronze Lunar Herald). Since you can always insert new, empty lines and columns in any position it wouldn't be a problem to expand the lineage afterwards by writing more stuff above, for example. This example is the plan for the lower half of my "Everchanging dragons" lineage. I copy-pasted it out of the whole to keep the picture size manageable. πŸ˜‰ Oh, and usually I tend to work from right to left, like the progress in the lineage view, just adding new columns on the left when I need them. This one I did the other way around, though. And if you have a moment - wish me luck for getting that 6th gen Chrono I need instead of the White Stripe there ! πŸ˜‰
  5. Ah, the holiday x holiday lineages. Back when I started in 2012, two of my three favourite DC dragons were holidays. I didn't have any CBs of them, but thanks to the great community I got a lineage with them going nonetheless. Heartseeker x Shadow Walker 5th gen They are still among my absolute favourites. Shadow x Ribbon Dancer 5th gen Shadow x Rosebud 5th gen, with a lovely Nakase spriter's alt pair in 1st generation Winter Magi x Shadow 5th gen Shadow x Rosy Solstice 4th gen Shadow x Blue Solstice 4th gen Solstices are among my favourites, too, and they look great with Shadows, so I did both variants. I'd love Solstice bloodswaps (4th gen) for both come Christmas ! Aegis x Shadow 3rd gen pair, I'll get to 4th gen this Christmas Another favourite of mine, so I hope I'll get a Shadow swap next Halloween, and get to 5th gen Christmas 2019. Aegis x Heartstealer 4th gen Aegis-swap this Christmas, anyone ?! Aegis x Mistletoe 2nd gen pair I couldn't get an Aegis from Mistletoe in 2016, bred/found only Mistletoes, so this is one year behind. But it's so beautiful, I'll keep trying ! Looking forward to the 3rd gen this year ! My only real project with two breeds from the same holiday - I'm glad there are no other combinations like that I fell in love with (so far) ! Heartseeker x Rosy Solstice 5th gen Heartseeker x Blue Solstice 5th gen Aren't they marvellous together ?! Heartseeker x Rosebud 4th gen A bloodswap would help here, as well. Heartseeker x Ribbon Dancer 3rd gen Have to remember to try for a Ribbon swap. I'm really dedicated to getting this one started: Heartseeker x Garland 2nd gen Only got my CB Heartseekers this year, so I couldn't get another 2nd gen, but I'll breed him a mate during Christmas, and maybe others are doing this as well, so we can swap 3rd gens or something. Winter Magi x Rosebud 4th gen I found the 3rd gen Winter Magi and got a mate for him. Winter Magi x Ribbon Dancer 4th gen Found this one, and have had an unrelated 3rd gen for years. Maybe I can swap for a 3rd gen mate and make a 4th gen for this one. Long term again. Radiant Angel x Rosy Solstice 5th gen Radiant Angel x Blue Solstice 4th gen I can't seem to find a Radiant Angel swap for her to get a partner. Radiant Angel x Mistletoe 4th gen Hopefully here it will be easier to swap for a Mistletoe during Christmas. Radiant Angel x Ribbon Dancer 4th For this one, I decided to swap for a Ribbon dancer and re-breed them to get a RA next Valentine's, so the spriter's alt stays in the upper half. During my 2nd DC Christmas I caught a Snow Angel from Shadow x white-winged Snow Angel and kept it because I thought they look great together - and because I didn't know that the SAs are scroll-coded. So it ended up with solid-gold wings. *sigh* I never bothered to ask around for a matching Shadow, but this year I got two, one from a friend, and one from the AP. Now that I have my own CBs of them I could breed another gold-wing SA and get to 4th gen. Not a big fan of the solid-gold wings, though... I'll have to think about it. Maybe I can find someone with tricoloured SAs, give them the 3rd gens and ask for a 4th with one SA wing type per generation. That would be Christmas 2019 for a SA, and Halloween 2020 for a Shadow. The joy of holiday x holiday... That's it, so far. For many of my 4th or 5th gens I can breed one or more lower gens as well, so if you need anything just let me know !
  6. That was an awesome adventure ! Spooky and fun in equal parts. Allright, maybe more fun than spooky, but still a great story. πŸ˜ƒ Some more praise that might be a spoiler for those that haven't finished yet: I managed to collect 23 things, but I guess I took a wrong turn right after re-entering the woods.
  7. I discovered this: Definitely a pairing I'll bring together this Halloween !
  8. I received a gift via direct request! Daiyachiri -> Lantean_Pegasus | Celestial from Shadow Walkers | https://dragcave.net/lineage/LUVVS | direct request
  9. I received a gift via direct request! Gealach -> Lantean_Pegasus | Silver Lunar Herald from Shadow Walkers | https://dragcave.net/lineage/22XhY | direct request
  10. That's good to know. The same goes for Paris and Heraklion. Pack your bags, and enjoy beautiful golden autumn days in one of Europe's many fascinating cities !
  11. Tried to think about it, without much success. But what I found I edited in while you posted, it seems. That's not really a suggestion, though, because I can't come up with one. Others might have more ideas. I'm sure the old Greeks have a word just for the state we are looking for, maybe someone can find it.
  12. But what would that fourth Avatar represent, exactly ? Because, as far as I understand it, the "Avatar of Balance", the embodiment of the concept that weights the three others against each other, is the Guardian of Nature himself. It represents the whole nature/cosmos itself, which is the result of a balance between creation, destruction and (in between) change. (As the One ring was master of the other three kinds - or would have been if the elves hadn't "tricked the trickster", so to speak. ) I don't want to shoot the idea down, I'm neutral about introducing a fourth guardian, but I think "Balance" just isn't the way to go with it. It would be more like either "indifference" or "acceptance", depending if you define neutrality as just not caring either way, or as accepting them all as equally important. But making an avatar from that seems complicated, because elemental affinity usually isn't a conscious decision of any dragon breed, just their nature. Which would leave "indifference". And the embodiment of that, not meant in the way of "don't care" but in the way of "that's just the way it is", seems really hard to find.
  13. Ohhh, these hatchies all look very promising ! It's great to see that the Gusties finally arrived ! One of the most beautiful eggs in the cave. Those pygmies look so adorable, if the adults live up to it I'll probably have a new pygmy favourite. So, names. The Gusties are between Aeo- and Alb-. Something with "Aero" comes to mind, with so much wind around them. And the pygmies are even more specific. Between Pink and Plated, they either start with Pi- or Pla- (Pj- or Pk- are improbable, at least). Would have tried pidgeon, but that would be before Pink, not after. No idea at the moment.
  14. I donated! Lantean_Pegasus -> Laura-Lana Common Pygmy from female Pumpkin | https://dragcave.net/lineage/3Mj5U | sent The little one will be just a non-SROGG gift, since the request was fulfilled already. :-)
  15. I sent out a few Xeno x Holiday checkers. Looks like I don't have many Xeno lineages... (And I realized I still need bloodswaps for two of them, so those will be put up in trades.) If I have the time I'll do some PB 2nd gens later. Yay for Wyrm Wednesdays !
  16. How about: Azure Glacewings, BLACKs (they even have "warrior" in their description), Brutes, Hellfire, Hooktalon, Red, Seragamma, Stone, Tatterdrake, Trios... And I'm sure that's not all in the tough/warrior department. For stealthy/clever guys look at: Vine, Gilded Bloodscale, Olives, Mimic Pygmys, Lurkers... And there are the Nexus, which are about as Mary Sue as the Desipis, so they should count as "high and mighty brutes" as well. So, we may not have that many blunt rough'n'toughs, but we have a lot more fighters and even "thieves" than you seem to realize. I can't wait to see the new hatchies growing up ! This grey and marble release is very interesting. The little frosty guys are really cute, and their colours look very promising !! I had to laugh at the poor little intimidating ones when they gendered, because I look at their faces and see a big, hooky nose, something like "Gnihihihi, I am the Wicked Witch of the West !!" I won't tell them, though, and I'm sure they'll grow up to be very intimidating indeed.
  17. Hm. I think something is bugged. @TJ09 4 am drop gave no new release eggs, just the old ones. And the other biomes are back on. Please fix this before the "super rare panick" starts to strike ! ;-) Edit: 3:55 am was pure new eggs, and the other biomes were empty. So I'm sure it's just the new release mechanics glitching out, not the old eggs mixing in.
  18. @cbussiere It's definitely a monitor thing. For me, on two different computers/monitors, all three colours are clearly distinguishable. The Siyats are really beautiful !! And their description is fun. It makes me like them quite a bit, but they also sound like quite a handful, being as lively and attention seeking as they are. πŸ˜‰ Their colours are gorgeous, and once we have found out/confirmed how to get which one, I look forward to collecting and breeding them all ! And while it's really hard to pick a favourite, I think I'll choose the blue one. Love that shade of blue !
  19. @Cinspawn That graphic is excellent !! (And it is also correct, as far as I understand the theory. πŸ˜‰ ) Maybe you should put it in a separate thread in "Site Discussion" (like "Siyat Colour Mechanics Theory" or some such), so it doesn't get buried under all the joy for the adults. And with credit to @angelicdragonpuppy, I think ? Did I see it right, and you made up this theory ? Edit: Okay, to be really correct you'd have to replace every "theory" I mentioned by "hypothesis". cbussiere has the real science going. :-D
  20. If I understood the theory right, it is as follows: - when the egg hatches before the "natural" 4 day mark, you get green (you can only achieve that by using "Incubate", because the incubated 4 day mark is the natural 5 day mark) - when the egg hatches between the "natural" 4 day mark, and the "natural" 3 day mark, you get blue (if you used Incubate, it has to hatch between 3 and 2 days left; if you let it hatch earlier you'll get green) - when the egg hatches after the "natural" 3 day mark, you get purple (if you used Incubate that would be after the 2 days left mark) Or, in other words: Counting from the moment you catch the egg: - until it is 3 days old, it hatches green (an egg can only hatch before it is 3 days old if you use Incubate on it) - between 3 days and 4 days old, it hatches blue - older than 4 days it hatches purple Keep in mind that the theory is only proven up to the point where it changes from green to blue. We don't have any dragons old enough to hatch purple, yet. (Because they are all only 3 days and some hours old, from Sunday till today.)
  21. The theory may not be confirmed, but it works. Whenever I needed a certain colour of Lumina, I went and bred/caught it in the time window I mentioned in my post above. Worked every time. So either I'M monstrously lucky (and others as well), or the theory is sound and applicable. I don't need anything official, I just need it to work. Which it seems to do. About this guys: I still like the idea that the Spotties will just cycle through their colours with time. Like the Nocturnal through the night/day form, only with longer intervals.
  22. Since those Dark Luminas seem to be your nightmare, maybe this could help a little: From the Dark Lumina breeding theories thread. So when I need a Light Lumina , I breed on Cirion full moon, when I need a Dark Lumina, I breed on Cirion new moon. Since that one makes a complete cycle in 15 or 16 days, I can try every two weeks for the Lumina I need, with a near 100% chance to get the right colour. Near 100% for the right colour every two weeks sounds a lot better than "never figured it out in two fricking years, so nothing can be done with them", no ? Many thanks to all the great people in that thread ! :-)
  23. I beg to differ. This game doesn't just "exist for collecting sprites". At least not solely. And yes, it is about collecting sprites and breeding them. But that doesn't imply that you can catch OR breed anything you want at any time you want. I'm sure there are games out there that meet this criteria. BUT... This is Dragon Cave. No more, no less. It is a game about collecting sprites, some of them at any given time, others only at specific times of the day/month/year. Some of them are very easy to get, others very hard. It is also a game about breeding said sprites to each other. (If it wasn't, there wouldn't be mechanics to do so.) Again, some of them at any given time, others only at specific times (like holidayxholiday). Some of them are very easy to breed, others very hard (commons vs. rares, for example). And some breeding results can only be achieved by breeding at specific times. These "mystery mechanisms" (or whatever people may call them) are an inherent part of the game called "Dragon Cave", have been for quite a long time now. So when you decide to play DC, you decide to play a game with certain rules and mechanisms. You can like or dislike them, sure, but you can't just declare that those rules and mechanisms have no place in this game, just because other games that share some elements (like sprite collecting) don't have them. Doing some "research", as you call it, is also part of the game. Like feeding your critters is part of other games. Though I must say, with the forums and the wiki in place, all you have to do is using about 5 minutes to look up any given mechanism, and then proceed accordingly. DC never said anywhere "get anything you want at any time you want". On the contrary, it uses a variety of mechanisms you have to take into consideration. Like time and view limits (minimum/maximum) on hatching and growing, cooldown for breeding and BSAs, dragons that appear/hatch/breed differently by time of day/month/year. That's the game it is, those are the rules and mechanisms it has. If it didn't have all this, it would be another game. *** So, the new mystery mechanic... What options do we have: - Time of Day (hour or day/night) when caught or when hatched - Moon phases - Seasons - Use of (specific?) BSAs - Biomes (seem to be out as single factor) - Elements (not sure how they could figure into this, though) - Scroll trophies (quite sure that won't mix in, but it came to mind) - Combinations of any of the above Looking at all that (and not finding it very helpful): What if every dragon just goes through all the colours with time ?! Like the Nocturnes (Oh, same spriter, look at that ! πŸ™‚ ) Only with another timeframe than day/night. Maybe weekly ? So one week they are green, then they are blue, then purple, then green again and so on... Or maybe, instead of weeks, the moon phases come in here. Seasons seem unlikely, because there are four of them, and only three colours. And three different colours during the day (day/night/dawn&dusk) seem a bit much. That would be quite cool, I think ! (And it would give all colours as CBs despite all hatching green right now.)
  24. Then you probably weren't around when monthly releases started to be a thing. There were quite a few people who mentioned not being too happy about that, for different reasons. I, for example, don't have exact "scroll goals". But getting one to three new dragons thrown out every month is a bit too much for my taste, nonetheless. Honestly, I often find it hard to remember the names of many breeds from the last one or two years, because I didn't get around to do anything with them besides shoveling them to my scroll on release day. No breeding, no lineage planning. Because there are just too many dragons now. And before you get to the next, the one after that makes its appearance. So it's down to a one-week hype of "yay, the cool new dragon", and then most species are forgotten because, look, the new "cool new dragon". I'm a little sad to see the noteworthiness of each individual dragon species reduced in that way. And about playstyle making things repititive: Sitting down each last Sunday of the month, saying "Oh, man, another four weeks gone already. Time to pick up the new dragons, let's see if it's two or three this time." tends to be a bit... well, maybe not boring, but instead of being a special day a new release has become more of a routine than a celebration. I'm still overjoyed when I find out that a certain species in a release is something I really love, but most tend to get a little lost in the masses. That said: I'm really curious how the Glowspots will turn out ! Colour variations are always interesting. And it's always a great thing to get more Pygmies ! Variations, huzzah ! The egg description screams will-o'-the-wisp, like someone already mentioned. Maybe they are distant relatives of the Witchlights. Pygmy Witchlights.