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  1. This is just marvellous ! I've never seen an update anywhere that was so utterly positive, practical and helpful like this one !! My favourites are the ones that directly affect playing. The Quick Sort for BSA-actions (and whatever else there may be) and the Action Log are vieing for the first place of marvellousness, followed closely by the modifications to the Trade menus. And having the rejects on the breeding list will save much confusion indeed. All the others sound very promising, too. Special thanks for making all this "social network" stuff optional, for I'm not very fond of it, so I appreciate the possibility of just switching it off. Perfect solution. All in all this update would be just too perfect to be true. Luckily I'm just breeding a lineage that contains the only Geode I'll probably ever breed. And is planned in a way that needs said Geode to produce a non-Geode-egg with it's mate. A point to which I'll not get in under two weeks. So here I have my personal little flaw that makes it possible for me to believe that this update is really real. (For the record: I still think it a good idea to make the change and let Geodes have the chance to prevail in lineages with other dragons.) Thank you very much, TJ ! For all the time and effort - and the thought you put into it. Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  2. Ha-ha ! I'm an exception ! Just kidding. But I actually do not plan on having "one of each sprite" or even breed. On the contrary - breeds of which I absolutely don't like the sprite and/or the description of character won't get on my scroll. Ever. (newest example: Luminas - vain creatures with butt-wings (no, not cool), and a very, hm, unluckily chosen pose of the male) Though in some cases there may be exceptions if one outweights the other. For example: I don't like the "character" of the Vines (maybe because they don't have one except "If it moves and you can reach it - kill and eat it !"), but the normal sprites are very nice, so there are a very few Vines there (which are guarded and fed by the other dragons, so they don't have to be a public menace in Lantea ). Alt Vines I'll never have, no matter how valuable, because I don't like the sprite either. I only took some Tinsels in to trade with/gift their offspring later, and some of them I was gifted by very nice people and could make a lineage I really love, so I love the Tinsels of it, too. There are a few dragon breeds I absolutely adore (first of all the Royal Blues), and I'll have lots of them on my scroll eventually, because I plan on breeding many beautiful lineages with them and will collect every specimen with a nice "foreign" lineage that crosses my path. But I'm not going for "armies" - I want to spread them to others as dragons with beautiful heritage, not just hoard them by numbers for myself. (Not saying that I have anything against the armies of other people - if it's fun for you, then just recruit away ! ) The breeds I just "like" will get one or two CB pairs and the occasional beautiful lineaged single that caught my eye (more if I decide to further that lineage, of course). I don't have any special event dragons, as I've not been around long enough (started in April). Mostly I'm OK with that, because most of the sprites don't catch my fancy. But I'm really sad that I wasn't here for the Shadow Walkers and the Heartseekers ! The sprites are gorgeous and the descriptions so nice - and I'll never ever have a CB one, probably not even a 2nd+ gen. Seasonals... Hm, I like the idea, but it's not my type of sprite, so I didn't try to get one up to now. (Can't catch them, so I'd have to trade for them.) That may change in Autumn, because that's the only Seasonal sprite I really like quite a bit. What else... I tend to look over lots of AP eggs and if I find a lineage that catches my fancy I gratefully keep the little one. And never say no to an instant-hatchable egg of breeds I like. I usually don't take too messy eggs of any kind. I hunted in/haunted the caves for some of my CB uncommons, but all my Trios and some others I had to trade for. BSAs (Red, Purple, Pink, Magi) are the usual exception from everything - no matter how messy the lineage, if it's low-time I'll take it. And I'll have lots of them although I don't like the Red and the female Purple sprite very much (and the Magi are nice dragons, but their colour just hurts my eyes). Have to be practical there... Oh, and freezing... I'm not entirely comfortable with the idea, and will never do it for the purpose of collecting. But some hatchies are just so unbelievably cute that I may be tempted to keep them that way someday, just to be able to look at them every time I look at my dragons. So, I guess that's about all (and much more than) you could want to hear about my collecting of dragons. Good luck with your own ! Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  3. First of all: Thanks for changing the Topic back to it's original form. I think there was a perfectly clear difference between "just post your age" and "are there any adults playing here" (if yes, tell me, by posting your age, or in more words) right from the beginning, but hey, the Internet sometimes needs very exact specifications. It's really interesting to see what an age-range we have here. Wouldn't have guessed that we had so many people of 40+ (let alone 60+) still playing games like this, but I think that's great ! Gives me hope that I'm not necessarily going to change and "discover the seriousness of real adult life" and lose interest in more or less "pointless" but highly amusing games. Or at least that I don't have to do that to lead a responsible life (obviously you can do both). Not that I didn't guess/believe that already, but it's always nice to see/read someone who already succeeded. And thanks to all the people who mentioned their homecountry, too. It's always very interesting for me to see how international a community like this is. And "collecting" posts from fellow DC members all around the world is almost as much fun as collecting dragons. "Wow, my little post is read/answered by someone on the other side of the globe!" still gives me a little feeling of awe. Which leads me back to "age"/"adulthood", because I guess that qualifies me as a relict from a time when there was no Internet, no Mobile Phones, and international phonecalls were complicated and very, very expensive. And then there was this: Well, that's interesting - I tend to have the same problem ever since about the age of 26 or so... Not when I was 30 (round number, so easy to remember), but in most other cases. Guess it's not that strange - after you passed the age for legally being an adult and/or finished your education (in whatever form) you are asked about your age a lot less often. So it's quite an obscure fact you don't have ready easily. Perfectly normal. Nothing to do with getting older and loosing brainspeed. At least that's what I tell myself. I just love "confuzzled" ! Thanks for introducing me to it. Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  4. -content removed, had nothing to do with the topic-
  5. *raises hand* 33 years, so should be counted as an adult. Tend to ask myself regularly just when that happened, though. Time flies... Especially if you waste it with cute little Pixels. Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus PS: Oh, and I'm from Germany, just in case you are wondering if there are people from other continents, too. Greetings to Lilysally - hey neighbour ! @Singalana: Guess there have to be some kids - should be enough offspring of all these adults around that wants to have it's "own cute little dragons, like mommy or daddy".
  6. @SpiritOfSakura: Thanks for going-to-add the pairs ! Since Port Royal was the capital of Jamaica, you should definitely do some research. Today the city of Kingston is situated not far from where our dear Commodore almost captured Jack Sparrow. And I love this map, for it fits about the time when PotC takes place. @RyuKaiser: That are some nice pairs you are going to have, I'm sure I'll ask for an egg or two sometime. Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  7. Ahoi again ! If there's still room for them, I'd like to offer two more starting pairs: I'd like to add a starting pair! Which project is it for?: Royal Navy Name and link to mother: The Royal Navy Name and link to father: Commodore Norrington RN Any specific rules for your pair? (waiting list slots, etc.): The lineage should be continued only with Royal Blues, Guardians, Whites and Reds. I'd like to add a starting pair! Which project is it for?: Tropical Paradise Name and link to mother: The Sun of Jamaica Name and link to father: Gvn Weatherby Swann Any specific rules for your pair? (waiting list slots, etc.): Thought that perhaps lineages with names and concepts are easier to continue than those with quotes... And I have a question: Should I breed for eggs and then post them here for people to grab, or should I wait till there's someone on the list for the pair ? Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  8. There's a treasure chest for grabs and I'm locked. Bloody pirates ! Congrats on the first Booty Egg, Spirit ! Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  9. I have a new egg! Project it's in: Royal Navy Parents: Remembering that I serve others (RB) + Not only myself (White) Lineage link: Huzzah! I was right, I am comatose. But this was worth it, my two beauties gave me a RoyalBlue at first try ! Now off to work... Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  10. Thank you, Spirit ! Well, the Caribbean was a busy place then... I added the mother's link and the Reds to my "specific rules". I'll try the first breeding tomorrow as I don't have the space at the moment. Now Goodnight to you all ! (It's 2 am here, I'll be comatose tomorrow...) Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  11. I'd like to add a starting pair! Which project is it for?: Royal Navy (As you assumed correctly. ) Name and link to mother: Not only myself Name and link to father: Remembering that I serve others Royal Blue Any specific rules for your pair? (waiting list slots, etc.): Lineage should be continued only with Royal Blue, Guardian, White, Red Thanks very much for adding the "Royal Navy" to the list of lines !! Huzzah !! And I'd appreciate the addition of Whites and Reds, too. Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  12. Thank you, Spirit ! In this case count me in ! I'll submit a pair for the "Stormy Seas" (if there are places left by then) as soon as I have a female CB Grey (hope my little hatchie genders right today). You can take me off the "Tropical Paradise" list for now, I just offered two because I didn't know where you'd put the Navy-Dragons. Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  13. I'd like to join! but... Username: Lantean_Pegasus Link to scroll (if not in your signature): see Signature Project(s) you are joining: Stormy Seas or Tropical Paradise Quote: "By reminding me that I serve others, Mr. Sparrow, not only myself." Ahoi there ! I absolutely love and adore the "Curse of the Black Pearl" (must've seen it 100 times), and still like the next two well enough, so I'd want to support the project. However, I'd like to make a request, if I may... Since I'm rooting for the good Commodore as well , may I suggest we add the "Royal Blue" to one of the projects ? They have such a fitting RoyalNavy-name and the stately bearing to boot. If you could think about that I'd add a starting pair as soon as posssible (going to hunt CB RBs and Greys anyway). If that's asking too much I perfectly understand and will perhaps still join a little later. In any case - may the wind be in your sails for this project ! Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  14. I was glomped (?) two days ago by sheppardkid with this unbelievable shimmering beauty of a Gold ! And I didn't even know what exactly this thread was about (so many threads in the forum and so little time...). Prove again - Sheppard's the best ! Thank you ! Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus