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  1. Hey, a new release ! I'm looking forward to seeing the new dragons ! And it warmed my heart to see our dear leader doing that reference ! @TJ09 Got the light colours without a problem, but the pygmies are going to be a fight. But don't worry, I can do this all day !
  2. @ValidEmotions I've checked that, too. Multiple times. But thank you for the suggestion.
  3. Hm, looks like MagiStream doesn't like me. I tried to register quite some time ago, but didn't get the confirmation email. I thought maybe they just needed a few days, so I waited... And eventually forgot about it. Now I tried again, from scratch. It said the username was currently inactive. So I used the password I had chosen on my first try, and I could ask it to re-send the confirmation email. That led to the message that the email had been sent - but I got nothing. Again. If there are problems with account activation I'm supposed to contact a board administrator. How do I do that when I have no account to log into to post/message anywhere ? Maybe there is an experienced player that could help me to find the way in ?
  4. Let me guess - everyone and their dog are selling out the other person to get that upside-down one ? (And so most people are dinner.) Didn't say anything, but got eaten anyway. Congrats to my traitorous counterpart for finding a goody-two-shoes to put the blame on. ;-) (last year I had an honest partner, so at least they and I have a "cave" Mint from then.)
  5. Subtract that Copper variation again. Thankfully, with 2-Headeds, that's at least one thing we don't have to worry about. (except if we ever got 2-headed Coppers) 😉 Oi, the Aqualis male grew up. He is beautiful ! Although at first glance that blue downright assaulted my eyes with its power glow. So... bright ! (Thanks for summing it up, @BlueLatios.) I like it, though. Must be masterful colouring work to get that effect with a picture that isn't actually emitting any active light of its own. I just love the face - such a beautiful dragon face ! And the tail tuft has a wonderful flow, like underwater grass, rippling with the current. The head, the ridges, those pastel purples growing from the brightness of the blue - wonderful job ! Thank you, @LadyLyzar, for another gorgeous dragon in the cave ! Now to wait for the water lady and the Duospeckles.
  6. @Nerruse Beautiful lineage. And impressive, too. Are those all the Babylon 5 episodes ? (I'm not sure how many the series had, but it should fit the number.) But 7 misses on a 50/50 chance - that's just mean ! I hope they will come round in the next try, best of luck to you !
  7. @Ruby Eyes Yep, Soulstone x GoN make Creation. Might I ask you for a bloodswap when you get a mate for your 2nd gen ? ;-) Congrats on gettin a Z holiday (Angel) from Z's ! Wow, what are the odds ?! And best of luck with the Gemshard roulette !
  8. Finally my 2nd gens grew up, so I can post the combinations I went with this year: Heartseeker x Freckled I like their poses together (and the Freckle is looking up to the HS so adorably), as well as the colours. Heartseeker x Razorcrest The deep, rich red of the HS and the deep, rich blue of the wyvern are so nice together, and the chocolate wings are fitted by the coppery wings and fluff. I decided against the pairing with Starsinger because, while those are beautiful, I find them very hard to make out in their lineage tile. :-( And I didn't have a HS left for a pairing with Black Zyomorph, but I nudged my husband, and voila, Heartseeker x Black Zyumorph. Val 09 x Nocturne Is a perfect match ! Only downside - it only really works at night (look at it then!). But then the "older" style of the sprites and the slightly muted but still strong colours are just made for each other ! Sweetling x Aether looks as good as I expected it to. Pink x light blue. Pastels all the way ! 😉 Sweetling x Blue Siyat is an idea I though worth following through with, and I'm quite happy how it turned out. Both dragons look somewhat fragile, and the colours go well together. Rosebud x Aether Even better than SweetlingxAether, because not only matching colours but also more fluff and frill. Rosebud x Anagallis More of a contrast, but his red mask and gloves are somewhat fitting for a charming swashbuckly suitor of the rosy lady. Arsani x Blue Siyat Not perfect, but the sprite sizes, poses and colours are a decent fit. Arsani x Bronze Lunar Herald Made a 2nd gen because I need to make/find a mate for this 4th gen. Radiant Angel x Freckled I just like Freckleds, and they actually fit the red/gold/white of the Angels. Soulstone x Candelabra Colours, poses, festiveness. Plus, the Soulstones have their pearl and Candelabras their orb, nice accessories. ( @relaks: Looks like we have very similar tastes for the Soulstones. Would've done Kingcrown as my 2nd option as well, but my husband beat me to it. ;-)) Soulstone x Purple Siyat I wanted to do something with my Siyats, and the Soulstones look good with things that are purple but not too brightly so. I had a hard time finding things that I liked with Floral-Crowned, but I was happy when I came up with these: Floral-Crowned x Golden Floret Floral crown, floral mane - these two were made for each other. And I always thought that the metallics of the wyvern have a greenish tint to them. Perfect match for the Floral's green wings and crown. (Thanks for the mockup, relaks, it cemented my decision !) Floral-Crowned x Freckled Look who it is again - the Freckles ! *g* Both have pixely textures on their backs, and the reds match. The Freckled's warm yellow works with the warm green in the Floral's wings. My friend Moonshimmer came up with another idea I liked: Floral-Crowned x Blue Gemshard.
  9. And it was very cute, in that friendly squabbling sort of way. Thank you for clearing that up ! The ending is fine for me, I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss something.
  10. @purplehaze Ah, I see. Thank you for the answer. Let's be successfully confused together (and assume the dance was a blast) !
  11. I just tried the Tsoko event route. There is no "evening" or dance on day 7. Is that the usual ending, or did it bug out on me ? Because so far (in other story lines), after agreeing to go to the dance there was the "starry sky" picture for the evening, followed by some texts about what happens at the dance. Then The End. Or did I get the message wrong, and wasn't invited after all ? After class met with Tsoko in the kitchen, talked about going to the dance together and it being a "real date" and the last thing I get is him saying "You're not leftovers. You're the main dish." And then "The End". I'm confused.
  12. posting for my friend DragonLilly Have 2nd gen Heartseeker from Rosebud Need 2nd gen Rosebud from Heartseeker Let's trade !
  13. Since you are talking about Green Gemshard x Heartstealer - let me throw in the Blue Gemshard variant for that ! Blue Gemshard x Heartstealer Striped River was mentioned already. I also recommend Anagallis with them. Or, if you can stomach holiday x holiday, peaceful Aegis ! Silver Herald gives a similar colour scheme that's also beautiful. catstaff's Gaia x Rosebud idea looks great. And that Radiant Angel x Starsinger Keileon shows is really tempting as well ! Oh, and since Val lineages with Terrae were mentioned: Terrae x Soulstone is a great pair, I think ! (Will continue it this year.) And my friend dragonlilly is doing Terrae x Arsani. I would've done it as well, if I had more space. But she promised me an offspring once the lineage is done. I think catstaff is right about Aethers, they should be a perfect fit for any light pink Vals, and a great one for most of the others as well. (The only ones I'm not sure about are Soulstones, Heartseekers and maybe Heartstealers because of their more intense colours.)
  14. Since the Heartseekers are my favourite I'll start with them. 😉 My newest project: Heartseeker x Garland 2nd gen (I'll make a 3rd gen this Valentine's.) Also on the newer side: x Candelabra 3rd gen (Couldn't find a bloodswap for this, so it seems to be seriously underappreciated.) x Spirit Ward 3rd gen (This is especially beatiful when the Spirits are in their lower glow phases, like now between 5 and 6 am cavetime, but it still looks nice with the other forms.) x Antarean 3rd gen It gets a bit more complicated to plan for Hybrids, but I think these two lineages are worth it: x Storm Rider 4th gen x Avatar of Creation 4th gen The real beauty of these will start to show at 5th gen, I think. Then there are the classics. Bred by quite a few people, and for good reason: x Shadow Walker 5th gen x Royal Blue 5th gen x Golden Wyvern 5th gen x White 5th gen x Rosy Solstice 5th gen (Antlers !) x Silver Lunar Herald was mentioned already. 4th gen (Still couldn't find a 4th gen bloodswap. Hopefully that will change till next year.) x Golden Lunar Herald works just as well. 3rd gen And I discovered a few combinations that I love just as much, but don't seem to be the standard (so please take a look at these!): x Water 4th gen x Tan Ridgewing 4th gen x Imperial Fleshcrown 4th gen x Grey/Storm 4th gen x Autumn Seasonal 4th gen (Lots of chocolate brown.) x Blue Solstice 5th gen (Antlers !) x Harvest 5th gen x Bronze Lunard Herald 4th gen Basically, Heartseekers look good with a lot of things, so here are some more: Fever Wyvern, Magma, Ice, Red-finned Tidal, Coastal Waverunner, Winter Seasonal, Mageia Xeno, Moonstone And this year I'll probably start Heartseeker x Freckled (like this) and either Heartseeker x Razorcrest (like this) or Heartseeker x Starsinger (like this) Guess I'll have to add the other breeds later, but I totally approve of Radiant Angel x Mistletoe ! I couldn't find a swap for this 4th gen, despite it being such a beautiful pair.
  15. Ohhh, look - the Starsingers are here !! They are gorgeous - and they got their very own description !! I love that I can read about those beautiful dragons right away, so hopefully this will replace/add to the generic "holiday dragon" text in years to come as well. A lovely concept, and very well implemented. I especially love their wings (wonderful colours), their beacons, the fluffy tail, and their "opera singer pose" ! All those gold/bronze/cream/icy blue tones come together so well, creating such a festive, glowing, and still understated elegance. Thank you so much, NiramiTheRaven196 and Shiny Hazard Sign !! And thank you, TJ, for selecting this dragon, and for letting it have its own description !
  16. @Chatdweeb There are no CB blue-winged Solstices. All CBs are rosy-winged, regardless of the time of day they were caught. The blue-winged ones are bred-only (during daytime). So just keep the egg and you'll get a rosy-winged CB.
  17. Lineages I need: Can offer bloodswaps or things from my List of Holiday Lineages (look under "Solstice pairs" for Solstices, and under "Other Christmas" for everything else) ! All ancestors on my scroll will be named if a lineage is traded. Please PM to arrange a time for breeding/trading ! x 3rd or 4th gen Blue/Day Solstice from Radiant Angel x Blue Solstice (bloodswap: 3rd gen, 4th gen) x 3rd or 4th gen Blue/Day Solstice from Shadow Walker x Blue Solstice (bloodswap: 4th gen or one of the 3rd gen combos from this) x 4th gen Rosy/Night Solstice from Shadow Walker x Rosy Solstcie (bloodswap) x 3rd or 4th gen Calm Aegis from Calm Aegis x Heartstealer (bloodswap: 4th gen, 3rd gen) x 3rd or 4th gen Mistletoe from Radiant Angel x Mistletoe (bloodswap: 4th gen, 3rd gen) x 4th gen Ribbon Dancer from Radiant Angel x Ribbon Dancer (bloodswap, includes a RA Spriter's Alt) x 3rd gen Winter Magus from Winter Magi x Ribbon Dancer (bloodswap) - Trade pending.
  18. @Belisar There are no CB blue-winged Solstices. All CBs have rosy wings, the blue variant is bred only (during DC daytime, breeding during the night gives rosy-winged offspring).
  19. Lineages I need: Can offer bloodswaps or things from my List of Holiday Lineages (look under "Solstice pairs" for Solstices, and under "Other Christmas" for everything else) ! All ancestors on my scroll will be named if a lineage is traded. Please PM to arrange a time for breeding/trading ! x 3rd or 4th gen Blue/Day Solstice from Radiant Angel x Blue Solstice (bloodswap: 3rd gen, 4th gen) x 3rd or 4th gen Blue/Day Solstice from Shadow Walker x Blue Solstice (bloodswap: 4th gen or one of the 3rd gen combos from this) x 4th gen Rosy/Night Solstice from Shadow Walker x Rosy Solstcie (bloodswap) x 3rd or 4th gen Calm Aegis from Calm Aegis x Heartstealer (bloodswap: 4th gen, 3rd gen) x 3rd or 4th gen Mistletoe from Radiant Angel x Mistletoe (bloodswap: 4th gen, 3rd gen) x 3rd gen Winter Magus from Winter Magi x Ribbon Dancer (bloodswap) x 4th gen Ribbon Dancer from Radiant Angel x Ribbon Dancer (bloodswap, includes a RA Spriter's Alt)
  20. So many beautiful ideas ! Let me add another one: Heartseeker x Garland
  21. Welcome back, then, LumosSeeker ! I guess there won't be much travelling around DC Christmas, but maybe the new year will call people to exploration again.
  22. To figure out the look of a lineage, I used to use some Corel Draw program. Take a standard lineage mock-up background (the ones used in the various "Breeding Plans" threads), and put in the little pictures of the different dragons of interest. (Which I usually got by using some windows snipping tool.) My old computer died on me, though, and the new one didn't come with a free Corel program, so I'm a bit at a loss on that front. For the actual bookkeeping of the lineage breeding I use an Excel sheet, similar to relaks. It looks like this: I plan out the whole lineage, writing up the breeds I want to make in each generation. Once I got the egg I need, I add its code to the appropriate place. That way, I can easily find the pairs I want to breed by copying the code, and can see how far I've gotten at any given point. If the breeding is time sensitive or irregular due to breeding mechanisms, I add the next breeding date for that pair (like I did in this older example for the Bronze Lunar Herald). Since you can always insert new, empty lines and columns in any position it wouldn't be a problem to expand the lineage afterwards by writing more stuff above, for example. This example is the plan for the lower half of my "Everchanging dragons" lineage. I copy-pasted it out of the whole to keep the picture size manageable. 😉 Oh, and usually I tend to work from right to left, like the progress in the lineage view, just adding new columns on the left when I need them. This one I did the other way around, though. And if you have a moment - wish me luck for getting that 6th gen Chrono I need instead of the White Stripe there ! 😉
  23. Ah, the holiday x holiday lineages. Back when I started in 2012, two of my three favourite DC dragons were holidays. I didn't have any CBs of them, but thanks to the great community I got a lineage with them going nonetheless. Heartseeker x Shadow Walker 5th gen They are still among my absolute favourites. Shadow x Ribbon Dancer 5th gen Shadow x Rosebud 5th gen, with a lovely Nakase spriter's alt pair in 1st generation Winter Magi x Shadow 5th gen Shadow x Rosy Solstice 4th gen Shadow x Blue Solstice 4th gen Solstices are among my favourites, too, and they look great with Shadows, so I did both variants. I'd love Solstice bloodswaps (4th gen) for both come Christmas ! Aegis x Shadow 3rd gen pair, I'll get to 4th gen this Christmas Another favourite of mine, so I hope I'll get a Shadow swap next Halloween, and get to 5th gen Christmas 2019. Aegis x Heartstealer 4th gen Aegis-swap this Christmas, anyone ?! Aegis x Mistletoe 2nd gen pair I couldn't get an Aegis from Mistletoe in 2016, bred/found only Mistletoes, so this is one year behind. But it's so beautiful, I'll keep trying ! Looking forward to the 3rd gen this year ! My only real project with two breeds from the same holiday - I'm glad there are no other combinations like that I fell in love with (so far) ! Heartseeker x Rosy Solstice 5th gen Heartseeker x Blue Solstice 5th gen Aren't they marvellous together ?! Heartseeker x Rosebud 4th gen A bloodswap would help here, as well. Heartseeker x Ribbon Dancer 3rd gen Have to remember to try for a Ribbon swap. I'm really dedicated to getting this one started: Heartseeker x Garland 2nd gen Only got my CB Heartseekers this year, so I couldn't get another 2nd gen, but I'll breed him a mate during Christmas, and maybe others are doing this as well, so we can swap 3rd gens or something. Winter Magi x Rosebud 4th gen I found the 3rd gen Winter Magi and got a mate for him. Winter Magi x Ribbon Dancer 4th gen Found this one, and have had an unrelated 3rd gen for years. Maybe I can swap for a 3rd gen mate and make a 4th gen for this one. Long term again. Radiant Angel x Rosy Solstice 5th gen Radiant Angel x Blue Solstice 4th gen I can't seem to find a Radiant Angel swap for her to get a partner. Radiant Angel x Mistletoe 4th gen Hopefully here it will be easier to swap for a Mistletoe during Christmas. Radiant Angel x Ribbon Dancer 4th For this one, I decided to swap for a Ribbon dancer and re-breed them to get a RA next Valentine's, so the spriter's alt stays in the upper half. During my 2nd DC Christmas I caught a Snow Angel from Shadow x white-winged Snow Angel and kept it because I thought they look great together - and because I didn't know that the SAs are scroll-coded. So it ended up with solid-gold wings. *sigh* I never bothered to ask around for a matching Shadow, but this year I got two, one from a friend, and one from the AP. Now that I have my own CBs of them I could breed another gold-wing SA and get to 4th gen. Not a big fan of the solid-gold wings, though... I'll have to think about it. Maybe I can find someone with tricoloured SAs, give them the 3rd gens and ask for a 4th with one SA wing type per generation. That would be Christmas 2019 for a SA, and Halloween 2020 for a Shadow. The joy of holiday x holiday... That's it, so far. For many of my 4th or 5th gens I can breed one or more lower gens as well, so if you need anything just let me know !
  24. That was an awesome adventure ! Spooky and fun in equal parts. Allright, maybe more fun than spooky, but still a great story. 😃 Some more praise that might be a spoiler for those that haven't finished yet: I managed to collect 23 things, but I guess I took a wrong turn right after re-entering the woods.