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  1. Forum Name: Lantean_Pegasus Name of my Lineage: Three Wishes Link to my New Wish: A little Royal Blue Name of its Father: Prince Charming Name of its Mother: Sheherazade It was given to: DragonLilly Because: Well, first of all DragonLilly is my best friend, with all the great implications this term stands for. For that alone she deserves dozens of dragons, but that would be a bit much I guess. Secondly she gave me not only one of the original Wishes, but many other beautiful dragons, too, just to help me out or brighten my day. And last, but not least, I know she likes this lineage, and especially "Prince Charming", so I think she should have an offspring just for her scroll. Dear DragonLilly - I grant you "Three Wishes", use them wisely (I know you will). May the little dragon bring you luck for many happy endings. Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  2. I bred two of my Tinselkins today and they gave me this beautiful Tinselkin of Soaring Skies. I'll gift the little one at the departure-thread, but I wanted to offer it here as well, for obvious reasons: Tinselkin of Soaring Skies Edit: Gone already, that was fast... Just in case: Please keep the little one alive and well, and don't AP it (re-gifting is OK). And give him/her a name when the time comes ! Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  3. Forum Name: Lantean_Pegasus Name of my Lineage: Three Wishes Link to my New Wish: A little Royal Blue Name of its Father: Prince Charming Name of its Mother: Sheherazade It was given to: Deagle I tried to trade for a Summer with Autumn parents today. And when I next looked at my PM box there was a beautiful gift from Deagle. Just out of the blue. What a nice surprise ! And who delivers such a nice surprise to a complete stranger has earned the gift of Three Wishes. Thank you, Deagle, and use them wisely. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Deagle: "Tagline" means a short description of the topic of your Wish-lineage, if you have one. It's like "The Wish lineage of legends and fairytales" for the Three Wishes, and usually hints at the name theme of the dragons or the thought behind the chosen breeds (like with "The Wish lineage to spread the joy of BSAs throughout the land") or the concept in which the Wishes are embedded (like "Wishes in the Spirit of Aloha"). You don't need to have one, but mostly it comes with the idea. For inspiration just look at the listed lineages on page one, the small explanations below the lineage-names are the taglines. "Concept" is for anything you want to specify about your Wish lineage, like which breeds are preferred, if there is a naming scheme, if you want to give the Wishes under a special credo or the lineage is in honour of some specific quality that brings good feelings. In short: All the stuff you want to say, explain or define about your Wish lineage goes here. Since the idea of Wishes is that someone who got a Wish should be allowed and is welcome to breed offspring from it and gift it to others to spread the Wish lineage, this would be helpful for future participants of the lineage, too. So - welcome to the Wishers, Deagle ! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask or PM me. -------------------------------------------------------- Aaaaand - I was given a new little Wish by Deagle ! She really doesn't loose time in spreading the joy of Wishes ! So I have the honour to present the very first little "Wishing Blue Eyes" dragon: A Blusang Lindwurm to be ! Thank you so much, Deagle - for the second time today ! I almost feel a little spoiled... Just kidding - I'm really happy ! Thanks ! Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus PS: I'll get the update for the new Wishes and the new lineage on the first page right tomorrow, today was a bit of a long day.
  4. @sdc: That's what I thought, too. Last time I checked (no pun intended) chequerboards/checkerboards had an alternating colour scheme between each square, not just alternating lines of colour. However, officially for DC the lines obviously are the checker-standard. @dragonico: Yes, to avoid confusion I'll usually mention that mine is not a "standard checker", but I still think it funny how the standard looks compared to the thing it's named after. Plus - I prefer reverse/alternating checkers because you get to see both sprites (if you have dimorphistic breeds) of the dragons involved instead of just one. (Except when I like only one of the sprites, then I'm all for standard checkers. ) Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  5. Something in between all the Blusangs: I'm working on a RoyalBlue/White-checker. Although as far as I understood "breeding jargon" this isn't really a checker, because for some strange reason someone defined that as not altering the males/females of the breeds between generations. Must have a hell of a checkerboard to play at home... However, when I joined DC I immediately fell in love with the Royal Blues and Whites, so a (reverse)checker of these it is. This is my first 5th gen. (And 5th is as far as it'll go for now.) It's the stand-in for the perfect result, as I want the Royal Navy-guys in the upper half and the ocean-related names in the lower one. But of course they didn't give me the fitting eggs for that yet. If anyone is interested - the egg can be found in a few minutes at the Even gen gifting/trading thread. Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  6. Beautiful names indeed. @StarSea: I'm a bit confused - you said you named your Ancient Greek Wish after the son's wife. But the name shown is "Hephaestus" - which is the son. Aphrodite is the wife. Did I get something wrong or should you switch names ? And I do hope for your CBs to produce an egg soon, too. Looking forward to seeing your Wish-lineage among the active ones. Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  7. @ab613: Sunshine and wishes, that sounds great ! Sounds like holidays, and travelling to marvellous places, and days full of sun, and balmy evenings with a good glass of wine and some nice people... Lovely idea ! @stogucheme: Congratulations on your first Wish. Now I can finally move your dragons to the lineage posts ! @ulalena: As always a beautiful concept for a new pair. @all: I'll update the lineages tomorrow, needed the weekend to recover from the new release stress... ------------------------------------ Aaaand: Forum Name: Lantean_Pegasus Name of my Lineage: "Wish" (Original Wishes) by DragonLilly Link to my New Wish: A White Name of its Father: Eumenetes Wish Lanteis Name of its Mother: Nephele Galaxias Lanteis It was given to: mishii When I tried to trade for Royal Blues from Shadow Walkers she offered me to breed one without any payment, and she did. And then she did it again, because the pair whose names I liked best didn't cooperate on first try. So I got two beautiful dragons from her, and that much kindness deserves good wishes in return ! Best Wishes to you, mishii ! Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  8. What ?! Why, oh why, dear spriter ?! The Brimstone is such a beautiful dragon, in colours and in build - and then I look at it's face. With this too big lower jaw it looks like a brute. (Or a friendly dimwit.) That's so sad (for me), it could have been a very regal dragon with that stature and golden yellow/brown wings. And would have been such a perfect partner for my Royal Blues... *sighs* Well, preferences are different, and lots of people are happy, so congratulations for a work greatly done, nonetheless. But I'll go now and ponder if I can bring myself to ignore the face in favour of the beautiful rest, or if I have to get rid of the little guys. What a pity, the Brimstones were my biggest hope out of the three. Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  9. Forum Name: Lantean_Pegasus Name of my Lineage: "Beautiful Wishes", SnowSherry's lineage Link to my New Wish: A little Ice Name of its Father: Thereios Lanteis Name of its Mother: Wish de Mirage It was given to: Kigyptnee A few months back I sent Kigyptnee a lengthy suggestion, the point of it being that I wanted to trade fail-Tinsels from Tin-Nebula-stairs. My plan didn't work with his/her Tinsel (hadn't thought of the male-always-on-top of the lineage-pictures), which he/she explained to me very friendly and even with an apology for not being able to help me with that Tinsel, I thanked him/her and thought that was that. Then, two weeks or so later K just sent me a Golden Tinsel egg with exactly the lineage I needed to continue my plan ! That was so nice, and so generous - it deserves a thank you, and a little dragon to give K my best wishes for future fun and success with his/her little dragons ! Beautiful wishes to you, Kigyptnee ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forum Name: Lantean_Pegasus Name of my Lineage: "Beautiful Wishes", SnowSherry's lineage Link to my Male: Thereios Lanteis Link to my Female: Wish de Mirage Proven Pair: Yes When SnowSherry gifted me with "Wish de Mirage", I couldn't believe I really was be-wished with an Ice ! She told me she would like the dragons of this lineage to bear the names of beloved pets or other furry friends, so I named the little girl after a cat of mine that left me last year: Mirage. It's a french name, so I decided to go with "Wish de Mirage" instead of "Mirage's Wish". Since I don't have a fitting rare partner (2nd gen from Gold or similar), I decided to take my 2nd gen Summer from Autumn parents as a mate for her. Seasonals with their close bond to nature seemed fitting for a lineage in honour of "animal companions". "Thereios" (meaning "of summer" or "in summer") is Ancient Greek, following the naming pattern of my scroll. And I'd never have expected it, but these two gave me an egg on first try ! And an Ice to boot ! A Beautiful lineage indeed... Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  10. Forum Name: Lantean_Pegasus Name of my Lineage: Three Wishes Link to my Male: King Arthur Link to my Female: Excalibur Proven Pair: yes Since Prince Charming and Sheherazade are very reluctant to grant me eggs (1 out of 9 tries) I quested for another CB Golden Wyvern to make a second pair in my Three Wishes lineage. I finally found one, and so I can proudly present the part of the lineage that's more on the "legends" than the "fairytales" side. And since the Prince and his bride didn't seem to get along too well I took the liberty of secretly changing partners. I hope Dragon-Firy will forgive me that the name of the mother of her Duchess thus changed... But I hope I'll be able to spread more "Three Wishes" in the future this way. As for the names - who could be more fitting for the legend-part than the "Once and Future King". King Arthur (or K├Ânig Artus as he is called here) is the epitome of the just and benevolent ruler, seeing his position as an obligation to further the welfare and prosperity of humankind, putting his duty to his people before his own needs. The whole idea of the ideal chivalry, the vision of the honourable knight using his power only to protect the weak, help those in need, defend the good and defeat evil where and whenever necessary, is one of hope that one day everyone, while still seeking personal fulfilment, will strive to further the good of all humanity. It's a wish for the existence of people that deserve the best of wishes. By Arthur's side I put his famous sword Excalibur. The gleaming symbol of the rightful king, forged by the mysterious powers of a land that wished to be guided with wisdom and justice as well as with strength. The shimmering weapon of greatest might, imbued with magic and only to be used for a just and noble cause. Forum Name: Lantean_Pegasus Name of my Lineage: Three Wishes Link to my New Wish: Little Golden Wyvern Name of its Father: King Arthur Name of its Mother: Excalibur It was given to: sheppardkid The first Arthurian Three Wishes went to sheppardkid. She glomped me with a wonderful Gold out of the blue, and discovering a shared love for "Stargate Atlantis" we had a nice exchange of PMs. Later she gifted me a Tinsel for a project of mine, just because I mentioned that I needed one of such a lineage. So - a golden one for a golden one, and with the best of wishes this little dragon went to live on her scroll. Thank you, sheppardkid, I'm sure you'll use your Three Wishes wisely. Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  11. @stogucheme: Hello and welcome ! It's great to see another Wish-lineage coming to life, I hope your Wish-parents will give you all the eggs you'd like. @all: The updating of new Wishes and Wish-lineages will commence next week, as soon as I'm home from vacation. So don't worry, no Wish will be forgotten. Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  12. I went to visit my dear friend DragonLilly, spending half of my yearly vacation days, so - holidays ! Huzzah ! And someone sent me a lovely little Wish for a good journey. This beautiful gentleman is my first Tangar, and will be cherished as the dragon of luck for all my holidays to come. Thank you very much, mysterious gifter ! Greetings (from Bavaria this time), Lantean_Pegasus
  13. Hello polarchill12 ! We can't have that, your poor little eggs dying. But it's not allowed to post the links to them here in the forum (because there would be so many links, then). However, there is a better way: There are fan-sites, called click-sites. There you can register your eggs and hundreds of users will give them the views they need. There are for example: Eggs around the World Valley Sherwood and others (you can see a list here). You should use one or two of those sites, and your eggs will grow up fine. Don't use too many, or your eggs might get sick (and perhaps die) from too many views. Good luck with your dragons ! Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  14. Thank you very much, ulalena, for this beautiful little Wish-girl. She'll be loved and kept happy, and I'm sure with time I'll find her a mate. This thread is the work of many, but I'm happy that my little input helps all of us to enjoy our Wish-gifting. May this enjoyment last a long, long time. It wasn't easy to decide how the little one should be named, but since I'm a big fan of the Age of Sail in general, and Captain James Cook in particular, I took that route. Hawaii was his last harbour, and though it didn't end well due to misunderstanding, it started out as a friendly, fascinated relationship between people from very different cultures. Plus, the meaning of the principles of Pono and Kala (the parents) fit Cook's spirit quite well. So to remember a great and open-minded explorer, and the discovery of the wonders of those islands for the Western civilization I'll call the little dragon "Captain Cook's Aloha Wish". Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  15. I hope the Admin(s) will excuse this double-posting, but the last one I was writing as a "civilian" to thank for the gift, and I don't want it to get jumbled with the things I have to say now as a thread-mod. Hear, hear ! I have the honour to (pre-)announce a new Wish-lineage: SnowSherry's "Beautiful Wishes". I'll help her to write up the necessary things over the weekend, but I wanted to inform you all as soon as possible. (Just in case fallen_leaf wants to start on the banner/marker right away, for example... ) You can find her pair and their daughter right here. Have a nice weekend and enjoy the Olympic Games ! Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  16. I just received the first "Wish for Others" ! And Smallguy was right - it is a very special feeling. The surprise, guessing, and the suspense... I'm still pondering if I start to ask around (more or less subtly, of course) or not... Hm... And with such a nice, mysterious text to it... So - thank you very much, anonymous gifter ! I'll love and cherish the little Nebula, and the kind gesture, and I hope I'll prove worthy of your good wishes in the future, too. Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus (who can't wait for the little one to gender, so it can be properly named)
  17. "Beautiful Wishes" - The Wish lineage of Lovely Pets, by SnowSherry Description: The soothing purr of a cat, the unwavering companionship of a dog, the warm snort of a horse, or the gently nibbling beak of a bird - the unreserved, simple, but deeply honest and strong affection of an animal is capable of bringing a feeling of peace and elation that touches us all in the deepest way possible. Our much loved pets create a bond of friendship that brightens our day, make us laugh, give us comfort or be our silent confidant. Every home is more cosy with a loving pet. This Wish lineage was made to remind us of all the beautiful feelings pets and animals can evoke in us - let these dragons be your little pets, too. The Beautiful Wishes: Owner: SnowSherry Wish-Pair: Golden Wish - A Gold Ice Girl - An Ice Children: Beautiful Wish de Mirage - An Ice given to Lantean_Pegasus Jungle Tiger Souhaits Belles - An Ice given to grammydragon Sylver Mike Chou-Chou of Lemar - An Ice given to MisunderstoodDreamer Owner: Lantean_Pegasus Wish-Pair: Thereios Lanteis - A Summer Beautiful Wish de Mirage - An Ice gifted by SnowSherry Children: x X Beautiful Wish X x - An Ice given to Kigyptnee (fs26D) - A Summer given to Snowytoshi "BSA Wishes" - The Wish lineage to spread the joy of BSAs throughout the land, by stogucheme Description: Everyone appreciates good wishes. And everyone on DC appreciates dragons with the special power of BSAs. So why not combine the two, and spread the joy of BSA dragons throughout the land, carrying on their wings the best of wishes. stogucheme's idea and its progress can be found here. The BSA Wishes: Owner: stogucheme Wish-Pair: You'll take our wish - A Green And spread joy throughout DC - A Purple Children: Joyful Discovery - A Green given to PokemonFan13 To say Thank you - A Purple given to DragonLilly "Wishing Blue Eyes" - A Wish lineage by Deagle Description: Details yet to come. The Wishing Blue Eyes: Owner: Deagle Wish-Pair: Amir Wishes - A Blusang Lindwurm Asire Wishes - A Tsunami Wyvern Children: Azure Wishes - A Blusang Lindwurm given to Lantean_Pegasus "Good & Pure Wishes" - The Wish lineage to make all your good and pure wishes come true, by Ae0nian Description: Good and pure wishes can truly work miracles! Love and Happiness, Joy and Delight, Health and Good Will, Luck and Good Fortune - these simple words, if spoken with sincerity, respect and good intention, have the secret power to reach deeply to people's souls and help them pursue their dearest dreams! This lineage is meant to send these simple, but very important wishes to kind and generous people to warm their heart and thank them for their awesome kindness! Details of the beautiful lineage of these Wish dragons, and Ae0nians explanation of the whole idea can be found here. The Good&Pure Wishes: Owner: Ae0nian Wish-Pair: Good Luck Wish D'Aeon - A Red Good Fortune Wish D'Aeon - A Red Children: Aeonian Love Wishes of Lemar - A Red given to MisunderstoodDreamer Lucky Wishes Dragon - A Red given to Tawanda001 (aygp4) - A Red given to kayla "Statuesque Wishes" - The Wish lineage to remember that everyone is beautiful, by cerimonster Description: Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way. And this is especially true of those who spend a lot of their time helping others achieve their goals. Along with carrying well wishes, the little dragons of this lineage are sent out to spread awareness of this fact, and to assure the people they are given to of their own true beauty. This is where cerimonster introduced her idea for this lineage. The Statuesque Wishes: Owner: cerimonster Wish-Pair: Caligo Draco - A Gray Foxy Wishes - A Tri-Horn Wyvern Children: Cerimonster's Wishes - A Gray given to MaximumOccupancy "Friendship Wishes" - The Wish lineage to thank people who founded new friendships, by lisarae Description: Details yet to come. The Friendship Wishes: Owner: lisarae Wish-Pair: Cairdeas Is mian leis - A Magi Yiv - A Cavern Lurker Children: Karof - A Magi given to Mathcat (ChgRw)- A Magi given to Stagazer_7 Cairdeas-miann - A Magi given to Yiv Owner: DragonLilly Al Asabel Good Luck Wish - A Silver gifted by Wortgewaltig And coming soon...: "Magic Wishes" - The Wish lineage of Potions & Spells from Magic Dragons, by MinRimmon "Wishing Hope" - The Wish lineage of best intentions, by StarSea "Sunny Wishes" - The Wish lineage sending good weather and good intentions, by ab613
  18. Description:"I grant you three wishes. Use them wisely." - Many a tale told around the world wouldn't be the same without these words. And no culture would be the same without it's legends and fairy tales. Because these are the incarnation of the hopes and dreams - the wishes - of people, of the need to see the world how it should be: A world where the good will prevail, where doing the right thing is rewarded, and where any wish will come true in the end, provided it is used to bring about something positive. So the Dragons of this lineage are there to grant the fulfilment of such Wishes. Lantean_Pegasus started the tale of this lineage here. The Three Wishes: Owner: Lantean_Pegasus Wish-Pair: Prince Charming - A Royal Blue Sheherazade - A Golden Wyvern Children: Three Wishes Duchess Anastasia - A Royal Blue given to Dragon-Firy Berara Golden Wyvern (formerly named "Fiona with Three Wishes") - A Royal Blue given to Deagle Three Wishes True Love's Kiss - A Royal Blue given to DragonLilly Three Wishes by Moonlight - A Royal Blue given to hydrargyrum Herald of 3 Wishes - A Royal Blue given to herk Shahryar's Three Wishes - A Royal Blue given to stagazer_7 3 Wishes of Rapunzel 2G - A Golden Wyvern given to spring_dragon Owner: Lantean_Pegasus Wish-Pair: King Arthur - A Royal Blue Excalibur - A Golden Wyvern Children: Three Wishes of Prince Amir - A Golden Wyvern given to sheppardkid 2-Morgana's Three Wishes - A Royal Blue given to Keolah Owner: herk Wish-Pair: Herald of 3 Wishes 2 - A Royal Blue I dream of Jeannie 2 - A Golden Wyvern Children: Jeannie's Wish - A Golden Wyvern given to Siliskor Description: "Aloha" - a greeting well known all around the world. But it's also a word with many more meanings, and a philosophy that explains how all the world and everything in it is connected with and influenced by each other in a flow of energies that everyone of us has the power to influence to the best. Aloha means "to share the breath of life". And among many other things it conveys "Good Wishes". As do the Dragons that are gifted in it's name. Here you find ulalenas post starting the lineage and explaining the intricate concepts and meanings of Aloha. The Aloha Wishes: Owner: ulalena Wish-Pair: Aloha Wishes for Mana - A Purple Aloha Wishes for Makia - A Purple Children: 0BW5 - Aloha Wishes - A Purple given to fallen_leaf Aloha Wishes from Ulalena - A Purple given to Firebrand (pNV1k) - A Purple given to Derranged Aloha Best Wishes For Mama - A Purple given to Saentis Aloha Wishes for Ahonui - A Purple given to Mysfytt E Pili Mau Na Pomaikai Me Oe - A Purple given to DarkDamsel09 Owner: ulalena Wish-Pair: Aloha Wishes for Pono - A Purple Aloha Wishes for Kala - A Purple Children: Kala Pono - A Purple given to Bootsmann Aloha Wishes to Firebrand - A Purple given to Firebrand Aloha Mianta O Ulalena - A Purple given to lisarae Captain Cook's Aloha Wish - A Purple given to Lantean_Pegasus Pili Lua Wish - A Purple given to JavaMom Owner: ulalena Wish-Pair: Aloha Wishes for Ike - A Purple Aloha Wishes for Manawa - A Purple Children: Aloha Wishes for Eowyn - A Purple given to Stagazer_7 Owner: ulalena Wish-Pair: Aloha Wishes for Malu - A Purple Aloha Wishes for Huna - A Purple Children: A Beautiful Wish - A Purple given to SnowSherry Makamaka Wish - A Purple given to JavaMom Owner: ulalena Wish-Pair: Aloha Wishes for Pilialoha - A Purple Aloha Wishes for Mahamaha - A Purple Children: Aloha Kakahiaka Puiwa - A Purple given to Ary_Lynn Owner: ulalena Wish-Pair: Aloha Wishes for Manao - A Purple Aloha Wishes for Hana - A Purple Children: Aloha Hana Hulu - A Purple given to StarSea Aloha Wishes for muse to return - A Purple given to velvotq Owner: fallen_leaf Wish-Pair: 0BW5 - Aloha Mate - A Spitfire 0BW5 - Aloha Wishes - A Purple gifted by ulalena Children: Romantic Dragons Lau Pala - An Ultraviolet given to ulalena Best Aloha Wishes - An Ultraviolet given to Satirical Owner: Firebrand Wish-Pair: Aloha Wishes to Firebrand - A Purple gifted by ulalena Aloha Wishes from Ulalena - A Purple gifted by ulalena Children: Mis-sent Aloha Wish - A Purple Owner: stagazer_7 Wish-Pair: After Several Detours - A Purple Aloha Wishes for Eowyn - A Purple gifted by ulalena Children: A Wish and Gift of Friendship - A Purple given to Lyricmaniac If Wishes Were Fishes - A Purple given to thenameisplissken Owner: JavaMom Wish-Pair: Makamaka Wish - A Purple gifted by ulalena Maluhia Wish - A Purple Children: Ohana Wish - A Purple given to Dragoness22 A Wild Dragon (formerly named "Mau Loa Wish") - A Purple given to Lullakai-Shi Optata Draconis - A Purple given to JaneMcAsh Akua Wish - A Purple given to freadom7 Owner: SnowSherry Wish-Pair: Tarenaya Hassleriana - A Purple A Beautiful Wish - A Purple gifted by ulalena Children: Fertility Wishes of Lemar - A Purple given to MisunderstoodDreamer Owner: MisunderstoodDreamer Wish-Pair: Fertility Wishes of Lemar - A Purple gifted by SnowSherry Rosemallow of Lemar - A Purple Children: Precious Wish of Lemar - A Purple given to Ae0nian Description: Details yet to come. The Greek Wishes: Owner: Mikki Wish-Pair: Zeus' Greek Wishes - An Electric Hera's Greek Wishes - A Daydream Children: Hebe's Greek Wish - A Daydream, and originally the first Mishwish given to DragonLilly Mikki's Best Wishes - A Daydream given to Mystic_Halo Hephaestus's Greek Wishes - An Electric given to StarSea Owner: DragonLilly Wish-Pair: Herakles' Greek Wish - An Electric Hebe's Greek Wish - A Daydream, and originally the first Mishwish gifted by Mikki Children: Chaos' Greek Wish - An Electric given to AsheraAshtoreth 0BW8 - Alexa's Greek Wish - An Electric given to fallen_leaf Description: Details yet to come. The Norse Wishes: Owner: stagazer_7 Wish-Pair: Odin's Wish - A Waterhorse Frigga's Wish - A Waterhorse Children: Wodans Wish - A Waterhorse given to ulalena I Wish I Was A Heartbeat - A Waterhorse given to Felischia Owner: stagazer_7 Wish-Pair: Thor's Wish - A Waterhorse Sif's Wish - A Waterhorse Children: Morphing Sleipnir - A Waterhorse given to KakashiMorph Thorun's Wish - A Waterhorse given to AsheraAshtoreth Owner: stagazer_7 Wish-Pair: Tyr's Wish - A Waterhorse Freyja's Wish - A Waterhorse Children: Snaedis' Wish - A Waterhorse given to DragonLilly Owner: stagazer_7 Wish-Pair: Loki's Wish - A Waterhorse Sigyn's Wish - A Waterhorse Children: Norse Mianta O Stargazer - A Waterhorse given to lisarae Hel's Wish Kolympo - A Waterhorse given to QAndais Owner: stagazer_7 Wish-Pair: Njord's Wish - A Waterhorse Skadi's Wish - A Waterhorse Children: Freyr's Wish - A Waterhorse given to Mikki Hildr's Wish - A Waterhorse given to Irish_Dragoness Owner: stagazer_7 Wish-Pair: Balder's Wish - A Waterhorse Nanna's Wish - A Waterhorse Children: 0BW6 - Forseti's Wish - A Waterhorse given to fallen_leaf Owner: stagazer_7 Wish-Pair: Heimdallr's Wish - A Waterhorse Sol's Wish - A Waterhorse Children: Wish of Bifroest - A Waterhorse given to Lantean_Pegasus Owner: ulalena Wish-Pair: Wodans Wish - A Waterhorse gifted by stagazer_7 Romantic Dragons Kiki - A Two-Finned Bluna Children: A Dead Wish Baldur's Wish Jijnasu - A Two-Finned Bluna given to QAndais Owner: DragonLilly Wish-Pair: Sleipnir's Wish - A Waterhorse Snaedis' Wish - A Waterhorse gifted by stagazer_7 Children: Heartfelt Wish - A Waterhorse given to rubyshoes Description: The Loving Wishes: Owner: leaf0701 Wish-Pair: Luminous Loving Wishes - A Lumina Ocean Moth Loving Wishes - A Tsunami Children: Spear of Atlantis - A Tsunami given to the best (girl)friend of leaf0701 More Wish-lineages in the post below ->
  19. **The "Wish" lineages in Detail** Description: Well, you can read all there is to know about the original Wish lineage right above in the introduction and rules. And here DragonLilly explained the choice of the first three Wish dragons that were given. The Wishes: Owner: Firebrand Wish-Pair: Finding your heart - A Heartseeker Firebrand's friendly Best Wishes - A Magi gifted by DragonLilly Children: Handsome Wish - A Magi given to Gemstone Al Munya Wish for Good Wishes - A Magi given to DragonLilly Owner: ulalena Wish-Pair: Romantic Dragons Mana Power Wish - A Pink Romantic Dragons Ola Healthy Wish - A Terrae, child of "Romantic Dragons Laki LuckyWish" (A Terrae gifted by DragonLilly) Children: NO9 Romantic Precious Wish - A Terrae given to Nicoleong9 Romantic Dragons Loving Wish - A Terrae given to Alse15 Owner: Lantean_Pegasus Wish-Pair: Eumenetes Wish Lanteis - A White gifted by DragonLilly Nephele Galaxias Lanteis - A Blue Nebula Children: Loving Wish - A White given to SnowSherry A Wild Dragon (formerly named "Galaxy Wish Ashtoreth") - A Red Nebula given to AsheraAshtoreth Wish for the Galaxy Lanteis - A White given to mishii Wish Upon a Red Star - A Red Nebula given to shirubaaneko Nemesis Wish - A White given to cerimonster Owner: DragonLilly Wish-Pair: Al Maimun Good Luck - A Magma Al Munya Wish for Good Wishes - A Magi gifted by Firebrand Children: 0BW7 - OriginaLilly's Wish - A Magi given to fallen_leaf Dragonlilly's Wish For Luck - A Magi given to loesje2004 Owner: fallen_leaf Wish-Pair: 0BW7 - OriginaLilly's Mate - A Red 0BW7 - OriginaLilly's Wish - A Magi gifted by DragonLilly Children: Al Fadlak Wish for Good Wishes - A Magi given to DragonLilly Owner: DragonLilly Wish-Pair: Al Shukran Thanks so much - A Sunstone Al Fadlak Wish for Good Wishes - A Magi gifted by fallen_leaf Children: Gift of Teleport - A Magi given to Pikabubba Lilly's Bussi and Best Wishes - A Magi given to DarkDamsel09 Owner: Nicoleong9 Wish-Pair: NO9 Romantic Lovely Wish - A Pink NO9 Romantic Precious Wish - A Terrae gifted by ulalena Children: Romantic Beloved Prettyboy Wish - A Pink given to Sugar-Free Description: Dedicated to the optimistic and hopeful spirit that inspired daring adventurers and bold explorers to find and reveal what mankind before them could only wish to see one day, this is the Wish line representing the exciting, funny and mysterious genre of Adventure in every form, and the good Wishes from everyone of us that accompany it's heroes. And here you find DragonLillys post that introduced it. The A Wishes: Owner: DragonLilly Wish-Pair: Al Bir Fountain of Youth A Wish - A Tsunami gifted by happymom Al Aisha Cradle of Life - A Purple Children: A Wish for Atlantis - A Tsunami given to Mikki Owner: DragonLilly Wish-Pair: Al Bir Fountain of Youth A Wish - A Tsunami gifted by happymom Al Ahlam Never Never Land - A Daydream Children: Maureena the Wish for Kindness - A Tsunami given to Chanilove Owner: DragonLilly Wish-Pair: Al Bir Fountain of Youth A Wish - A Tsunami gifted by happymom Al Dahab Golden Fleece - A Golden Wyvern Children: A Wish of Shimmering Gold - A Golden Wyvern given to Erica8798 A Wish for Warmer Waters v - A Tsunami given to Claudii Description: Details yet to come. The Mixed Wishes: Owner: QAndais Wish-Pair: Anachi Mixed Wishes Jinasu - A Water Zena Mixed Wishes Jijnasu - A Skywing Children: Kubafi Mixed Wishes Jijnasu - A Two Finned Bluna given to CDM Seawishes Aru'ak - A Two Finned Bluna given to Sethiss Description: "Wish upon a star !" - To look up in hope and wonder to the stars that sparkle in the clear nightsky is something mankind has probably done since sentience was born a long time ago. To wish upon this glimmering points of light is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years to the Romans, and possibly even further into the past. This nightly Wishes haven't lost any of their enchantment today, and if you see a shooting star you make a wish - for yourself or for others. This is the Wish lineage to do it here, too. And this post by fallen_leaf was the beginning of it. The StarWishes: Owner: fallen_leaf Wish-Pair: 0BW1 - StarWish Tree - A Green Nebula 0BW1 - StarWish Water - A Blue Nebula Children: The Great Leafy Leaf Starwish - A Green Nebula given to Stelly Leaf's Lovely Starwish - A Blue Nebula given to Melosk Owner: fallen_leaf Wish-Pair: 0BW4 - StarWish Day - A Green Nebula 0BW4 - StarWish Dusk - A Red Nebula Children: StarWish Life - A Green Nebula given to Mikki Owner: fallen_leaf Wish-Pair: 0BW2 - StarWish Light - A Purple Nebula 0BW2 - StarWish Sun - A Red Nebula Children: Best Wishes - Starwish Glow - A Blue Nebula given to DragonLilly Description: Details yet to come. The Pygmy Wishes: Owner: BlazingPhoenix Wish-Pair: Pygmy Wishes - A Dark Myst Pygmy Are The Best - A Seawyrm Pygmy Children: Wishes You Can Get - A Seawyrm Pygmy born and named this way before the Wish lineages even existed More Wish-lineages in the post below ->
  20. This is just marvellous ! I've never seen an update anywhere that was so utterly positive, practical and helpful like this one !! My favourites are the ones that directly affect playing. The Quick Sort for BSA-actions (and whatever else there may be) and the Action Log are vieing for the first place of marvellousness, followed closely by the modifications to the Trade menus. And having the rejects on the breeding list will save much confusion indeed. All the others sound very promising, too. Special thanks for making all this "social network" stuff optional, for I'm not very fond of it, so I appreciate the possibility of just switching it off. Perfect solution. All in all this update would be just too perfect to be true. Luckily I'm just breeding a lineage that contains the only Geode I'll probably ever breed. And is planned in a way that needs said Geode to produce a non-Geode-egg with it's mate. A point to which I'll not get in under two weeks. So here I have my personal little flaw that makes it possible for me to believe that this update is really real. (For the record: I still think it a good idea to make the change and let Geodes have the chance to prevail in lineages with other dragons.) Thank you very much, TJ ! For all the time and effort - and the thought you put into it. Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  21. Ha-ha ! I'm an exception ! Just kidding. But I actually do not plan on having "one of each sprite" or even breed. On the contrary - breeds of which I absolutely don't like the sprite and/or the description of character won't get on my scroll. Ever. (newest example: Luminas - vain creatures with butt-wings (no, not cool), and a very, hm, unluckily chosen pose of the male) Though in some cases there may be exceptions if one outweights the other. For example: I don't like the "character" of the Vines (maybe because they don't have one except "If it moves and you can reach it - kill and eat it !"), but the normal sprites are very nice, so there are a very few Vines there (which are guarded and fed by the other dragons, so they don't have to be a public menace in Lantea ). Alt Vines I'll never have, no matter how valuable, because I don't like the sprite either. I only took some Tinsels in to trade with/gift their offspring later, and some of them I was gifted by very nice people and could make a lineage I really love, so I love the Tinsels of it, too. There are a few dragon breeds I absolutely adore (first of all the Royal Blues), and I'll have lots of them on my scroll eventually, because I plan on breeding many beautiful lineages with them and will collect every specimen with a nice "foreign" lineage that crosses my path. But I'm not going for "armies" - I want to spread them to others as dragons with beautiful heritage, not just hoard them by numbers for myself. (Not saying that I have anything against the armies of other people - if it's fun for you, then just recruit away ! ) The breeds I just "like" will get one or two CB pairs and the occasional beautiful lineaged single that caught my eye (more if I decide to further that lineage, of course). I don't have any special event dragons, as I've not been around long enough (started in April). Mostly I'm OK with that, because most of the sprites don't catch my fancy. But I'm really sad that I wasn't here for the Shadow Walkers and the Heartseekers ! The sprites are gorgeous and the descriptions so nice - and I'll never ever have a CB one, probably not even a 2nd+ gen. Seasonals... Hm, I like the idea, but it's not my type of sprite, so I didn't try to get one up to now. (Can't catch them, so I'd have to trade for them.) That may change in Autumn, because that's the only Seasonal sprite I really like quite a bit. What else... I tend to look over lots of AP eggs and if I find a lineage that catches my fancy I gratefully keep the little one. And never say no to an instant-hatchable egg of breeds I like. I usually don't take too messy eggs of any kind. I hunted in/haunted the caves for some of my CB uncommons, but all my Trios and some others I had to trade for. BSAs (Red, Purple, Pink, Magi) are the usual exception from everything - no matter how messy the lineage, if it's low-time I'll take it. And I'll have lots of them although I don't like the Red and the female Purple sprite very much (and the Magi are nice dragons, but their colour just hurts my eyes). Have to be practical there... Oh, and freezing... I'm not entirely comfortable with the idea, and will never do it for the purpose of collecting. But some hatchies are just so unbelievably cute that I may be tempted to keep them that way someday, just to be able to look at them every time I look at my dragons. So, I guess that's about all (and much more than) you could want to hear about my collecting of dragons. Good luck with your own ! Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  22. First of all: Thanks for changing the Topic back to it's original form. I think there was a perfectly clear difference between "just post your age" and "are there any adults playing here" (if yes, tell me, by posting your age, or in more words) right from the beginning, but hey, the Internet sometimes needs very exact specifications. It's really interesting to see what an age-range we have here. Wouldn't have guessed that we had so many people of 40+ (let alone 60+) still playing games like this, but I think that's great ! Gives me hope that I'm not necessarily going to change and "discover the seriousness of real adult life" and lose interest in more or less "pointless" but highly amusing games. Or at least that I don't have to do that to lead a responsible life (obviously you can do both). Not that I didn't guess/believe that already, but it's always nice to see/read someone who already succeeded. And thanks to all the people who mentioned their homecountry, too. It's always very interesting for me to see how international a community like this is. And "collecting" posts from fellow DC members all around the world is almost as much fun as collecting dragons. "Wow, my little post is read/answered by someone on the other side of the globe!" still gives me a little feeling of awe. Which leads me back to "age"/"adulthood", because I guess that qualifies me as a relict from a time when there was no Internet, no Mobile Phones, and international phonecalls were complicated and very, very expensive. And then there was this: Well, that's interesting - I tend to have the same problem ever since about the age of 26 or so... Not when I was 30 (round number, so easy to remember), but in most other cases. Guess it's not that strange - after you passed the age for legally being an adult and/or finished your education (in whatever form) you are asked about your age a lot less often. So it's quite an obscure fact you don't have ready easily. Perfectly normal. Nothing to do with getting older and loosing brainspeed. At least that's what I tell myself. I just love "confuzzled" ! Thanks for introducing me to it. Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus
  23. -content removed, had nothing to do with the topic-
  24. *raises hand* 33 years, so should be counted as an adult. Tend to ask myself regularly just when that happened, though. Time flies... Especially if you waste it with cute little Pixels. Greetings, Lantean_Pegasus PS: Oh, and I'm from Germany, just in case you are wondering if there are people from other continents, too. Greetings to Lilysally - hey neighbour ! @Singalana: Guess there have to be some kids - should be enough offspring of all these adults around that wants to have it's "own cute little dragons, like mommy or daddy".