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  1. @windchaser_1_2 The eggs will stay available like any regular breed. So no worries about catching more of them later. 🙂 Edit: ninja'd...
  2. I just caught my second batch of Infinities ! Well, I unhid the first 8, one by one, to influence and incubate. Let them hatch. Caught the new ones. And then I hid the 8 hatchies and the 8 eggs, one by one. If the infinity set summons another dragon, and if that dragons has a BSA, I have a great idea for it: "SNAP! They are gone..." - Hides all your visible eggs and growing creatures at once. "SNAP! You brought them back !" - Unhides all your hidden eggs and growing creatures at once. It might not be 50% of them, but I'd say it's close enough, and boy, would it be convenient during releases.
  3. @DragonNeko The "Soul stone" hatchie still has the old description, so you could read it there. The little "Mind" dragon just finally got its rightful one (except the spelling error, that's probably wrong), after initially sharing the same.
  4. @trystan Nothing weird in that. But so far they all look actually desirable to me. (The hatchies hint to beautiful adults, and the descriptions are intriguing.) But of course, yes, that may change when they grow up. (Hope it won't, though.)
  5. Reload at the full 5 minute marks. (xx:00, xx:05, xx:10 and so on). That's when the biomes are refilled. When the eggs are gone, more come at the next full 5 minutes. So no need to refresh all the time in between. Happy hunting !
  6. Good news: The little Mind dragon finally got its own description. And it seems to have really powerful minds ! (If even the echo of the two heads chatting telepathically gives you a headache.) The little Time still steals the cake, description-wise... Made me laugh even harder with its gendering addition. And Space looks a little reminiscent of the Chitauri Leviathans that were brought to Earth via by the space stone. All the gendered hatchies look just gorgeous, each in its own way !! I can't wait to see the adults !
  7. Just hide them, and let them be in the fog for two days. That will keep them safe till then, and after that they won't get sick so fast.
  8. Each of them is dropping in one biome exclusively: Alpine - Blue Coast - Red Desert - Yellow Forest - Green Jungle - Orange Volcano - Purple
  9. *lol* Wow, that would be marvellous !
  10. Time hatched ! It's so cute ! And it creates a time loop ! I absolutely love it ! ... Time hatched ! It's so cute ! And it creates a time loop ! I absolutely love it ! ... Time hatched ! It's so cute ! And... LOL
  11. Ohh, the hatchies look promising ! The Pygmy of Dread (that's what I call them privately) made me laugh - a tiny little pygmy hatchie glaring oh-so-malevolently. @SkyWolf25 Since you are online just now - congratulations to that cute little Soul hatchie ! I really like the little one's look so far ! And beautiful colours ! I guess the Mind (golden) hatchie sharing the soul description is an error, I'm curious to see what the actual description will be. (Of course it would fit both mind and soul, but since it has "soul" in it...)
  12. Got up, got ready, went to my computer, opened the forums to start celebrating the Birthday... OhhhhhMyGodWhatDoISee ??!! You did it !!! My inner MCU fangirl is dancing with happiness, and I'm laughing with joy ! Thank you for this gift, @TJ09 and the spriters !! Love you 3000 ! And to TJ and all the wonderful creatives (be it spriters, writers, or other contributors) - many thanks for a wonderful site that has been here for such a long time, and never wavered in being a fun and interesting and beautiful place to go to !! Congratulations, you really did (and are doing) something very special ! And TJ, keeping the site so active, relaxed, true to itself, and free of charge through 13 years is nothing short of a miracle in internet times ! Huzzah to that ! Thanks and congratulations to this great community as well, it is such a friendly, generous and helpful environment ! And now I have to run and somehow get all the sto... eggs !!! Thankfully there will be do-overs in this case...
  13. Since there seem to be a few more people active here at the moment, maybe someone has any advic for my problem ?
  14. *sigh* Fun with Gemshards - a neverending entertainment ! Better luck next time !
  15. Yep, Gemshards love to mock us ! (Me, I usually need blue. And get red/green. ) *sends lots of green vibes*
  16. Well, there's the Blusang, the egg "smells faintly like brine". But they aren't very common, and there could be worse misclicks than a Blusang. Same goes for the Cheese ("smells uncanily like cheese"). The Blacktip's egg "smells a bit like salt". Much bigger problem. Between that, the Seawyrm also starting with "This tiny egg", and the Waverunner's egg description ending in "reminds you of the sea", the new little one is quite the master of stealth indeed.
  17. Just saw the first Lacula egg in the hourly drop at the coast. That new pygmy really plays hard to get... @Gluria Soooo. If I get a smart glove and snap again, all your eggs will come back to me ? Hmmmm....
  18. Hey, a new release ! I'm looking forward to seeing the new dragons ! And it warmed my heart to see our dear leader doing that reference ! @TJ09 Got the light colours without a problem, but the pygmies are going to be a fight. But don't worry, I can do this all day !
  19. @ValidEmotions I've checked that, too. Multiple times. But thank you for the suggestion.
  20. Hm, looks like MagiStream doesn't like me. I tried to register quite some time ago, but didn't get the confirmation email. I thought maybe they just needed a few days, so I waited... And eventually forgot about it. Now I tried again, from scratch. It said the username was currently inactive. So I used the password I had chosen on my first try, and I could ask it to re-send the confirmation email. That led to the message that the email had been sent - but I got nothing. Again. If there are problems with account activation I'm supposed to contact a board administrator. How do I do that when I have no account to log into to post/message anywhere ? Maybe there is an experienced player that could help me to find the way in ?
  21. Let me guess - everyone and their dog are selling out the other person to get that upside-down one ? (And so most people are dinner.) Didn't say anything, but got eaten anyway. Congrats to my traitorous counterpart for finding a goody-two-shoes to put the blame on. ;-) (last year I had an honest partner, so at least they and I have a "cave" Mint from then.)
  22. I received a gift via direct request! innate -> Lantean_Pegasus | 4th gen Silver Lunar Herald from Heartstealer checker | https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZZ5es | direct request Thank you !
  23. Subtract that Copper variation again. Thankfully, with 2-Headeds, that's at least one thing we don't have to worry about. (except if we ever got 2-headed Coppers) 😉 Oi, the Aqualis male grew up. He is beautiful ! Although at first glance that blue downright assaulted my eyes with its power glow. So... bright ! (Thanks for summing it up, @BlueLatios.) I like it, though. Must be masterful colouring work to get that effect with a picture that isn't actually emitting any active light of its own. I just love the face - such a beautiful dragon face ! And the tail tuft has a wonderful flow, like underwater grass, rippling with the current. The head, the ridges, those pastel purples growing from the brightness of the blue - wonderful job ! Thank you, @LadyLyzar, for another gorgeous dragon in the cave ! Now to wait for the water lady and the Duospeckles.
  24. @Nerruse Beautiful lineage. And impressive, too. Are those all the Babylon 5 episodes ? (I'm not sure how many the series had, but it should fit the number.) But 7 misses on a 50/50 chance - that's just mean ! I hope they will come round in the next try, best of luck to you !