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  1. @HappyAppy

    Welcome to our merry fellowship of travellers, then ! 🙂

    Just to be sure - you know that you could also choose another kind of dragons for Bucharest ? It's totally fine if you'd like to keep the Moonstones, but you could also choose any other kind of dragon that wasn't used in the project so far, and that you think fitting to represent the city for one reason or another.

  2. Activity Check


    It has been a long time since the last traveller packed their bags and went to another city. With the situation in the real world being what it is - what better time to enjoy the freedom of travel here ?!

    Visit all the wonderful cities of Europe while staying home, and staying safe !


    To do that, we have to know which members are still with us, and actively supporting the project, ready to give out tickets to visitors, and to travel themselves.


    If you'd like to stay an active member (see points below) of this project, please respond to the activity check within two weeks from now (until June 20th) !!

    (You can either post in the thread, or send me a PM.)


    Active member means:


    - you check the thread at least once a week (or, even better, you follow it to be notified when something is posted here)


    - you respond to direct (message or forum ping) ticket requests within a few days, a week tops (You don't have to fulfill them right away, but an answer is expected, even if it says "Sorry, the next few tickets for my city are already planned for.")


    - you look out for cities you haven't been to so far (and try to travel there) at least every few weeks (Because if everyone is only waiting for someone else to initiate a ticket trade not much travelling will be done at all.)


    - you are ready to re-visit cities that you have travelled already if they have a new pair of dragons representing them (because a new member took up an inactive city) - This is a change to our practice so far, that said you could just gift a ticket from your city if you didn't want to visit again. But that led to new members getting swamped with tickets without anyone visiting their city, and that kills the spirit of the project. So from now on visits will have to be both ways, and people who don't want to re-visit cities under new owners should be so kind to call their travels done, and allow new, more active travellers to step up and explore.


    All these things are required to keep the project flowing. We have seen that "Just PM me if you'd like a ticket." as the sole participation in the project leads to everything falling silent, and the project being forgotten by most of its members. So more active participation will be asked for in the future.

    Of course nobody expects members that have already travelled most cities to breed their dragons every week, and putting up the ticket. But they are expected to be there to do an exchange when new members offer their tickets. And they are expected to look around, and ask for ticket exchanges with cities they haven't visited yet, either at all or in their new representation.

    I know it is hard to let go, and not being the representing member for "your" city anymore, but it might be necessary for the good of the project if any of the above activities don't sit well with you.


    So please let us know if you'd still like to be an active member of the "Travel through Europe" project, or if you'd like to retire from travelling. (In that case you'll still be listed as an Inactive Member, with your city and pair of dragons (kind of a memorial list), but you'll be out of any project activities, and the city will be open for a new traveller to make it their base of travels.)

  3. @HappyAppy

    Hello there ! I have to confess, the project fell to sleep at some point between 2018/2019.


    I'll do a new activity check. That way we'll know which cities are still active, and which might be open to be represented by new members.

    You could wait until the check is complete, and then choose your city, because some members will probably have gone inactive, opening the cities up to be taken by someone else.  I usually allow the members two weeks to report back, to account for the possibility of offtime due to vacation, technical problems, illness or such.

    Or you could take one of the cities that are currently available (Amsterdam, Bucharest, Tirana), and start travelling right now by posting the ticket trade offer here in the thread.


    I'll send out the activity check messages right now. @Fuzzbucket - Congrats, you are our first confirmed active traveller ! 😉

  4. 1 hour ago, Caileh said:

    Yeah, this seems to have been how they hatched Day 1!


    Unfortunately now, Day 2, they've still been hatching both red and blue from Midnight 'til now, so the mechanism ain't that simple. :( I've been checking the hatching sites the last hour or so, to see if maybe it's could ALSO be depending on stolen time/biome (+ the hatching time), but it doesn't seems to be that way. Like, there were two eggs that both were from Jungle, both with 3d21h left, and one hatched red, one blue...


    Soooo, how does this work?! Maybe it's 8 h one colour, 8 h other colour, 16 h random, then it starts again? Or every other day you can be sure of what colour you'll be getting the first 16 h, every day it's random all day long? Well, we just have to wait to find out.. at least we'll soon see the adults. Can't wait :D


    If the theories for the time of hatching get that complicated... I'd say it's likely something else. 😉

    Maybe time of catching ? That would explain why on day one we had one wave of entirely blue, then one of entirely (or mostly, and we just missed some blues) red, and then, when the window for "incubated and hatched as soon as possible" was over, they started mixing, because people put their eggs in hatcheries unincubated or with less than 4d0h left, leading to them hatching with different intervals between time caught and time hatched (not the exact 48 hours of the first ones).

    Edit: Ah, wait, no. You said you saw the eggs both had 3d21 left, and then they hatched about the same time, but produced different colours ? Then... I'm stumped. For the time being. 

  5. Allright, with my 8 to 8 theory out the window I went back to AoND. And clicked on dozens and dozens of Bluespot hatchies.

    What I found (between 5:50 pm and 6:35 pm cave time):

    Blue - hatched in every hour between 0 am and 8 am cave time + every hour from 4 pm cave time (including freshly hatched with 7d0h left when I refreshed), none between 8 am and 4 pm

    Red - hatched in every hour between 8 am and 4 pm cave time + every hour from 4 pm cave time (including freshly hatched with 7d0h left when I refreshed), none between 0 am and 8 am


    So now it looks like we have:

    - first 8 hours of the day hatch blue

    - next 8 hours of the day hatch red

    - last 8 hours of the day hatch randomly either blue or red


    Yay, one more theory ! 😉



  6. I just went through the hatchery for the Bluespots.

    Everything with 6d19 and less is blue, everything with 6d20 and more is yellow/orange/red/whatever. (Looked at about 20 hatchies, between 12:30 and 12:45 cave time.) So I guess the posts above were right, and the point of change is 8 am cave time (could be 8:30, but I doubt it). So it seems to be a day/night thing changing at 8.

    (I'm just a bit confused why they should have a different day/night cycle than the Glory drakes, Nocturnes etc. that use 6 to 6...)

  7. I remembered just in time ! Phew ! 😉

    Sent out, all checkers of various generations (3 to 5):

    10 x Avatar of Creation (Mistletoe, Soulstone, Ribbon Dancer, Sunsong, Heartseeker)

    9 x Avatar of Change (Rosebud, Aeon, Tan Ridgewing, Shadow Walker, Radiant Angel)

    2 Sunsong Creation-Fails


    My one Avatar of Destruction pair wasn't in the mood... 

    I guess I'll have to work on more/ more on non-holiday Avatar lineages.


    @BlueLatios, @Jazeki, @Astreya

    That's... a LOT of Avatars !! 😲

  8. So we'll get Crocodile dragons ? Low temperature - females, high temperature - males ? 😉 If that was the case, Incubate would be their Influence, though...


    All the hatchies look very promising, I can't wait to see the adults !

  9. This is so fantabulous ! I love all the NEW and IMPROVED sprite work !

    I'll need to print them all on big sheets of paper, and buy a giant refrigerator to put them on the door with magnets !!


    Thank you SO MUCH, dear spriters, for all this work ! There's so much love, creativity and attention to detail in these "new" sprites, I could look at them all day. :wub:

    (And I definitely will look at them for a lot more time when I'm back from work !!)

    Just discovered that the new Gold sprite even has dimorphism ! :lol:


    Oh, and for the first time in the history of the Dragon's Dilemma I didn't keep silent, but practiced... modified honesty. I got an upside down Mint. ... Speechless.

  10. That's an amazing catch, I'd say. Must be rewarding to see the descendants from your dragon's offspring ten years ago still being bred somewhere on the site. 🙂

    It's a shame the mother dragon got killed, though.


    So - here's to ten years more !

  11. @missy_

    If you ever get around to doing Radiant Agel x Solstice or Mistletoe, and need mates, just let me know. I did those lineages (will finish the Mistletoe one with 5th gen next Val), and it took me quite a while to find some bloodswaps.


    For my Mutamores I went with Blue GemshardTan RidgewingGrey/Storm and Silver so far. (The Silver isn't (un)common, of course, but I wanted to throw the idea out there, anyway. 😉) I also like the Coastal Waverunner idea. Red Gemshard works, too.


    Arsani with Spirit Ward (I like how similar their manes are, and the low-glow time looks great), Water (manes again), Royal BlueMoonstoneBlue GemshardBlusangAzure GlacewingWinter, Bronze Lunar Herald (Hey, look, I have other than blue partners !)

    Also like these ideas: Grey/StormTerraeSilver Herald




    I'm prettty happy how my Sweetligs turned out with Aether and Blue Siyat, but that's going with pink+blue, again. 😉






  12. @Ytak So much Guardian goodness ! 😀

    My two Aegis (peaceful) and Garlands stand ready to breed Guardian offspring for you, if you'd like. (You can see them at the end of my scroll, one of the Garlands still needs a name, though.)