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  1. @egwenna Congratulations! Four sea-themed Thuweds in there, two of them gen 1 hybrids, wow! And of course Blunas and Shallows are a perfect combination. It also does a funny "medley" of pirate songs... 😉 That all comes together very nicely, making a beautiful lineage.
  2. Travelling Asia! Travellers involved: Dolphine, Lantean_Pegasus Capitals travelled: New Delhi, Moscow
  3. Travelling Asia! Travellers involved: HappyAppy, Lantean_Pegasus Capitals travelled: New Delhi, Dhaka Thank you, HappyAppy, I'm sure I'll have a great time!
  4. @HappyAppy How about a visit to New Delhi in exchange? Let's trade tickets!
  5. Passport Capital: (New) Delhi Country: Republic of India Dragons: Black Tea dragon Native 2nd gen: Lodi Gardens Last bred: April 27th Contact (thread, PM or both): both Already travelled: Ramallah, Ankara, Ulan Bator, Hanoi, Taipei, Baghdad, Kabul, Kathmandu, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Damascus, Seoul, Tokyo, Bhaktapur, Vientiane, Bishkek, Riyadh, Jakarta, Bangkok, Dhaka, Moscow Would like another visit: - Regular online time(s): - Timezone: GMT +1, Cave-time +6 (6 hours ahead of cave-time) Time off: -
  6. @Beldarius Thank you for updating the list! And yes, we should consider Zyus as "one breed" if they are able to breed the other variants, like we did for the Xenos. I have to say I never found out if that is the case, though. Can they breed the other variants (except the Sinomorph, I know they do)?
  7. New Delhi is open for visitors, and looking forward to having guests! 🙂
  8. I stayed silent. Thanks to the other person who showed grace under pressure - we both live and have a "cave" biome Mint to show for it!! 😃
  9. I received a gift via direct request! Imago -> Lantean_Pegasus | 3rd gen Aether from Rosebud checker | https://dragcave.net/lineage/hyXpq | direct request I received a gift via direct request! Laura-Lana -> Lantean_Pegasus | 4th gen Bronze Herald from Heartseeker checker | https://dragcave.net/lineage/UmHwN | direct request
  10. Gifting 3rd gen Black Zyumorph hatchling from Heartseeker checker 2d 16h left Take me home!
  11. I received a gift via direct request! spring_dragon -> Lantean_Pegasus | 3rd gen Razorcrest from Heartseeker checker | https://dragcave.net/lineage/hJKSy | direct request
  12. Have: CB Blue Alcedine, influenced Female Need: CB Red Alcedine, Female Make an offer on my hatchling! or this one (same as above): Make an offer on my hatchling! Traded. Thank you!
  13. Have CB Red Alcedine hatchie, precogged to be Male Need CB Red Alcedine hatchie, Female (influenced, precogged, or gendered) CB Blue Alcedine hatchie, Male (influenced, precogged, or gendered) Let's trade! Traded. Thank you !
  14. @galleri So, how about a trip to Paris ? Take a stroll along the Seine, enjoy a good meal in an enchanting outdoor restaurant, visit the Louvre, go shopping, marvel at the City of Light when darkness falls... Let's exchange tickets !
  15. @galleri @Fuzzbucket I haven't been to Nuuk yet, so I'd offer Paris in return. If that's OK with you two ?
  16. Have: CB blue Alcedine, influenced female Need: CB blue Alcedine, male (influenced, precogged, or gendered) Make an offer on my hatchling! Have: CB red Alcedine, influenced male Need: CB red Alcedine, female (influenced, precogged, or gendered) Make an offer on my hatchling! Edit: Traded. Thank you !
  17. @HappyAppy Good luck with the CB hunt, then ! I look forward to visiting your city !
  18. @HappyAppy Welcome to our merry fellowship of travellers, then ! 🙂 Just to be sure - you know that you could also choose another kind of dragons for Bucharest ? It's totally fine if you'd like to keep the Moonstones, but you could also choose any other kind of dragon that wasn't used in the project so far, and that you think fitting to represent the city for one reason or another.
  19. Activity Check It has been a long time since the last traveller packed their bags and went to another city. With the situation in the real world being what it is - what better time to enjoy the freedom of travel here ?! Visit all the wonderful cities of Europe while staying home, and staying safe ! To do that, we have to know which members are still with us, and actively supporting the project, ready to give out tickets to visitors, and to travel themselves. If you'd like to stay an active member (see points below) of this project, please respond to the
  20. @HappyAppy Hello there ! I have to confess, the project fell to sleep at some point between 2018/2019. But... I'll do a new activity check. That way we'll know which cities are still active, and which might be open to be represented by new members. You could wait until the check is complete, and then choose your city, because some members will probably have gone inactive, opening the cities up to be taken by someone else. I usually allow the members two weeks to report back, to account for the possibility of offtime due to vacation, technical problems, illness or such.
  21. If the theories for the time of hatching get that complicated... I'd say it's likely something else. 😉 Maybe time of catching ? That would explain why on day one we had one wave of entirely blue, then one of entirely (or mostly, and we just missed some blues) red, and then, when the window for "incubated and hatched as soon as possible" was over, they started mixing, because people put their eggs in hatcheries unincubated or with less than 4d0h left, leading to them hatching with different intervals between time caught and time hatched (not the exact 48 hours of the first ones). Edit
  22. Allright, with my 8 to 8 theory out the window I went back to AoND. And clicked on dozens and dozens of Bluespot hatchies. What I found (between 5:50 pm and 6:35 pm cave time): Blue - hatched in every hour between 0 am and 8 am cave time + every hour from 4 pm cave time (including freshly hatched with 7d0h left when I refreshed), none between 8 am and 4 pm Red - hatched in every hour between 8 am and 4 pm cave time + every hour from 4 pm cave time (including freshly hatched with 7d0h left when I refreshed), none between 0 am and 8 am So now it looks like we have:
  23. I just went through the hatchery for the Bluespots. Everything with 6d19 and less is blue, everything with 6d20 and more is yellow/orange/red/whatever. (Looked at about 20 hatchies, between 12:30 and 12:45 cave time.) So I guess the posts above were right, and the point of change is 8 am cave time (could be 8:30, but I doubt it). So it seems to be a day/night thing changing at 8. (I'm just a bit confused why they should have a different day/night cycle than the Glory drakes, Nocturnes etc. that use 6 to 6...)
  24. I donated! Lantean_Pegasus -> amamiyaRitsukabi29 | 2nd gen Aeon from M Grave https://dragcave.net/lineage/LKndu | accepted