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  1. Congratulations, DD! So many nice Babies! I love the Jin! They look very much like Daddy!
  2. Hi all of you! Sorry for my absence, but I was really down with a flu. I just wanted to remind you that on Monday I'll choose the prettiest Chetae and Felidae Ginnaye send to me. Please send me your creations! @starSea: Are you still interested in doing a banner? I really would love to open the ginnaye-thread soon! It's so lovely seeing your lamps all around and on nearly every profile! You must be sooo proud!
  3. Good luck to you, Ae0nian! Holding all thumps for you!
  4. Wild Cats Clan is open, now. http://www.felisfire.com/clan?i=3826 Please send natural coloured cats with a marker like Tiger, Lepard, etc. A Wild cat!
  5. Thanks, ILD! I hope to have your Wild Cats in the Clan soon!
  6. All the felis in Wonderful Wings have done their job well and all fem/omnis are pregnant. Please remove your felis, if not done yet. At the 30th we start a new Theme: Wild Cats. Felis may be of any species but must have a natural look and at last one wild cat marking like tiger, leopard etc. Thanks to all who took part in the wonderful Wings - Theme! It was great and I hope the babes will be great, too!
  7. Oh, I havn't tought of a deadline... maybe at the 7th?
  8. Beautiful cat, star! One way or the other! I like the petrol colour!
  9. I think I wil allow gencoding to change the order of the marker, so that gnosis will always be placed on top. But I don't want cats to be called Ginnaye that have a Jin and a Zeus as ancestors. That seems not right to me. I hope you can understand that. ILD: I would really love you to join! I hope you understand what I mean, now. ____________________________ You don't have to design Eggs, just to do a design and send it to me. If I choose your design to be the winner, I'll give you the price and from that you can really DO the cat. ______________________________ Chetae: a natural cat + snow owl + gnosis Felidae: a natural cat + Hawk Wings + gnosis You can read the ginnaye rules in the other thread
  10. A great Admin finally fixed ma cats! Ginnaye! Here we come!!! ______________________________________________________ I originally wanted to do a raffle, but now I decided to keep the Ginnaye breeding to me and some nice people like you for the start. Later, when we got a breeding pool, we can always invite others. I would love you to create your own Ginnaya, once a Chetae and once a Felidae and show me what you'd like them to look. The two cats I like the most will win a price to actually do the cat. First Price is a Chetae Egg, a Pink Lotus and a White Rose Second Price is a Felidae Egg, a Pink Lotus and a Jakli Bird This Chetae Egg will become the first Ginnaya Chetae ever! I havn't one myself. So if we want Ginnaya Chetae this one will be the Ancestor of them all, for I don't want gencoding unless it's in the first Generation of Ginnaye (not in the first Generation of cats... I hope you understand the difference) and gencoded or created Ginnaye have to be Felidae for now. I later will do another Chetae to match the Chetae resessive Felidae... or, if I like your artwork so much I maybe give away another egg. We'll see to that later. Long talk, short meaning: If you want the first and for now only chetae, you can get it now!!! I'm really looking forward to see your work! To have an Ginnaya, you must have: A Felidae that shows natural cat colours and markings. A Ginnaya shall look like a cat from earth. At least one Wing-allone-Marking but more are prefered, or a Wing allone marking that is combined with a body marking that includes the wings. The Wing Marking Colours do not have to be natural but must be soft and match the colour of the body or the colour of gnosis. (A white or grey cat may have light blue Wing Markings, a Cat with golden Gnosis yellow ones, etc.) Gnosis must be seen above all other markings and shall match the colours of the cat as if it would only be seen in a certain light. It shall be hard to see or eaven be invisible on certain parts of the felis body, especially the face.
  11. Skeleton is a reason NOT to buy a feli! It makes me shiver *g* I'll get my first Aquus tonight and get one on 25th from Stormy Sky. Both male... Ha! Lying! The Baby will be a Female! Joy! I'm in!
  12. Clanthread? Ähm... sorry, I#ve never written there...
  13. Thanks for the help, Star! Oh, I'm getting a Tidespotter in the night. Maybe we could do a breeding once? Just need a female first. ILD: A really nice baby you'll get! Congrats!
  14. DD, my Husband has some great Iuridions. May he join your clan? Star: I hate mondays as well! But tomorrow I'm going to finish the Ginnaye script and then send it to you, so watch out for little felis purring at you! Maybe you can help me with another thing: In the forum some people are able to show tiny felis in there threads. How do they do that? I mean like this: http://www.felisfire.com/thread?i=35451 (see third post)
  15. Hello and a warm welcome Ae0nian! I really love your Idea of Wishes! Hope the parents give you just the offspring you need! And you got 2 heartseekers, you lucky one! I'm green with envy
  16. Congrats on your Kitten! And congrats on the items, Star!! DD, your Molly may be an Inbred, aber her colours are just great!!! ILD; Hows it going with the PaperCuts? I'm so curious to know how the baby'll look like!
  17. Yes, I've seen his mate. Let's hope for pretty babs!
  18. Oh, if you don't like him... Maybe you should ask Lantean_Pegasus 13262. If she won't, I'd like to take him! Have you read what I wrote you about the banner, Star? I see you breed with Acamar, ILD! GOOD LUCK!!!
  19. Ahhh ILD, I'm green with envy!!! ______________________________ Star: I was right, there is another subspecies named Compagnion which is only Felidae and Gnosis... so not THAT different. So we need to change our motto (hate it) Has anyone any suggestions for a motto or slogan for the Ginnaye? Please help me!
  20. I really love the banner, Star! Maybe you should do the dark layout of felisfire and cut out the cat again, than there wouldnt be a bright white frame but a darker one... fitting the writing. Today I noticed that there seems to be another subspecies using gnosis called compagnion, I have to check on this for if it's so we should change our "slogan" The blinking Eyes are just great! I love them! Really formidable Idea! Bussi on that! _________________________ Keep Baby Blue for our Rings Session in the Theme Clan, Star!
  21. There are some in the market for 150-200En. I don't understand the price-difference. They seam not to be rare at all!
  22. Autsch... this is one of the moments I wished I knew something very comforting or inspiring to say... but as always, I have no words. Look, I'm 33 by now and I don't have a lisence or a car, too. And there were times when I felt just like you I was a disapointment for my familiy with a cousin becoming a teacher and another one being a lawyer and the third one a doctor. But, hey, I got over it. I haven't studied to the end for that wasn't me at all. I run a small video rentalshop now, my mother helped me to get. I don't make a fortune, but a living and I really love my job! My mother is proud of me now, seeing me work 60 hours a week and really being good at what I do. My cousins may have more money, that's for sure, but I would bet a fortune that none of them is more happy than I am. So, I can just say: Search what you want, not what others want of you. Dig for your happy treasure and you'll see that others will be positive towards you. Hope you understand what I mean, for it's hard in English.
  23. Hey! Hope today was better than yesterday, DD! Congrats, Soul Fang!!! ____________________________ My babys: http://www.felisfire.com/feli?i=327749 http://www.felisfire.com/feli?i=327610 http://www.felisfire.com/feli?i=327526
  24. Oh... my Azhar has still two Snow Owl markings on her... Please dear Admins! Remove it before she's breedable!
  25. Number 1! Already! And a really nice guy! http://www.felisfire.com/feli?i=327526