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  1. I love the decorating event! Just finished my house after an hour of insane decorating mania and I think I'm finished . There are many prettier houses around, so I don't even dream that mine can beat them, but hey, it's all about fun The new egg is also very gorgeous, caught two and can't wait till they hatch!
  2. It was totally a super lucky refresh, I clicked on the egg and was like "omg omg I want it, please let me have it, please!" and poof! - there it is . Not even dreaming of catching another one, my computer is slow and it likes crashing at the critical moment .
  3. I love the new event! Managed to find and make all recipes and got missing holiday eggs from the AP! I've even managed to get a 2nd generation HOLLY from there! I missed them when they were around several years ago, but I'm so happy that I could get one this year! Can't wait to see a new holiday dragon.
  4. The adults look awesome! Still waiting for my female to grow up and I can try to breed a 2nd gen then
  5. Good Lord, they disappear from the cave SO QUICKLY! But I've finally managed to get one *pokes the rest of about-to-hatch eggs so I can hunt for more*
  6. I just love apples, peaches, grapes and blueberries! Apples are my favorites though, I can eat 2 pounds of them in less than an hour. Picking one, omnomnom, oh, just one more, the last one, omnomnom...
  7. May I be added to the list pretty please? ^^