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  1. The ship is still docked at this point.
  2. Yay! Chat: http://shadowsassassins.cbox.ws/ I can change the name if anyone wants, but that changes the web address. Just saying. I second TMD's question, by the way.
  3. I would be happy if we had that. Also, I was thinking about making us a CBox so we can chat about our charries (or anything, really) without getting warned for spam or anything. I feel like we like to chat a lot, so it could be useful. Anyone in favor or severely opposed to the idea?
  4. (That I can't explain to you; I was a bit confused by it as well. )
  5. (Uh...the boat is docked. They're on the boat, but the dock is a few steps away. You follow? Or am I being unclear?)
  6. I would agree to the gen after next being Medieval. What about the rest of y'all? Would that be fair? We can collaborate.
  7. "We have important information for the captain. And you're...the first mate, right? I've heard stories. Please excuse my dear friend, but it would be preferable for us to talk...elsewhere..." Despite how mean or rude she seemed, Aelia cared about her comrades and did take Casio's fear into account. She knew there was nothing around it, really; nothing she could do about his paralyzing fear of the very thing that gave him life. At Casio's comment, she just snorted playfully and shoved him slightly. "Now, now. Let's not get catty," she whispered. Smiling up at Tessa, Aelia tilted her head slightly, winking. It was as if she was telling the woman to go along and fetch the captain, because neither would be entering the ship without a bit of resistance. While Aelia did not feel a particularly strong kinship with her fellow master, he was worlds closer to her than any of the pirates would ever be, so she supported him with vigor.
  8. Guilty, more often than not it's myself, but let's not get into that. Ever lie to an authority figure about something pivotal?
  9. Aelia's boots hit the cobblestone streets with satisfying clicks and clacks as she and her fellow assassin approached the ship. Her dark, cold radiance contrasted with Casio's bright one. It wasn't enough that they didn't like each other; the two individuals were complete opposites. Looking around suspiciously, the dark-haired woman spied the assassin she'd bumped into earlier, the one with the dreadlocks. She paced the upper deck, inspecting her cannons. It was obvious that she thought of them as hers. Looking back up at Casio, she sighed. "You're really going to send these people off to find the Pieces instead of going yourself? I'm surprised. Almost don't believe how humble this is. Did a woman turn you down or something?" She chuckled and looked at the sky, smelling the salty ocean air and thinking about how much she'd have to translate for that day and what she wanted for lunch.
  10. No problem. So far, future has three out of four votes. That counts as majority already, but do y'all want to wait for Duss? Don't worry about it. You have creative license as much as the rest of us. Yep, yep. Making my post right now, don't worry.
  11. No. Only OPs and Globals can do it (sectionals can edit polls). If you can't do it, I am not sure that globals can do it. But I made a poll that we can vote on, so don't worry! http://poll.pollcode.com/267644 You should write about Cassie. Or Ebzio. Submit the thing you were writing a while ago that was kind of 16/17+?
  12. You can do it yourself (I only say that because I can't). A global mod could do it, but it's easier and faster if you do it yourself.
  13. (What event would be going on then? I can do it if no one wants to.)
  14. My entry: Future. If none of you guys are interested, I could write it all up (been reading sci-fi since around three, so I know my stuff enough to do that) and check it with you guys afterwards to make sure everyone's cool with it but take all the work for myself, since that seems to be what y'all are worried about.
  15. No, no. Relationships. Friendships or enemyships (not a word, I'm stupid). Interacting. Not lovey-dovey relationships. No.
  16. Meh. I'll do it now. Also, when will everyone be leaving? Like...are we going to let the characters make relationships and such or...? EDIT: Correct posts are edited. Please let me know about planned relationships for the list to be updated.
  17. Gah! Rome! Beautiful city, as always, but docking was a drag. It tore the woman from her life's work. Yes, yes, a woman who loved the ship. It was her home, her job, her life, her creed. Creed! The assassin's creed. Aye. Assassins on pirate ships. Not too far a leap, most would say. Damned ***s always takin' and takin' for 'mselves. Well, that was just a selfish thing to do. And with them all running amok in more than one city...hectic. Abe sighed as she strolled about the city. She could hear Ceto talkin' to someone and Garrett chasing women. He was novice. Abe could attract more women in a second than he could in an hour. Not that she particularly wanted to, but she had once. Life got dull aboard a ship without the guns to speak to her, keep her company. Them cannons were her life, as anyone with eyes and half a brain would conclude within half a second of meeting her. Anything and everything was second to them guns. She's readily take as many as she could fit under her arms if she had to abandon ship or leave 'er. Suddenly, she bumped into a woman about her height, slightly shorter than average but still imposing and beautifully deadly enough to make an impression. Both with dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin. But Abe was more weathered, more wind-beaten, more salt-skinned. This woman's name was Aelia Cato, and she was the only creed-born master in Rome. She had a drive and awful, quiet kind of temper that made her unpleasant up close, but one to behold from afar. She was strong-willed and snarky, but temperamental and bad news for any man stupid and boastful enough to think he could get her. But to children, homeless little children that were helpless under the Templars' rule, she was nearly a saint. Always giving as much as she could manage so they could buy bread and wine to eat and drink. But Abe was different. She could pass anyone on the street and not give a cent, though she was fairly rich (unbeknownst to every mate, 'cludin' the cap'n). She had a clear conscience, knowing that she had enough to clean and take care of all them guns. She loved 'em true and that was the basis of her being. Her understanding and caring for them. The dreadlocked woman had such a kinship with them that she was almost famous for her talents. But she was a woman and utterly hated it. Not that she didn't like the gifts and burdens she was born with, but she hated the men that abused them. She hated having been a slave (aye, she'd been a slave on the very vessel that she loved wholeheartedly at that point in time), she hated the men that used her for pleasure because of the sparse sources of entertainment on the vast seas and she hated being spat upon and disrespected. She hated, hated, hated it so much that she changed her name. Aye. Ol' Abigail, the polite, proper, dainty woman became Abe, the strong, quiet, angry, gun-loving master gunner aboard a strange ship with a cap'n and first mate both as women. Ah, a strange ship indeed. All this she thought as she apologized and walked away, just biding her time before they could set sail once more.
  18. I added mine in m'self to save time. Basically, from what I've skimmed through, it's just characters interacting and starting off, so nothing major is happening. I'll just put up a post so I've placed myself, but let me know if there are any major inconsistencies.
  19. Sounds fine with me. Just tell me when you want it down too so I can talk to Socky or Z about it, 'cause the forum spazzes and doesn't allow sectional mods to delete polls (regardless of section). So...yeah. What's up, by the way? Is it sheet submitting time already? Or have I missed it? I only have time to do a few things sporadically until I catch up with my homework. I have to write an essay, write up a lab report, and do a complicated math problem than I don't understand, so please (pretty please?) bear with me. I don't mean to be this out of it.
  20. [Tag: Mikeal] Taking his hand firmly, Jen smiled slightly, but only slightly. She didn't want to be too friendly. After the standard three-second shake, she recoiled her hand and set it on her lap in a normal position. So much normalcy. It was shocking. But yet...comforting. To know exactly the proper etiquette and how to react to everything. But soon all normalcy would be reduced to nothingness. "I'm Jennifer. Very nice to meet you too." She paused a moment. "Sometimes movies based on book are alright. It's really like comparing apples and oranges, if you ask me. It's generally a different story altogether, so what's the use comparing them? I just like to watch a movie for a movie and read a book for a book." (Short post and not that well written, but I almost didn't write it so that's the best I can muster at the moment.)
  21. (This post will be crappy, but I don't want to hold things up insanely.) "Me? Oh I'm um..." He coughed awkwardly and averted his eyes uncomfortably. The happiness felt strange after so long. Cynicism was his shield. It protected him from everything that could possibly hurt him. What was the point? How could one hurt something that already hated and spat upon everything? But hope... That could hurt a man like him. A man who was so utterly unprepared for it. And Thais got winded frequently. Every hit. Every punch of a harsh reality that he thought he'd accepted already. "I'm...okay. What about you?"
  22. I suppose you could say: I used that example because I was recently explaining it quite simply to a less well-read friend of mine and it's the most recent thing I've said with "and/or". But yeah. That's the only substitute I can come up with at the moment, though I'm sure there are more.
  23. Crockturtle566: You look nice. Red suits you, methinks. xdlugia: You look fine. Like the glasses. Also, that ornate backboard in the background is really neat.
  24. Yes, yes. I'd do either of those things to separate it. Or mention the color of the ham (i.e., green eggs and pink ham).
  25. Bard violins have great jobs: really free! LOLWAT... eufhefewoih