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  1. Abe chuckled at Ceto's comments. "I have brown hair. He's the different one." She shrugged halfheartedly and picked out her own five cards. "Depends. What do you all want to play? I've got enough to gamble right fine." She glanced at her hand, memorized the cards, and tucked it into her shirt to a place no sane assassin would dare look as a means of cheating 'less they leaned that way, and Abe doubted that was Ceto's creed. "You're a dirty fox, Ceto. A dirty fox," the woman joked with a grin as she held an old flintlock in her dirty hands. Cleaning it as she often did when there was a lull to busy her hands, Abe looked around, able to operate the gun's systems without looking for the most part. She'd had that ol' thing since...well...for a long time.
  2. Meh. I shall post soon. But, TMD, I won't ruin the surprise of what's going to happen in the near-ish future, but I kept Gary in mind, so don't worry. Also...I may be getting scarcer starting last month. Just a way early heads-up.
  3. Casty could come in and see them playing, sure. Perhaps the one with the cards facing the door would have the king of hearts, he'd shrug it off, look at the riddle, figure it out, and humiliate the lot of them. It's ultimately up to you, TMD, but that's where my mind went.
  4. Maybe they even realize that it's some game but are oblivious to the cards deal? Or maybe they just plain don't get it, bring it to Castie, and then he's all like: "you guys were literally playing with French cards with the goddamn KING OF HEARTS and you didn't get this..." Make them all feel a little dumb?
  5. Abe grinned maniacally, almost loving the new challenge. While Scots and Irishmen were similar in a few ways (particularly their Celtic origins and colorful accents), they generally had a bitter hate for each other. To be quite frank, the stereotypical Scot didn't like much of anything, really. "Oh, y'und'stima' m' 'istry wi' th' gamb'in' ga'." Addressing his question, she shrugged indifferently. "Pi'd it off'a fo'-sme'in ma' in Spai' er 'rance er 'taly er somethin'. Dun 'member 'xact." In reality, she just didn't know. Having spent much of her life in the lower decks or even the brig solely to fulfill the crew's wants and needs at sea, she hadn't been very well educated. Sure, some kindly sailors taught her basic writing and crude reading (enough to read a map and try to sound words out), but she was utterly and hopelessly lost when it came to memory. No one had formally taught her the names of places, so she just had to guess by the chatter of the others what the place was called. Even then, all she knew was that Scotland was where she was born and where she would pledge her allegiance and the English below her were rude and hopelessly annoying with their proper-ness. The Irish only had boring hills to boast about and no real fine drink to speak of, no matter what they said. It was strong alright, but lacked in actual intricacies as far as body and aroma. "Ye wan' pl'y er no?" (Translation: Oh, you underestimate my history with the gambling game. Picked it off of a foul-smelling man in Spain or France or Italy or something. I don't remember exactly. Do you want to play or not?)
  6. The conversation would literally go nowhere without a nudge from someone and I didn't just want to leave y'all hanging when I did have an idea. Also, I wanted to leave Castiel out of it because TMD offered him up for Aero top interact with. I wouldn't have done something so drastic for kicks. And, about the deck, Abe isn't very organized, nor is she very particular about what she plunders of comes into possession of. Could have slipped into her deck, could have gotten a deck off some foul-smelling gambler in Versailles, could have picked up a spare king of hearts and shuffled it into the deck. There are a number of ways a haphazard gambler could come into possession of a king of hearts and not recognize its significance. She grew up on a ship, remember. Probably doesn't know that the king of hearts only exists in France.
  7. They could solve it so that they know it's the king of hearts, but not know why that would be helpful in the slightest.
  8. Abe winked at Cullen when Ceto told him about her history. Ye see? I'm a force 't b' reckined wi'! Her eyes seemed to say. But as the captain told her to leave Cullen alone, she rolled her eyes. It was just gettin' to the fun part! "Ah, fo'ge' 'at, m' lad an' lass." Removing a deck of cards from within her shirt crudely, she set them out. "We go' mo' im'ort'n' ma'ers t' talk 'bout, dun we? Gamblin', th' gree'in' of m' kinsmen. Wha'd'ye say, mates?" She asked, already having set up the deck and beginning to deal. Looking up at the two others. She had just laid a king of hearts face up... (Just nudging them in the right direction. ) (Translation: You see? I'm a force to be reckoned with! Ah, forget that, my lad and lass. We've got more important matters to talk about, don't we? Gambling, the greeting of my kinsman. What do you say, mates?)
  9. Abe chuckled for a while, almost sadly. "Ah, but ye be forgettin' a most important thing, m' lad. There's a sayin': Follow yer own advice. Don't be countin' yer eggs 'til they're good 'n hatched, ye says. That is what I say t' ye." Eyeing him carefully she shook her head. "Been on this very boat fer most'a m'life, I has. Ye don't know nothin' 'til ye seen some'un handle a cannon th' way I do." She glanced at Ceto expectantly. "Ye tell 'im. Ye tell 'im how I handle 'em." For those unused to the Scottish way of speaking, it was difficult to discern individual words or even perceive that it was English being spoken and not some sort of ancient jibberish language. Especially since Abe was from Glasgow, where the accents were thick, people spoke fast, and it almost sounded like everyone was drunk and slurring their speech constantly. But to the average Glaswegian, it was just the way to speak. "Anyways, ye don't go ca'in m' lassie, y'hear? Don'cha know it's rude t' go ca'in people that?" she joked dryly. (I'm thinking to write things more accurate to the accent and just include a translation below. It's quite...um...unique. )
  10. Abe chuckled some more before opening the door, closing it again, and leaning on it nonchalantly. "I just had to know what you and this rookie were doing. And when he called me a man and said that Irish whiskey was better than Scotch... I just couldn't hold it in. Obviously he's no experience with the true delicacies of the world. 'sides, have to make sure he doesn't get his hopes up with you. You're a fox." Abe didn't fear Ceto, really. It was just playful banter anyhow. Not any real insulting stuff, as far as pirate went. "Ahoy, Mister Navigator. I'm Abe, the Master Gunner. Hail from Scotland, if yer slow with accents." Looking back at Ceto again, she grinned. "Really scrapin' the bottom o' the barrel with this one, aren't we? Ne'er been on a boat in bad weather, has 'e?"
  11. People spoke loudly when they were bragging. Trying to appear more confident, eh? Yep. Seemed about right. That Italian temptress has a way with men. Abe speculated that she could have the same way with women if she so desired. Poppy too, but Abe herself wasn't calibrated in that fashion, to put it lightly. She heard Cullen - God damn him with that accent which could only mean he was Irish, but she found she quite tolerated it - say a few words about her. "I heard we have a Scotsman on board. Even he can't deny Irish whiskey is the best whiskey around." Chuckling slightly, she found herself unable to control herself. Laughing hysterically after only a few seconds, she was unaware of the fact that she was right outside the door and they could probably hear her through it. Ah, I'm flattered, m'dear, but you ain't got no man on yer hands. And if you think yer stinkin' whiskey is the best around... She shook her head, her thought trailing off. You could only like the Irish kind if you've got no nose. 'sides, scotch can cure most of yer common ailments, 'specially when yer gonna got t' lots'a places...
  12. (I was referring to this part of RD's post.)
  13. Lyra was going to say something, but then she suddenly felt as if the stars had let all their breath out on her and lifted her up. She heard only blurry snipits of words again, but knew that Xiao had asked her a question. "I'm not 'lerg t'nythin'. But y'd be'er ge' t'a workin' fast 'gain, 'cause we've...got'a job t' do..." she mumbled, her speech slurred and all her energy remaining used to put together a sentence that made sense. Her brain felt slow and sluggish and everything was fading in and out. Hearing, sight. Smell was already shut down in preparation for sleep, or...as much as it would shut down, because she could no longer smell her own drying blood or the warm metal of the bullet. God, I hate being weak like this... He could come a back and shoot me and I'd be none the wiser... (Translation: I'm not allergic to anything. But you'd better get to working fast again, because we've got a job to do.) (Also, RD, the italics is her thinking. She never said that he'd have killed her if he wanted to out loud.)
  14. Well that's fine, I'm just mentioning what I see. It's not about me being mean, it's about thinking way ahead. If you guys think it's fine, that's alright. Duss' idea sounds the most legit to me. Will they have looted another ship by their landing or no?
  15. I'd never heard of that. Anyway, I think that could potentially lead to a censor kips in a lot of posts and that's really discouraged...
  16. (No. I'm actually terrible with pop culture references, so there's a slim chance I would even connect the dots. ) Groaning audibly, she regained some of her hearing, which had been screwed up from the gunshot noises, Lyra assumed. She heard the words more clearly, but her ears hurt from all the noise. People were yelling, yet all the captain wanted to do was laugh. Laugh at them for caring. She was just a bitter, angry, mean young lady. And yet they moved and were trying to find her shooter. You won't find him, though. He's gone. And he wasn't trying to kill me neither. If he wanted me dead, he'd shoot me dead. But I'm alive. He was sendin' a message... Givin' me somethin' I wouldn't forget. She tried to clench her fist, but it just ended up being a slight twitch. Why can't I move, God damn it? Alone with her thoughts, it was terribly lonely. And as she started to feel a tingling throughout her body, the woman immediately regretted wanting to move. All the nerves made her feel pins and needles and, eventually, after a long enough time, she felt her senses recovering. Yet she was still tired and her voice was a rasp. "He...won't...kill me...until he's seen me suffer." Smiling dully at Xiao, she tried to chuckle, but coughed a bit instead. "I don't think...you'll be leaving...too soon now... I'll hire you out as a...medic if you want. Maybe I'm...dumb, but I'm not blind. You've either done this before...or you've wanted to." Looking over at Ronon again, she wanted to tell him to do the job they'd set out to do, but she felt terribly tired with what she'd already said, so she resolved to stay quiet and rest a little, maybe take a little nap.
  17. A bunch of us were saying that we were waiting for Khay to skip us to when the bus arrives, so yeah...
  18. I think you need a little bit more history and English language knowledge to be quite there. I don't understand why you would make him born in America (I am guessing you mean the United States) if it's 1600. The dates just don't match up. In addition, it's very heard to understand who you mean by a lot of things because you contradict yourself at times and sometimes I can't tell if you've misspelled something or if it's just a separate word. I'm not sure why that word in front of "sword" in the weapons category is censored out, but you really shouldn't be using a word that the forum censors as part of a weapon's name. You history is not very in-depth and neither is most of your form, so I would definitely recommend adding more detail into it if you wish to try again. This RP is a huge time commitment (seriously, this is not a joke, the amount of time and planning that goes into everything is insane, hence all the records being kept about this) and you have to understand that I'm not trying to be mean or rude or anything like that, but I really need you to know that this RP will take a lot of time, effort, and thought. As well as being a time commitment, we all expect each other to use grammar and spelling pretty well so everything is either very easily intelligible or very obviously a typo, so not being able to tell what you mean by certain things would be a pretty serious issue. I'm not sure if you read this part of the rules, but there is a post length requirement that we normally have to meet (unless, of course, we're extremely pressed for time or have an injury of some sort), so you should also be comfortable with that. Again, I do not mean this to be mean or anything, but this RP has a series of requirement and we really do prefer that any new applicants know what they're getting into before they abandon this midway.
  19. Danni: I mean...sure, but you feel have to make him period. Rain: I really doubt there would be a whole lot of women on the ship. Woman captain, woman first mate, woman master gunner. They all have legit-ish stories, but I really doubt the validity of a whole lot of woman sailors... *shrug*
  20. Oh. Right. Well, the "revived" characters are all chronologically accurate, it's just a different chain of events. I'm not sure if chronologically moving Aiden would work...