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  1. (So do y'all wanna skip or keep going? I'm not sure we could do much more with this little interaction.)
  2. "Yeh. I gots it." Reaching into his pocket, the man pulled out a nugget of gold and tossed it to Jay. "Consider that a tip fer yer trouble." Putting out the joint on his face, the old man tossed it away and took a key out of his pocket. Shuffling over to a chest, he unlocked it and took out a little oriental-looking puzzle box that appeared to be impossible to open. Tossing it over to Jay as well, he grinned. "The cap will know how to open it. Just tell her it's from me." Pausing to cough and sputter, he shuffled over to three crates stacked haphazardly atop one another. "Here's the stuff. You can get loading if you like."
  3. Abe heard the knock at her door and rolled her eyes. "Aye! Door's open." Taking another gulp of the vodka she'd taken from Poppy, she snorted as she went over the events in her head. *, she thought to herself angrily. It's one thing to mess with the nobodies, but you'd better have some serious balls to try to win over the most naive and innocent man on the ship with your body. Honestly! This girl... I won't allow it! You know? Garrett's too innocent to be corrupted so...blatantly... So sinfully. No! It's wrong to stand by. Besides, I promised to myself that he was just too sheltered to be taken like that. It'd be one thing if she'd changed, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon. Besides, it's obvious that she's got an issue with her head to do something like that. It's revolting! Of course, her face was twisted up into one of intense hatred and scorn, but her thoughts were silent and there was low probability of her ever sharing them besides what she'd made clear to both Poppy and Garrett in her little speech from before.
  4. No problem and thanks. If by "home front" you mean RP, it seems you've read up more than I have. If you mean something else, you'll have to clarify, 'cause I'm thick.
  5. Approved. Remember me, Koko? I've got a new red hat.
  6. "Yeah! Come in!" a raspy voice responded calmly. Pacing around with a smoke in his mouth and a wandering eye, Skunk stepped the life out of a scuttling bug that was close to death anyway. Removing the think wad of miscellaneous leaves from between his lips, the man coughed and sputtered and wiped the tear from his good eye as it watered. Placing the wad back into his mouth, he ran a dirty and smoke-soured hand through his hair. Tarps covered the windows and there were holes all throughout the walls, but the room was still thick with smoke as he rarely wasn't smoking, as well as the heat making his shack hardly bearable for any but the most ridiculous of men who were prepared to bear it.
  7. (Alright. Well a lot happened while I was at school. Thanks? ) Abe paused a little. She didn't particularly want to follow them down. But after they'd left and she deliberated with herself, she went down, only to see Poppy on top of Garrett and Garrett then refusing her. Clearly her throat loudly to make her presence known, she pursed her lips and scratched the back of her head. "Did you forget about the third person you invited down here?" Her voice was full to the brim with challenge and it was painfully apparent that she was seething with rage. "Heidi," Abe started, knowing how the use of her actual name would make a statement in and of itself, "I want you to know that I am not your friend. I'm nobody's friend." Taking a long pause, she stared Poppy down seriously, not batting an eyelash. "I'm people's colleague. I'm people's partner. I'm people's protector. But these things are not earned lightly. Keep that in mind." With that, she took the bottles of vodka in her hand and walked away with it, taking long swigs as she walked to her own bunk in silence except for the foreboding sound of her boots on the hollow floor below.
  8. Abe narrowed her eyes at Poppy as if to tell her to watch herself. While Abe was usually a pacifist, she would not hesitate to put Poppy in her place if she was getting to taking advantage of Garrett's naivety to get people on her side. But women were generally quite covert with each other, communicating with only disapproving looks and pursed lips. All but the most observant of men would overlook it until it grew into a full-on fight. Still, she nodded with a straight face and kept her stern eyes on Poppy to let her know that she wasn't going to mess around. If she didn't play her cards right, one precious ally would be against her. And Abe knew how much allies meant of Heidi...
  9. Abe chuckled, quickly brushing it off. What a bitter lady. The woman wondered what had gotten into her. But that was far from the point at that particular moment. "Are you okay to walk or should I get something for you. I think Robb's going to be a little touchy this morning as well, but I can get him if you wish." Ceto's approval or no, Abe was going to do as she pleased. If Ceto crossed the line, Abe would readily sever her ties and leave the Sista Viska. While she did love the ship and its crew dearly, her recent trip to Marseille showed her that she did have someone else to care for and succeed if she really did want to leave. Shipmanning was dangerous and difficult work. It involved hours upon hours in the sun or in the chilling rain making her sail true and smooth, as well as near-starvation and the risk of scurvy during the long voyages. All spent with Ceto, a very passionate leader to say the least. But mutiny was always something to contend with, and if the woman played her cards wrong, she and all her supporters would soon be dead. It all depended on who the key players favored in that battle. Abe, for one, would definitely be wavering on the day-to-day. "She'll forget in a few days, probably. It's just that she's so volatile. So much lead by her emotions, as all Italians are."
  10. Duncan Donuts can do whatever people want. He's my little experiment. Made Abe get in there, but Ceto could totally cuss her out if you want.
  11. Hearing Roberts sing and play his lute and then pass out, Abe chuckled while she worked. On when she heard Ceto screaming at the top of her lungs did she pause to listen before going on. After about a second of this, her conscience got the better of her and she wandered down, following her ears to the source of the sound. "Now, now, woman. There'll be no feeding him to the sharks today, nor any other day. We need a carpenter, and you know he's not the type to trash the place like this. Clumsy man, but not this clumsy. Besides, I've got a store of my own. Don't hardly drink much of it, but you'd better pay me handsomely for drinking it. I know how much you drink and sometimes I think you'd be better off with the fishies." In truth, she couldn't work knowing that she hadn't a peaceful ensemble to work for. Too much inner turmoil haunted her in her resting hours to let it prevail in her workplace and in her home, especially not when she could help it. And both parties were her friends. It would be simply cruel to let them just go at each other. Of course, Ceto had every right to be angry, but the lashes Garrett had already received were punishment enough, especially through Abe's merciful eyes.
  12. (Nya! Last RP post of the night.) After a rather uneventful night of sleeping (though perhaps not for some...), Abe awoke in her bunk next to Cullen, recalling nearly perfectly the events of the night before. Warm amidst the blankets, the woman yawned, stretched, and looked over at the sleeping form of her new more-than-friend. Kissing him lightly on the cheek, Abigail reluctantly arose and stretched some more. Collecting the bottles of scotch from the night before, she put them back in the chest and locked it, stowing the box away and wiping the sleep from her eyes before heading to check on the cannons. She suspected they'd collected dust or dew over the course of the night and that would mean damage to the metal. That wasn't good. It meant more costs for Cap. And Ceto was lucky to have someone so dedicated as Abe to look after the guns for her, or else they'd be much more eroded.
  13. Well, he's got Joan, several non-canon stories with Ambra, a fling with Abe, and probably another romance down the line. Seeing the pattern?
  14. Very funny, TMD. And, in response to your OCC, Duss: Yes. I was feeling the need for less brash love and more gentle stuff. After all, it's not supposed to force them together forever. And I do have to say one thing... Cullen is quite the stud... And who was gonna start the skip? EDIT: I can in response to Duss' post as my last for the night.
  15. "Aye. Gotta be observant when nobody tell you ." After listening to Cullen talk some more about how they were equal, she sighed and nodded along. When he was done, she leaned her head against his chest and closed her eyes, letting the stars that had long before been burned into her memory take their places on her eyelids as she conjured them. "You're right. Now is good." Tucking her feet up into the bed, Abe felt the day's excitement taking its toll on her energy. "You'll stay with me, right? It's cold outside and I want to be warm one night before Ceto makes us work a full day again...," the woman murmured quietly, the words barely escaping her lips. "Stay... You're so warm..."
  16. "But that ain't all. They don't train any old apprentice with such vigor. You... You were important. You were special." She took a quick swig to ease the throbbing in her head from the fall, though the cogs were turning all the time. "You were supposed to be an authority. If not a master or Mentor, then at least someone high in the hierarchy." She cracked her knuckles absentmindedly before going on. "From down at the bottom of the barrel, we learn to see what y'all think is invisible. It's our own little trade. No one wants us 'round for any more than heavy labor. What use is there for us to go on as naive little sheep, herded easily and willingly into whatever pen the higher-ups want us to go in. No. We watch and we wait. We see more than we're supposed to, but that's nothing new." She sat down next to him and looked at him real close, taking in every detail. "Look at me. A little slave girl, eh? A little slave girl who pushes cannons. I'm the lowest of the low, yet here we are. And I have to say, I don't mind being here, despite how very different we are."
  17. Abigail quickly sobered up and narrowed her eyes at him, clearly thinking hard. What to say, what to say...? Did she have a good comeback? Not really... But she did have questions. "You have been learned a lot about me today, haven't you? But what about you? All I know is your name, where you come from, and that you've got a good fighting spirit about it." Standing up, the dreadlocked woman looked at him seriously. "What made you clam up? Or am I just that talkative? Suppose I've been quiet too long. Cannons don't make good conversation, after all." She raised her eyebrows inquiringly. Prying into his past seemed not to faze her in the least. In fact, she seemed to enjoy the discomfort she believed it might cause him. Always good to see a man stumble every so often. But perhaps that was just her sadism coming through, as it sometimes did.
  18. I can totally see that! Imagine a totally -faced Gary getting fed up with Cullen and Abe's lovey dovey stuff and just losing it.
  19. Yeah. Casty is an adorable, hopeless drunk. I can't help but feel bad for him. And I think a fight between Gary and Cullen would be just adorable too. Perhaps a cliché, but adorable nonetheless.
  20. Abe found it difficult to hold back her creeping smile. She could tell he liked it more than he wanted to let on. Well, his attempt at hiding his opinions had failed. Miserably. She could see through that poorly constructed front. "See? I knew it. I. Knew. It." She grinned widely and poked him playfully. "You like my scotch! You like my scotch!" the woman called out. "I win!" she chanted playfully, dancing around the stiflingly small room. She did that for a little while before tripping over a nail that stuck up out of the floorboards and landing facefirst onto the floor. And for a moment or two, she just laid there. And then she laughed. And laughed. It was so impossibly funny that she couldn't even process it. Sitting up, she took a swig of scotch to ease the pain and resumed her laughing. "You still like my scotch!"
  21. I feel like Abe would feel stifled by all the attention once she noticed it. Then again, she's thick. Castiel is so cute, though! A little creepy, but... Of course. She's a real character, that's for sure.
  22. Abigail took his arm willingly and strolled along with him, occasionally pointing out a landmark or two as they passed. When they boarded the ship, she quickly lead him belowdecks, hearing crazed laughter from the two cabin kids and just chuckling at it. "Just two drunk kids...," she remarked rather soberly, sinking into Italian as her habit dictated when aboard the ship. "I suppose it's okay to look the other way, then. Let them have their fun before Ceto strikes 'em down." Leading Cullen into her cramped quarters, she motioned for him to sit on the bunk while she unlocked her little trunk of keepsakes which was duly hidden. Most of the space was taken up by alcohol. All the other things that really mattered to her were on her person. Inspecting several bottles of whisky, she finally chose one and nodded approvingly. "Here. You should smell it first. Let yourself feel the warmth before even taking a sip."
  23. Abe followed Cullen and shrugged, not really sure if she would know what to do even if she was a more vivacious girl. "I dunno 'at yer suggestin', but I'm sure yer a g'boy. Too much ova g'boy t' suggest somethin' so darin'. Aye?" She winked and shoved him playfully, though she was a strong girl from years of working aboard the ship with the massive cannons and probably jabbed him kind of hard with her shoulder. "Ei'er way, th' sun's goin' down in 'bout an hour an' I wanna show ye some o' m' store o' scotch. I might show ye a thing o' two." (Distracted but didn't want to hold things up too long. Sorry.)
  24. (Okie dokie. You'll probably have to skip soon, guys, if for no other reason than to stop my nosebleed. ) Abe shook her head and rolled her eyes. Just a second before she burst into a lecture on the prowess of whisky that whiskey just didn't possess, the food came and she settled for stuffing her face with food. After the food was done, the man came to collect their plates and she wiped her face with a sleeve and stood up to help. "Merci beaucoup, oncle. Je vais organiser pour vous. Un peu, sîl vous-plaît! Et je vais visiter chez nous." Carrying the plates that she had readily stolen from her "uncle" to the kitchen to wash them off, the man rubbed the back of his head and smiled after her. "Elle est très travailleuse, hien?" he murmured to himself. Turning to face Cullen, the man chuckled slightly. "My English is broken, young man, but I will manage to speak to you." The man sat down where Abe had been sitting and sighed, suddenly looking very grave. "She was very young when she first came here. I think perhaps...how do you say...ten? Yes. Ten years old. She looked very small and cold, with a blanket wrapped around. How do you look upon a girl so small and not take pity upon her? Je ne sais pas! I took one look at this girl and I said to myself, "Jean-Paul, est-ce que tu es un monstre?" And I said, "non, monsieur!" So I took her in and gave her food and a shelter. And I left my shop here to my apprentice and went to the ship with her. And I stayed until we docked here again she she was maybe fifteen and she said I could go back. But her good uncle Jean-Paul lets her come and eat and sleep here when she returns." Turning back to look at her nostalgically, the man sighed once more. "I don't know what she will do when I die, though. I am very old to still be alive, you see? Very old. But now I do what I can for her..." He cleared his throat a little and then turned away, coughing and sputtering. Hearing this, Abe put the dishes down and grabbed a rag and a bucket of semi-murky water. Setting it down on the floor nearby, she helped him up with furrowed eyebrows. "Qu'est-ce que c'est, oncle?" "Ah, ça m'est égal!" Not quite convinced but well-trained enough to know not to pry, Abe nodded. "D'accord." "Oui. Au revoir! "D'accord, d'accord! Je vais! Au revoir." Turning to Cullen, she smiled faintly. "Sorry 'bout 'at. We're goin', 'en?" (Translation: Thank you very much, uncle. I'm going to organize for you. A bit, please! And I'm going to visit our house. She is very hardworking, huh? I don't know! Jean-Paul, are you a monster? No, sir! What is it, oncle? Ah, it doesn't matter. Alright. Yes. Goodbye. Alright, alright. I'm going! Goodbye.)
  25. Please look to post relevant things in all threads on this board. If you want to chat, please use the CPA (Compulsive Posters Anonymous) in the 'games' section. Thank you.