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  1. Abe shook her head and waved her hand. "Do what you want." Of course, that didn't really mean what the words should have meant. It was a test of some sort. Perhaps an automatic response, perhaps calculated. Abigail herself was unsure. But it came out of her mouth and she wasn't allowed to take it make. "Just do what you want, I can take a hint if that's what you want. I know you're too polite to be clear anyways." And with that she disappeared into the crowd and made her way to the cannons. They spoke to her and offered her consolation as she cleaned them vigorously. You know, you're very harsh, one of them offered. Yes, but I can't stop myself. I'm a bitter woman. It's a wonder anyone could even tolerate me, Abe thought in response. True, but your job now is to make it worth their while. Prove to him that he wasn't dazed. She didn't know how to respond to the voice in her head that she knew was her own manifestation of wisdom that she just didn't want to recognize as another branch of herself.
  2. Upset at the man for so brazenly rejecting her anger, Abe reverted back to the less private Italian. It made them less...united in their language. "Now you just listen here. You could have incapacitated him right from the beginning. You could have just left. You could have asked why he was so angry. Now you're both hurt and there still aren't any answers. It's bad enough that we're starving and thirsty on this ship every voyage, but I'll have you know that we're in no position to keep buying medical supplies. You should have at least thought about that!" Feeling almost guilty, she snorted. Going back to English and speaking more quietly. "And maybe I'm also upset 'at ye keep spendin' time wi' 'at o'er Irish girl. I'd be alright wi' i', bu' I hear talk sometimes, ye know? I hear talk...," as she went on, her voice had reduced to almost a whisper, wavering with insecurity. Shaking her head, she sighed. "I'm sorry. I didn't even... Jus'... Forget it. I'm going to collect my thoughts so maybe we could have a civilized conversation ra'er 'an having it out in public." And with that, she turned around and took a loud, deep breath before starting off to calm herself.
  3. (Rain! ) When the girl freaked out about her hand, she felt paralyzed. Oh, look what being amiable had gotten her? She'd just made everything worse. That was the curse of Havoc. She always ruined everything for Blitz. Every friendship was just a step from close, but the girl was always afraid of hurting her loved ones, so she kept people out. Every time people got too close, she locked the door. She told people to keep away. She curled up and tried to wish it all away. Havoc, Natasha, her parents, everything. And in that moment, the white-haired girl could relate to the stranger. Yes, their struggles were different, but their motives were the same. To keep everyone at arm's distance. Blitz stood and up and shook her head, eyes focused back on the ground. Her shoulders were hunched, and one arm latched onto the other with a vice grip. "No. It's okay." As she looked down, she spied a red streak across her hand. Suddenly upset herself, Blitz took a few steps back, only to bump into a wall and fall. I can't be bleeding! I thought I made it so that I couldn't be cut... I thought... Shakily, she thumbed the red streak to find that it was only frosting. Breathing out a sigh of relief, the girl closed her eyes and composed herself. Standing with difficulty, she forced a smile a nervous laugh. "Sorry... Thought I saw a bug on me..." In reality, bugs didn't bother her. She lived with them and ate them for a while. What necessity drove her to do was what shaped her in the end. "Pleasant weather we're having, isn't it?" Blitz noted, voice like a soft whisper, as it always was.
  4. Abe had been below decks taking stock of the gunpowder and cannonballs while the fight was going on and was unaware of it. Strolling casually to the top deck, she saw some blood spatter on the ground and laughed a little. Nudging another sailor goodnaturedly, she rolled her eyes. "Who was it this time? Not Robb and Castiel, I hope." "No. Cullen and Garrett. Garrett started it. Seemed pretty drunk too. He kept going on and on about Ireland being annoying and how was useful and stuff. Half of it didn't make any sense." "You sure it was them?" "Yeah. Cullen's the only one with hair of that shade and Garrett usually isn't that violent. It was about the strangest thing I've ever seen." Without replying, Abe ground her teeth as her mood went from walking on air to seething with white-hot rage. Easily locating Cullen amongst the sea of sailors, an observer could have sworn she was capable of knocking him clean over with her eyes alone. Those eyes just brewing with anger. It was obvious that she would not be won over with logic or explanations. "Ahoy, ***! 'at 're ye tryin' t' prove?"
  5. Blitz wore a pale grey sweater and a medium grey pleated skirt that day. All her clothes were basically the same color scheme, though, if one really observed, one would see that she did actually distinguish between the clothes and think critically about which to wear, though not many actually noticed a difference. Perhaps a very, very skilled observer would even note that, because of her apparent obsessiveness about the minutest details, she cared a great deal about what others thought about her. In fact, it was the center of her being. Pleasing others, doing what they wanted. It kept her mind off the monster inside. It kept her mind off everything. But that was just an unfortunate reality for the girl who walked with her caretaker down the street towards the arranged meeting location. The arena still showed signs of being abandoned. Peeling paint here and there, creaking doors, broken windows. But it didn't look that bad compared to the boxes she'd lived in for a time, scavenging for food. Of course, it was all her own fault and she knew not to whine or complain about it. That would make people ask questions. Questions that she was afraid to answer, because it could lead to her deteriorating her intricate wall of lies and ignorance. "Do you want me to wait with you?" Natasha, a tall, dark-skinned woman with pitch dark eyes asked. "No, I'm okay. Thanks for everything. We'll stay in touch," replied the pale girl who looked down and rubbed her arm in submission. "I'll miss you." "Oh, come on, silly. You don't even know if you'll be selected or not..." "I know, but...I'll feel lonely without someone to talk to." "You'll find someone. Trust me. Go on, make friends." Natasha gave her a friendly shove towards the arena. They were about two blocks from the others, so that meant they were out of earshot, though they could plainly be seen. Blitz bowed her head respectfully as a parting sign and started away, waving a timid goodbye as she walked. Once she got to where the others were, she looked down at her feet. Suddenly, a girl ran and curled up into a ball. Letting her eyes slide over to her, she bit her lip nervously. Looking up at a boy descending into the arena, she felt her heart race. A test? No... Probably not. Besides, if it was, it could wait. That girl was obviously scared and Blitz felt pity for her, being scared of her own ability nearly all the time. Approaching very cautiously, she crouched down and touched the red-haired girl's arm tentatively. "I'm scared too. So...maybe we could be scared together and look out for each other." And maybe I could make a friend. Just one. That would be safe, right?
  6. Katerina walked down the street with Bohemian Rhapsody playing in her headphones. It was one of the songs she just adored whenever it played. Passing by a coffee shop, she saw a girl she vaguely recognized. I know this is gonna bug me... Walking in casually, she paused the song and put down her headphones to order a plain cappuccino and paid. While she waited around for the barista to make her coffee, the girl looked at the person she thought she recognized and then took her coffee when it was done. Walking out because she had no real excuse to stay, she ground her teeth and sighed. I just know I'll figure it out later... Taking a sip, Katerina turned the music back on and put up her headphones. While jamming out to the end of the song, she realized who it was. Right, her... She never talks to anyone. It's a shame, 'cause she's so young. Oh well. I'll see her around, maybe. I could say 'hi' or something. Almost satisfied, she continued on her walk around the neighborhood to get some air. Later she'd have to talk to Micheal about his wife and the baby...
  7. Looks fine. Do you want this to be wiped or no?
  8. The captain, who hadn't yet been moved to the infirmary, heard what was going on and eventually regained some feeling and capacity to think, but she was very tired. "Come aboard," the woman rasped softly. "The first mate will...collect your rent..." She smiled softly with eyes glazed as she blinked to clear them. God, it was so damn loud... Why couldn't everyone just quiet down? Why couldn't she just be in her bunk with pillows over her head and wish the noise away? But Lyra knew that would suffocate her in the state she was in. Besides, she was in no way capable of getting up and taking a stroll down to her bunk and going to sleep. Just giving that girl the go-ahead to board had taken it all out of her.
  9. (Just to let you know, you guys can post short, but please stay above or at four sentences. )
  10. Duncan watched with arms crossed, shaking his head slightly. No one noticed him hiding in the shadows. No one noticed him ever. He didn't want them to anyways. It was better to watch and think and be quiet. Then no one would think of him. He'd just be the dutiful sailor who liked the sea just a tad more than one would expect. As he watched, though, the man's thoughts wandered and brought him back to his fateful encounter with the priest at a church in Rome not more than a year and a half ago. "Father, does God have a plan for everyone?" "Yes, He does." "Does he have a plan for sinners and adulterers and heretics?" "God will forgive anyone if they repent for their sins." "What about a man who has lain with another man." "Like I said before, God will forgive anyone if they repent for their sins." "It's a sin, then?" "Yes." "Thank you, Father." "Of course." Weird conversation, sure, but it was what his mind made him relive and there was little to do about that.
  11. (C'mon, TMD. You're making me feel like , even though we all planned this.) Duncan, concealed by shadow as he scrubbed the deck, saw Garrett's little breakdown and sighed quietly. He could relate to Garrett, kind of. They were the sorts to be overlooked. To fade into the background. Standing, the man put his rag into the bucket of half-clean water that he'd been using to clean the ship's deck while the others partied. "It's not your fault, you know. Women just don't know anything sometimes. It seems like they're waiting for you, and then, without any sort of notice, they're in bed with someone else." Running a large hand through his hair, the sailor snorted. "Just keep your head up. Could have been drunk. You don't know if she was or not, right?" It was so quiet. Only the sounds of the sea crashing against the side of the ship and those of the city below disturbed that velvety black silence. With her nose rubbing gently against Cullen's ear and her voice quiet, Abe smiled and spoke a simple sentence. "I love you." Relishing in the warmth in her stomach, the woman rolled onto her back and sighed, closing her eyes and going to sleep. (Short for Abe, but there was little else to do.)
  12. Abe was a bit startled by his reaction and nodded, smiling. Getting a little bit closer she wrapped her arms around his waist, both because she felt the urge to hug him and because she didn't want him to fall over at what she was about to say. "Then will you show me what love feels like? All the other men... It was frustration...anger... I want to be with you... And I want to love you... But I don't know what that means, which hurts me more than you'll ever know..." She tilted her head and kissed him, but only for a second. "I want to be in love with you. I want to be so in love with you that I don't mind hurting when I'm not around you." She looked in his eyes for a moment and kissed him again. "C'mon. Your room has less broken glass..."
  13. "You...," she started shakily. "I was fine before you came along and ruined everything. What right have you to walk into my life and set up a fool's paradise for me?" Taking a step onto the broken glass, she could feel it uneven and sharp against the sole of her boot. "You take my feelings in your hands and contort them such that I don't even recognize them anymore. You take my very soul and make me dependent after I've spent so long trying to be content alone." She took another step. Her room was small enough and her step long enough so she was close enough to smell the alcohol on him. Then, the spray of her whisky probably made her smell just as rancid. "What's wrong is that I hate you with so much passion, but thinking of you leaving or dying makes my chest ache with a sadness so profound I feel that all my other sadnesses are those of a child refused her toy. Why do you have to do that to me?"
  14. Abe grit her teeth and looked away. "Don't be an ass. The Isles would sooner destroy themselves than be beaten by any other nation." Setting a brisk pace, she started toward the ship. You're a foolish girl, you know. Just a wayward woman who's never been around chivalry before. Just looking for some happy ending to a miserable life that just isn't there. Breaking into a run, felt her cheeks growing red with embarrassment as she started to cry. Not sobbing, just tears rolling from her eyes. Rubbing them away, she ran onto the ship and into her room. Collapsing into a ball, she sat alone there and put her head down to cry. Let people be, Abe. You're not supposed to be happy. You're supposed to work for people and keep your mouth shut and bear the weight of a miserable life because that's all you're ever going to have. Suddenly wiping away the tears again, she stood and opened her chest of scotch. Taking one bottle she looked at it and ground her teeth. And then she raised it high in her right hand and threw it to the ground. Then she picked up another and threw it down. Stupid Cullen! Stupid, stupid, stupid! It reminded her of him. Her little collection. And she wanted to be rid of her regret. And only when she was out of bottles did she realize that it didn't help her. The spray of glass cut her face and limbs and the alcohol made it sting. But that wasn't on her mind. What was on it was her sadness and frustration. Why can't I stop thinking about you? I thought we were just...I don't know!
  15. Alcohol was no fun with Abe. If she did manage to get drunk - really, really drunk - her body burned through it so quickly she had a hangover much too quickly after drinking it. And never with very good recollection of what she'd done. It wasn't as if she couldn't remember anything, but it was foggy and annoying. Yet those didn't last for very long either. Maybe an hour or two of suffering, and she was too used to them to hide out in a little corner and cry. No. She went to the party with her hangover and a short time after she was done with it. And she saw people getting crazy drunk and sighed. Why should she even try. She took out her half-empty flask and gave it to someone she barely knew and let him get wired off it. There was really no point to it. And when she heard Cullen's voice all distorted by a fool's happiness, she wandered over to find him on the ground. Gritting her teeth, she spoke to him with a false calmness. "Let's get back on the ship. You're drunk enough for ten lifetimes."
  16. -.- I'll do it, but to where? I mean, if you really don't want to do it, Danni, I'm not busy.
  17. I expect Duncan must have some minor cuts and bruises. Abe was a bit clumsier and got hurt a bit worse, but she'd not very serious either.
  18. Abe crawled onto the boat amongst the Templars, bleeding more than she thought she was from several lacerations all across her body. Some of which were deeper than others and most were dirty from falling a few times on her way to the ship, but she had arrived. But she wasn't dumb. The woman crawled to remain mostly unseen by the clumsy footsoldiers. Every so often she'd trip one and kill him with a small stab to the back and scurry off, unseen. When she got nearer to the front, she saw Robb and Mary through her foggy vision and the legs of the Templars. Ducking her head down, she let the men back away, popping up suddenly, she smiled at the man in front of her who was apparently quite surprised and killed him in his hesitation. Quickly kicking on leg backwards she made the man whom her back was to (she was turned away from Mary and Robb) buckle and bang his nose on the deck. "Come on, ladies. Is that the best you can do?" Backing up so she was closer to Mary, she looked over and grinned. "I'll cover the side you can't use. Lead the way, young lady. I'll be support on this one, aye?" Even though Roberts' speech was convincing, she didn't expect them all to flee just yet. Besides, they had to protect the medic, right?
  19. I'm okay with an alt. reality there, but it could get annoying to do two RPs based on the same thing. *shrug*
  20. Um...I don't really know what you mean exactly, but you could certainly finish the story, have another timeline suddenly begin and just use the characters however. Or just continue from the 'end' of your plot. Basically, you can have fun as long as you're on topic and being nice to everyone. What wouldn't be okay would be excluding people, being rude, or just using the thread to chat.
  21. No big deal, Danni. Edit: Well, they're attacking Lipari now, so just have your character(s) - depending on how many you want to involve) get ready to rush the Templars. You came at a good time. Um...well... So here's where I stand on that: Given the fact that they have no real means of instant long-distance communication so characters on different ships could interact to avoid cliquing, I think it'd be extremely difficult to RP a fleet of pirate ships. I mean, if we had a whole board for this one RP and there were different threads for each ship, it'd be kind of manageable, but it's just that we have one giant thread and it'd be a hassle to check and find one group of characters progressing much faster than others. Additionally, it'd either warrant more characters or we'd have very empty ships, so... I dunno. If we can brainstorm to either fix or deal with these issues, I'm cool, but I'm hesitant for those reasons.
  22. The woman grinned after Cullen and waved a big wave. The kind of wave that made someone's whole body move. And it was worse with the tremors, but Abe just didn't care. "Seeeeeeeeeeeee yooooooooouuuuuuu laaaaaaaaaaaaterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" she shouted, slurring and holding the words for eternities longer than necessary. As the alcohol flowed through her and really took a hold her her, she stopped shaking involuntarily, but her giggles rattled the body just as much, maybe more. As she stumbled, the drunk pirate fell on the ground against the rail of the ship and stayed there a bit. God, what's gotten into me? I'm drunk off my ass before we're supposed to take back a city. Struggling to stand, she let the rail carry her weight and vomited over the side of the boat. Wiping her mouth with the back of one hand, she went to a pail of water and splashed it on her face. I've done all I can do with this foggy mind and awkward body to get it true again. If I die, it's my own fault... It was getting increasingly harder to keep herself thinking clearly, and it would soon fade into impossibility... (Will Ceto initiate the attack now?)
  23. Abe heard the orders from Ceto and nodded slightly. So slightly that one might not even notice that she'd moved and inch. "...Rush....them...," she murmured quietly. "Rush them. I have to rush them..." Her voice was a quiet whisper. Some words didn't even come out, so she just lost air in trying to say them. Blinking the surprise from her eyes, she rubbed her temples and sighed deeply. It's okay, it's okay. Just nerves. Calm down and you'll be fine. Putting one shaking hand on top of another, she tried to quell her jitters. Finding herself unsuccessful, she lowered one hand into one of her many pockets and pulled out a small flask. Taking a long swig of the drink that seemed to be somewhere around 95% alcohol content, she blinked and looked around. God, why was everything rocking. Oh right. Ship. Things rock on a ship. Cool. Alright. Her hands still shook, though. So she took another swig. At that point, her hands still shook a little but she no longer cared. Cooooooooooool. Leeeeeeeet's do it! she thought as she stumbled around with a stupid grin on her face.
  24. The wind blew and batted mercilessly. It was a rather windy day and the sky was overcast and melancholy, but no rain came to satisfy the flora and fauna. It was a day where all the lonely people and the sad drunkards would look outside and just think about how life was so depressing. All the easily influenced would feel apathetic and lazy, not wanting to stir or move a single muscle. And yet on that lazy, sad day, the assassins of the Sista Viska were taking a city by storm. Ceto's home city was under the heavy thumb of the Knight's Templar, being exploited and drained dry by their oppressive rule. ~ Abe felt a little naked without the cannons to fight with right then (she would be ready if ordered to fight with cannons), but she had her flintlock and that was enough kick of explosion to get her amped up. Narrowing her eyes, the woman cocked the firearm and looked around. On the highest deck, she could see the whole city and almost felt bad for it. Poor people. Poor city. But they'd be free soon. Turning from the view, she bustled around with everyone else as they prepared for the excursion. Abe just hoped they would pull themselves together so they could free the city instead of being their normal bunch of mishmashed drunkards and ex-vagrants with no sense of honor.