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  1. Slinking through the crowds, Scipio followed Poppy and Castiel, staying out of earshot for a while through the fault of the crowds. Hearing them talking about Templar dens and the ferocity of the Roman creed, the man smiled and finally broke through a mass of people. "Excuse me, but I think I can help you with finding the Templar den. It is true that we chase the Templars out and exterminate all the rats, but the do have a den in the side of town opposite ours. It's full of the homeless and the dirt that are stuck under the thumb of those tyrants... Really a shame. We sometimes go out there and give them money or food or blankets so maybe they'll know to come to us later if they wish to join or ranks. We haven't had a shortage of assassins in years." He grinned goodnaturedly and clapped Castiel on on shoulder. "Can I ask why you want to go there, though? You don't seem to have anyone else around to reinforce your movements. Are you going to try to take them down? Because I could let Aelia and Casio know. They'd want to because they associate the most with Ceto. Speaking of her, where is she? Shouldn't she be here if you're going to work with our creed?" Despite all his questions, Scipio rarely doubted the word of fellow assassins. He had no reason to and didn't have such a history with them to suspect a coup being formed. And his recent child with Amelia, his former mentor, brightened his spirits greatly.
  2. Blitz followed and entered the bathroom when it was indicated. "Thank you." Once inside, she shut the door and relieved herself. After washing her hands, the girl regarded herself in the mirror and sighed. She was decided to wash her face to refresh herself, but Havoc would have none of that. The other form was not finished harassing Blitz. "Blitz. You can kill them. You can kill all of them. Just let me out!" What happened to you being me? What happened to you wanting to help and being good? "Are you dumb? I am you, but who said I was good? I just let you tell me what to do because I had to make you think it was safe to let me out more often." Why? "Because, deep down, I know you want to let me out. I know you want to kill-" No! You're wrong! I hate you! I'll never let you out again! "You have to." Why would I? "Because, without me, you're nothing. You're just some good-for-nothing kid with no powers." Robin doesn't have any powers. "He's good with weapons and can do just as well or better without them. Besides, do you honestly think they'd just let a kid with no powers onto the team?" Horrified, Blitz dried her face hurriedly and opened the door. She looked scared of her own shadow. Well, more than she had been before. She didn't look at Raven or even look like she was seeing anything, just staring with wide eyes. Perhaps she didn't notice...?
  3. When Starfire, started to rattle off directions, Blitz tried to make a mental not of them, but was concerned that she simply would not be able to remember all of them. She was much better as remembering the location of a place she'd already been than finding it through directions. Thankfully, Raven offered to show the was and the teen followed. Though she wasn't the most long-legged, the time she'd spent walking around with Natasha had made her accustomed to walking more quickly due to the height difference. And keeping up with Raven couldn't be that hard. Despite of her coldness, her actions proved she cared about people, even just a little bit. Blitz found it hard to believe that Raven would go out of her way to get a skittish, fearful girl lost. Especially because the majority of the new recruits were pretty prone to being dangerous if the situation really rattled them, especially Blitz and Phe.
  4. As the jet landed in the tower and the whole group was seemingly transported into the tower's main room, Blitz simply let it happen with a placid and bleak expression. When Robin spoke, she took a long, deep breath. Her scrape was beginning to itch and she was so tired she could fall over and sleep right then. She hated fighting. It was quite inconvenient and uncomfortable. And perhaps that went back to the days at the orphanage where she felt alone and had not the intelligence to at least try to befriend others. The white-haired maiden's life would be very different if she had just tried. But no. She hid and cowered and cried about it until she finally couldn't take it anymore and her wall of filigree burned in rage. While the girl thought of all this, the grandure of being in the tower was lost on her. Shifting positions and looking rather uncomfortable, she bit her lip and tried as hard as possible to hold it in, but she just couldn't. Blitz was practically bursting. "Where is the restroom?"
  5. (Heheheheheheh... Don't murder me, but I thought you had moved on without me and didn't want to interrupt... For future reference, I don't post super fast and if other people do I generally just don't because there's no time for me to do what I do...) As the two spoke, Kat simply took some time to look up at the clouds and ponder. She wondered how Raphael was doing all the way in the Middle East. She had been told that his job was to teach the soldiers over there how to fight. Or something. It was all military lingo, stuff she didn't really understand. Sure, she knew it, but it just didn't feel real. Besides, all she needed to know was that he was serving in the US military and that he was off in some country she'd probably never be able to go to. Well...good for him. As the breeze awoke her from her thoughts, she looked out into the crowd and saw an unwelcome sight. Damn. Never thought I'd see her here. And of course she's with someone else already. Probably the girl she left me for. On principle, people never really like seeing ex-partners, especially not when they broke up and stayed on bad terms. This was especially true for Katerina, a young woman who had a tendency for jealousy. When Lucas asked if she wanted anything, she nodded as she struggled to tear her eyes away from her ex-girlfriend having a ball with someone else. "Uh...yeah. I, um, I'm gonna get a soda. But I can get it myself. Thanks for asking." Hurrying into the store, Kat took her sweet time "finding" the refrigerated isle and longer still finding the soda that she wanted. If only she could run away, tail between her legs, and forget about the fact that Leslie had cheated for several months before finally breaking it off in the painfully cold way of text message. But she couldn't just forget, so instead she browsed the isle and took longer than necessary to find a ginger ale and then walk up and down the dry foods isle in search of chips, but maybe she wouldn't even get them. Of course, she was just delaying the inevitability of the fact that she would have to leave the store sometime.
  6. After following Cullen's instruction, Abigail felt a cold sensation on her chest. When she opened her eyes, she picked up a rose-colored stone. Agate, huh? She wondered if he knew where it came from. Upon further thought, though, she realized that that much have been the reason he got it for her in the first place. Obviously a more common stone would be in order if agate didn't have some meaning, and she presumed that he meant for her to feel happy because it was mined near her birthplace and hometown, Glasgow. Smiling softly, she turned and hugged him in thanks for the gift. "Thank you. It's beautiful. I put your gift in your room already. It's a little large to bring out here and then move back down again."
  7. Abe, who had been amongst the party and decided against mingling with the rest, sat near the cannons, looking out over the waters and letting her thoughts wander while simultaneously clearing her mind. She could feel the beginnings of sleep set in. If someone didn't interrupt her soon, she would definitely have collapsed on the ground and napped there. It was dirty and unsafe, so Cullen's sudden appearance was welcome after a second or two of thought. Turning to face her partner groggily, Abe rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and stood up, approaching cautiously. "Aye? That a fact? Well, what is it?"
  8. (Just saying, but I actually haven't decided on Abby's alliance yet and she has been thinking of mutiny if she agrees with the new leaders, so it entirely depends on your arguments what she shall choose. Dunky-poo would choose whoever he thought was the winning side, so it depends on how the battle goes, to be honest.) Duncan overheard enough of the conversation between Poppy and Castiel, but it was lucky for them it hadn't been someone else. The man was mostly quiet and didn't do very much, though most captains liked him well enough because he would just put his head down and work; do as he was told - nothing more and nothing less. It was a lonely life, sure. At the same time, though, it was something he'd brought upon himself. That was what he felt at least. There was nearly nobody to tell him otherwise. He was different. He was an enigma. According to every church or temple, he was certain to go to hell and burn forever there. But no one would ever hear Duncan object to such harsh things. He would never complain or refuse to bear the weight of the stigma. No. He would just bow his head and do what he was told and hope to God that would count as repentance enough for his supposed misdeed. So he kept walking on, slouched from the weight of the rope he'd taken from the storeroom that he was to bring onto the main deck. Looking back, it was quite possible he would realize that it was a perfect metaphor for his lowly existence. But, alas, he brought the rope up without planning to foil their plan before it had a chance. Maybe they could offer him some sort of position as well...? Maybe he could have a little break sometimes...? ~ Waking up groggily, Duncan rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as the sun trickled in through the holes in the floorboards. "I overslept...," he remarked to no one and nothing. Maybe, if she was listening, the sea would respond with an icy breeze to edge him up. When he finally was ready to work and dragged his feet to the main deck, he found a crowd gathering. "What's happening?" he asked to a mate nearby. "Gift-giving." "That was today?" "Apparently."
  9. (Tone it down, guys.) "Yeah... I'm sorry. I tripped..." Struggling to get up, her hand slipped and she fell on top of him again, nearly nose to nose with him. She finally resolved to simply roll away and stand, blushing quite visibly. "Sorry... I haven't slept in a time and I haven't eaten. Maybe I should...uh...go..." Looking at her hand, she cursed quietly to herself. "Do you have a knife in here? I got a splinter and I fear it will get infected if I don't take it out." (Short because I wanted to give him room to react and stuffs.)
  10. Abe smiled and wiped off the soot with her sleeve. "Good then. I hate soot. Ancestors or no, it's dirty and I hate dirt." Laughing with her hearty belly laugh, she leaned on Cullen and grabbed at his clothing to be sure she wouldn't fall right over. Her knees felt weak already. Ah well... After recovering from the fit, she looked up and smiled, pulling away curtly. "It is good to see you again, but I have to go. I'll see you later." Scurrying off into the crowd, she was distracted by her thoughts and, as she got shoved in such a way that she could not stumble back for some reason, she fell. Only after she had landed on a man's lap did she realize that she had been shoved into a sitting Garrett who had been talking to a new arrival previously. "Oh...um..." (There. It's relatively short, but it's all I have the will to do at this point. I hope you're happy, TMD.)
  11. Abe spent most of her time with her cannons, as usual. When she wasn't cleaning them or some such thing, she was looking at the ocean and standing somewhat near them. Sometimes she even passed out there after the lullabies of the ocean made her drift to sleep. When she heard Cullen's voice, she was almost incredulous. She knew he'd boarded, but really hadn't sought him out. After so long apart, she figured to let him come to meet her. Though she hoped it'd gone alright, it was very possible that he'd been a bit scarred. She didn't want to incite bad memories accidentally or anything. Or seem too clingy... They both looked different. Abe was pale and sickly from poor sleeping patterns (through no fault of Cullen's, she was just restless without someone to talk to after becoming accustomed to that). And Cullen... Cullen has tribal painting decorating his mug and it was a little startling. At first she scarcely recognized him, but he was the only male redhead on board, as well as his voice having a familiar ring to it. Approaching slowly, the dreadlocked woman narrowed her eyes a bit and smudged some of the paint with her thumb as she felt the familiar angle of his jaw. It was still difficult to believe it was really him. At long last! Kissing him briefly, she finally sighed. "Is this going to be a permanent thing? I can accept many things, but I fear this is quite...um...messy? I do not know what happened to you in Borneo and I do not much care, but I must have you know that I am quite anal and I do not know if I could adapt to this very quickly. But..." Rubbing her finger in some leftover soot from a cannon she'd not cleaned in a time, she decorated her own face with the olden markings of her kinsmen in Scotland, who had decorated their own faces with blue paint in the days of old. "I shall make an attempt. Besides, my own kinsmen did the same. I would be a fool to spit in the faces of my ancestors." Smiling wearily from many days of poor sleep, the woman's eyes glistened. "I missed you," she said at last.
  12. Blitz looked over to Beast Boy blankly, almost looking as if she were in a trance. Her face was so plain it would have scared the wits out of Blitz herself if she could have seen it. But as the cogs turned in her head, it seemed that the facade crumbled and she looked more frightened than anything. But as she remembered she'd been spoken to, she began to haphazardly craft her reply. "Hm? Oh yeah, that's me." As the young man went on, the girl who looked to be scared of her own shadow listened intently. She was not about to slip up of her own accord. "I'm just um...intimidated, I suppose. All the others seem to know exactly what they're doing and I just...don't. I mean, I know how to use my power, but Havoc, my other form, has a mind of her own." Gee, thanks. You make me sound the villain. How many times do I have to tell you that we're the same person?! But you've killed people and I haven't. I'm just the weapon. Your feelings are the controls. So it was really you who killed those kids, not me.
  13. After observing some of the more sociable recruits talking, Blitz resolved to tune out. Two more people arrived and started to show off and the girl immediately regretted having come. These people were so much more qualified than she. Havoc may have cooperated for the fight, but Blitz suspected that the other form was just trying to get close enough to Blitz so she could ruin everything again. It was in her nature to be cautious, and Havoc's sudden attitude adjustment just wasn't adding up. When Robin announced that they should climb into the jet, she did in silence and with a vigilant, blank look about her. She sat at the very back in a corner and tucked her hands into her lap, legs pressed together tightly. Her face betrayed nothing, for she was so focused on not being a bother that she was hardly thinking anything at all. Blitz had her eyes fixed to a spot in front of her, though (as expected) she didn't appear to be looking at anything or anyone in particular. All those things coupled made her either the least or most noticeable in the space, depending on the demeanor of the observer. If they were amiable and keen, it was quite possible that the white-haired girl would stick out like a sore thumb. But those too absorbed in their own conversations would likely not note anything strange.
  14. There she is. It's a little shorter than I would have liked, but I have some things to do today. And your introductory post looks fine.
  15. Ignoring his friends also, Katerina shrugged indifferently and gazed up at the sky, watching the clouds race and crawl past. It seemed that his aura was either contagious or she was just more impressionable than she'd originally thought. Bummer. When he spoke again, she shrugged one more. "I guess it's just coincidence. I saw you and thought I'd say hi and ask what's up. I'm just as bored as anyone, y'know?" Sighing, she rolled her neck around and then got back to looking up at the sky. It was only when she heard a little voice that she broke her apathy. Maybe she didn't seem it, but she was a sucker for kids and very observant. That was often concealed by the fact that she was almost always reading or writing elegant responses to short text messages when at home. However, the black-haired young woman always kept her ears open and did, in fact, know about one of the youngest members of their clan. Kat also knew that she was sly like a fox and anything she said had to be taken with a grain of salt. Katerina still liked kids, though. "Hello, there, Azet. I like your dress today. How are you?" Since she was tall, the young lady crouched down so she was closer to eye level. There was no reason to tower over her, after all. Right? Lucas would probably sit back and ignore everything again, but that was fine by her. Since she had been alone for most of her childhood and had no parental guidance to speak of, Kat could relate to Azet and also had an appreciation for children because she had wanted a friend for so many years before she finally got some. It would be cruel to watch scornfully at children going through the same trials and troubles. No. She'd help them as best she could and hope that it was enough.
  16. After the Titans revealed the test, Blitz just let her torso fall to the ground. Laying there, she panted some more and looked up at the sky, watching the clouds. She didn't care if it was weird, she was tired as hell from Havoc's appearance - something that had not happened in a good ten years. The white-haired girl was quite winded and the down time was well appreciated. Relaxing, she closed her eyes. Suddenly, though, Robin mentioned pizza and she shot up like a rocket, on her feet and posture adjusted. After dusting herself off, she bowed to Robin. "Yes, I would quite enjoy some food." Blitz sighed and looked down to survey herself. Her clothes were a bit dusty and she had a scratch on her lower thigh, but she was alright. Her knee-high socks looked unscathed and her shoes looked just fine. Tucking her wispy pale hair behind one ear, she held her hands in front of her politely as she waited for the next instruction from the Titans. (Not much to say, but sorry for the short post.)
  17. Havoc was a lot more physically skilled than Blitz. As she saw the starbolt coming at her, she jumped into a frontflip and bounded towards Starfire, beginning to get riled up. "You little *!" the demonic figure shouted as she snapped to conjure up a flurry of more than twenty black balls of energy which hurled at Starfire. Though her anger increased her power, it also drained her more. The effects of the energy would also be seemingly null. The way they worked was, if one was hit by one of Havoc's lifeblood attacks, the subject would not feel anything. Sometimes they could even feel better. But then the subject would feel a little tingling - pins and needles - that was annoying at worst. Then they'd start to itch. And then it would be a real pain, where the intensity and duration would increase according to the concentration of energy in the blow. Of course, the emotion pure rage had every capability to kill on impact, though Havoc was not there yet. Despite her foul language and yelling, she was only slightly annoyed. Like a snake lunging wildly in an attempt to scare off predators before the real fight even begun, Havoc wished to simply disable the attackers, who she knew were the real Starfire and Raven. However, having gotten off on the wrong foot, it would take a while for Havoc to warm up to those two. Blitz, however, was easier to forgive and harder to anger. As soon as Havoc got close to Starfire, she realized her time was up and smiled before she disappeared into nothingness. As Havoc's form was shrugged off, Blitz collapsed into a heap on the ground before Starfire. Panting, the girl was slumped into the ground, using her forearms to keep herself up. "I don't know what this is assessing, but do not expect me to go down easily. I have fought much tougher battles, for this body is just a shell which houses my soul. A shell is easily broken, but a soul can only be stomped out if the owner is already lost." With that, she girl launched herself back a ways and extended one leg in a low fan kick while one was tucked under her to help keep her rooted in her spot. "I thought you of all people would know that, Starfire...," Blitz finished with gusto. Though she was tired, she could still keep going a bit. But she would definitely be eating like a pig afterwards. (I don't know if any of you realized this, but Blitz/Havoc is a play on multiple personality disorder, like a representation of it. Some details are stretched to make the characters flow better, but that's the inspiration for it. )
  18. As Blitz was shrouded in a cloud of dust, she lost her focus for a bit, letting her resistance fall. And as some of the dust eroded her exposed skin, she felt a strange, cold feeling of blood welling up in a wound. I had almost forgotten this feeling... Havoc seemed to shrug off Blitz's skin as it disappeared into smoke around her. It's been a long time since you've let me out, Blitz. I know. Well, now that we're on the same page, we may be able to work together. Now let me talk you through this. You're still holding me back and it makes me anxious. I'll try. Stop being so nervous. I don't hurt people on purpose. Remember, I'm you. We get freaked out easily. Maybe you don't know we're a little claustrophobic. Trying to contain me and being scared of me makes my spaces get tighter and tighter, see? So when you let me out, I'm very unnerved. As she felt Blitz beginning to let go of some fear, Havoc smiled and cracked her knuckles. "Yo! Not-Titans! You really shouldn't pick a fight until you know what you're dealing with. You're blind right now. That's a huge disadvantage." Rolling her shoulders, the girl accidentally flicked a ball of blackish-red energy at the sky. Woops... Forgot how to work this. Anyway, my time is almost up. You have a minute to work with me, and then you're gonna be too tired to run as fast as you did. Just a heads up. Gee, thanks!
  19. Blitz quickly backed into a wall as Raven and Starfire began attacking. When Jin conjured up a twister. Blitz was suddenly grateful. Perfect. A good time to show her stuff, no? It wasn't as if she had spent her entire life living under a rock. She received intense physical training at the orphanage as compensation for her being seemingly powerless and working as a baker was no easy task. It required one to know oneself well enough to use the body to one's advantage. For Blitz, since she was small and lacked the bulk of muscle, she required momentum to do most things, and that was easy with her small, aerodynamic frame. Swiftly dodging a few starbolts that came her way, the girl dashed passed Jin, feeling the need to thank him for protecting them from half the danger. "Thank you!" she shouted over the sound of wind and barrels crashing into the walls and ground. As the two Titans approached, Blitz sensed that something was funny about the scenario. She found it hard to believe that two fakes just happened to show up right then and try to terrorize the five recruits rather than terrorizing the city itself. It wouldn't be that hard. Besides, who would have the goal of trying to destroy a mish-mash group of teens with less control over their powers than would most likely be necessary to stop an attack like the one being done upon them at that moment rather than the actual Titans, who would be a little less one their toes than normal due to the preparations for incoming Titans. It just didn't add up. But Blitz didn't dare speak up. Instead, she just dodged the starbolts and sighed as pieces of debris came at her. None of them managed to leave a scratch. That was just her passive ability at work. Handy thing it was. (Decided to put her text in grey so it's easy to tell the difference between Blitz and Havoc, whose text will be in red. Let me know if these colors cause eyestrain for you and I shall dim them. )
  20. Don't worry about it. We're all a little busier around this time of year.
  21. As Katerina walked, she whipped out her smartphone and began to compose a text to her old friend, Micheal, who she had been meaning to talk to for a while. Once she was done, the young woman read over her text to make sure it was A-OK. Hey, Mike. Just wanted to ask how things are. How is Rachel? Recovering well from the birth I hope. And your little son. I saw the pictures you posted online. He's adorable. And I love his name. Jacob really fits him, I can just feel it. I'm sure he'll be a real stud when he grows up. We should meet up sometime. Text me and I'll see what I can do. I know you live up in NoCal now and that's a long drive, but we really need to catch up. -Kat Walking along the semi-crowded streets, she really did fit in with the young, "hip" crowd. Not many would pick her out for being different or strange. And yet she was. Many in San Francisco were, in fact. But none of the humans were aware. Or if they were, they didn't show it. Which was a good thing, Katerina supposed. The Halflings would be in danger if too many humans found out about them. Serious danger. But there was a different danger brewing, she knew. Those cities that kept getting wiped out. Halfings picked off one by one until the whole city was dead and left blood-soaked. And nobody but the attackers themselves knew the cause. Or, though it was a frightening thought, it could be that the attackers were under some spell or something that prevented them from being lucid while they committed xenocide. That would be a real issue, one that would be severely harder to combat, Kat expected. Nevertheless, she felt at home in her city and felt perfectly comfortable in her own skin there. Besides, if she put on a strong face, she could even convince those around her that she was too strong to be broken. After all, with all her differences, it took courage to stand outside and use her face to say: "hey, world, I'm going to subject myself to your unrighteous judgement!" While life was harsh, she felt almost privileged to live amongst others like herself, other Halflings. Their clan wasn't necessarily close-knit, but they were still one unit that shared each other's struggles. After maybe ten minutes of self-reflection, she felt a familiar vibration in her pocket that meant that someone had sent her a message. Seeing that it was from Mike, she opened it excitedly. Of course he'd have something funny to say. He was just that kind of person. After quickly reading the message, she giggled, rolled her eyes and sighed. Of course he'd say something like that. Why is it that now you're just spewing compliments at me? Is it because I got married or because I had a kid? Either way, they're both too gentle. I need someone to give me a hard time, and if I asked Jude or Ricky that, they'd come to my house and throw a party that I wouldn't be invited to. So come on, make me feel a little down on myself. Things are going so good, I'm afraid this is the beginning of a horror movie. In all seriousness, though, I'd love to see you sometime. Rick and Jude came last month and I just had Eric over last week. Maybe you and Audrey could talk about come up at the same time. Maybe you two can get me to shut up about Jake. Quickly replying, she typed quickly and glanced up every few seconds to be sure she didn't bump into somebody. That'd be incredibly rude. Her cheeks would probably get so red she'd get even more embarrassed about that. But, luckily, she didn't run into somebody by accident before composing her reply. Well prompting me to insult you is like looking in the closet or splitting up. It's just dumb. But I think I'll let you wallow in your happiness for a little while longer. I want to see your face in person when I bring down the hammer of reality on you. It'll be fun, I promise. As she passed by a group of seemingly rowdy teens (ones that she could conceivably be hanging out with), she saw a familiar face. The aloof Lucas. Or...he appeared to be aloof whenever Katerina saw him. He was always indifferent, sipping a drink, or sleeping, or talking about something she didn't understand with people she didn't know. But she was bored, and he seemed rather disinterested (as always) and so she stopped and smiled. "How's it goin', Luke?" It was a friendly, normal question. Seemed fine for someone her age to ask. The only thing that made it slightly terrifying to talk to her was her height. Since she was so very tall, many found it uncomfortable talking to her. Then, she was more than willing to sit down to have a conversation to reduce the gap.
  22. As a flash of bright green light caught her attention, the girl backed away suddenly, even though she knew it was supposed to be some show of celebration for the arrivals. As the show progressed, she gawked publicly. Her eyes grew wide and she muttered smalls words of amazement as the lights and shadows did their tricks. It seemed surreal. That she was really watching those marvelous feats. And when the two original Titans showed themselves, she quickly composed herself, wringing her wrists behind her back and straightening her posture. When they spoke she listened dutifully and gave a few nods and smiles to show she was listening. Then they asked something of each of them. Looking around, she realized that she really wanted to know each of those people. She really wanted to make friends with them, to grow with them and become one team: Titans South. She knew they could do it in time. They just had to bond under the guidance of the original Titans. And though that would be no easy task, Blitz was confident that she could at least put forth her best effort because she would be in a controlled environment and finally get the opportunity to be under the guidance and supervision of people who knew her struggle. "I am called Blitz," the fearful young lady announced quietly. Her voice was soft and smooth like honey. In the past, it would be expected of every woman to be as timid and quiet as she, though in present day it was a bit odd to be so very solemn. Nevertheless, it would be even worse for her to remain silent even though something had been asked of her, so she answered the question directly and did not add anything further. Though her interactions with Phoenix involved sticking her neck out a little more, they were also more casual. These were the Teen Titans, and Blitz would sooner forget her fears than that fact, and the fact that they were to be respected and spoken to with directness and rigid duty until instructed otherwise. They were to be her teachers, after all. Well...hopefully.
  23. Blitz just watched in silence at Phoenix conjured up a flame. For a while, she was captivated. But then the negative thoughts started creeping in and she felt her gaze drop. She couldn't make eye contact and her heart raced. It was in those moments when she felt Havoc beating and pounding at her wall. Shouting, shouting. Let me out! Let me out! I'll show her what I can do! You can blow 'em all away! Blitz gripped her arm harder and harder, struggling to brush off the fact that Havoc kept telling her to just let out a tiny, tiny spec of blood. Just a little. With a sudden burst of audacity, the girl looked up and smiled softly. "That's amazing. All I can do with certainty is this..." Picking up a sharp shard of glass, the girl ran it across her face. Grey-white wisps enveloped it and not even a trace of the cut that should have resulted in the act appeared as she pulled the piece away. "It's a little bizarre, but, um...I don't know. I guess it's just a bit interesting." Her main power was too strong to be controlled by such a feeble girl. Blitz just prayed that the Titans could help her train and get Havoc on her side. She especially hoped that Raven would be able to guide her. She seemed most able to help her. The white-haired girl tried meditation, but it didn't seem to work. Havoc always ended up seeing her, trying to shoot a blast of energy at her, and running away into the forest. And no matter how much Blitz tried, she couldn't follow her other self. They were too scared of each other.
  24. "No, it's fine. I think it's gone now...," At that point her voice was like the wind, a whisper so soft it was almost silent. When the girl went on about the weather in California, Blitz was silently relieved. Her little mishap was away from the prying light of other people's attention. "Yes. I'd expect so. I haven't been there, but people say it's pretty and that it's a good holiday venture," she replied politely. There was nothing to say, really, without putting herself out there. And the white-haired girl didn't quite want to do that yet. "I'm sure they'll show up sometime. They might just be waiting for everyone to arrive." Looking around anxiously, Blitz all of a sudden remembered that she hadn't introduced herself. What a social faux pas! Oh well. Not too late to fix it. "I'm sorry, I just remembered that I forget to introduce myself. I am called Blitz. What's your name?" In asking that question Blitz was putting herself out there a great deal. While she found it rather difficult to ever make eye contact, the split-second passing glance satisfied her for right then. There was a lot on her mind, after all. With the Titans presumably watching, it was vital to make the best of the situation. Maybe they'd see potential in her and ask her to join the rest in training. Maybe then she could try to work on controlling Havoc without the fear of harming hundreds of people in a span. It'd been years since she'd gotten a cut or bled for any reason. She'd had her resistance activated, which prevented her from bleeding. It was lucky that she had that assurance, because otherwise she'd have to had run away to someplace no one was and live the rest of her days there. (Blitz is 5'3", so I'm sorry to say that she's not shorter.)