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  1. (okay...so where is it, I don't want to just be like: so then she was just, like, there and then she watched and got bored and derped, i mean, i wouldn't say that, but you know what I mean, right? )
  2. (*is confused* wait...what happened?)
  3. (lol, vamp and check OOC for form for the Lycan guy) Wolfe licked his lips. Sirin stayed unconscious. Wolfe cracked his knuckles. In spite of his recent mini-meal he was still hungry. (gtg, be back tomorrow guys!)
  4. Username: Mousia Char Name: Wolfe Species: Lycan Age: 21 Gender: Male Abilities: Can shape-shift into a wolf and back again. He is very fast and strong and her wolf fur color is pith black and his scent isn't human in wolf form and isn't wolf-y in human-form Weapons: The wolf, a few knives and a few bombs Picture/Description: Human:He has tanned skin from being in the sun and sparkling green eyes. He wears jeans and a black hoodie with different colored T-shirts underneath. He has black hair that is cut U.S. Marines style. The only ways to tell if he is really a Lycan are his large canines and small fangs in human form. Wolf: A pitch black wolf with brown eyes. He is thin and some patches of fur are missing from fights. He has numerous scars and his ribs are clearly defined under his coat. His ears are severely nicked. His canines and fangs are enlarged to normal wolf-size in wolf-form as well. His tail is now a red and swollen stub and he reeks of disease. Personality: He acts kind and charismatic but he is really a lying stealing person who needs to get a grip. He has lived in the forest for several years so he was isolated from humanity thanks to Sirin, which is why he hates her the most of all. Bio: He an Sirin are step-siblings, which was rough as it was. Sirin hated his constant reek when he was a wolf and his ugly personality as a human. Wolfe hated her guts and how she was always stronger than he. Then, she told a Lycan about her brother and his rampages through the city stealing money and jewelry, as well as household pets and food from the fridge. The second Lycan and their mismatched pack took him prisoner and made him stay in the forest, banished from their kind, which was actually quite broad, he was isolated for life. Student or Trainer: None Other: He's an evil guy who comes along and makes life hard... ------------------------------------------- Height: Unknown, but around 6'7"-6'10" Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Human:Green Wolf:Brown
  5. A scream rang and echoed around. Sirin's body slid down the door and she was face-down on the ground. "One down, the rest of the island to go." The Lycan growled. (Clash of the nightmarish evil thingy's )
  6. Sirin went to open to door to her dorm and it was locked, she searched for the key but lacked it. She was absolutely sure she had taken it when she left. "Looking for this?" Sirin started breathing heavy with fear. "Get away from me." She whispered. "What was that?" The voice mocked. "GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screeched like a banshee. "That's the Sirin I remember!" The voice seemed pleased.
  7. (Ooh, that's deep) Sirin heard a cry of agony and then a low voice which she couldn't make out but she figured it could wait until later because she would be no use to anybody dead.
  8. (Oh, lol, i kinda guessed the last one) Sirin walked straight into a tree while she wasn't looking and cursed loudly, as most young adults would have. She felt her forehead and her hand was red with blood. Again, she swore, but this time, it was almost silent. They would be able to smell her blood now. Panicked, she stuffed her journal and pen in her inside cloak pocket and looked around. There was no sign of anyone so far, at least, not hostile people, not the people she feared. She still prepared herself to draw her katana and she slowly made her way back to her dorm where she could find some bandages or towels. She was careful to not let any blood reach the ground of anything else, for that matter.
  9. (okay. I feel kinda bad that you have to translate but I'll try to learn fast) Sirin took out her notebook and started writing and drawing in it. How can we overcome this aching? This strife that defines us? The scale has been tipped This time we can't win Unless we band together And fight with the same goal. "Hm, maybe I should put this on a shirt..." Sirin said to herself.
  10. (What page is the alt. Language on?)
  11. She rolled out of bed and quickly brushed her hair. She picked out a black shirt and her XXHigh-top converse. She tied them and walked out of the door, not feeling very up to the day but still attempting to take a stab at it, though not literally.
  12. Sirin lay on her bed on her back and stared up at the ceiling, playing back 'the incident' again and again.
  13. wow...really cool pic, dude!
  14. Nope...better... *cough* *cough* Night Elf x Fae *cough* *cough*
  15. I shall change! WAIT! Can I make her a cross between two species????
  16. Oh, lol. I didn't even read anybody's forms on the first post...great minds think alike, I guess.
  17. True, true. My math teacher teaches us last years lessons, which makes me soooooooo mad! But anyways...edited!
  18. KK, gonna write up a really quick one, I was supposed to start my homework 3h ago, lol
  19. LOL I think that a lot of my characters have violent pasts because I helps me with RP and i'm kind of in a killer-making mood today so... do you want me to post a description until I have pictures?
  20. Username: Mousia Char Name: Sirin (noticing a theme here?) Species: Fae and Night Elf (Cross-breed) Age: 20 Gender: Female Abilities: Sirin can use attack with magic having to do with telekinesis and distorting and transporting matter with the mind. When she does this a slight magenta glow is visible and her eyes glow the same color quite brightly, though she can also change what other people see of this and whether they notice it at all. These traits make her a master of illusion. Most think that they also make her a very hard woman to beat in a match because she would overcome them with flurries of her mind powers, but, she mainly uses physical attacks or weapons to inflict her damage, since her magic takes a great toll on her physical energy and though she built up a high endurance, she can't take much of it unless she is in dire need of her abilities. Few know this about her students believe that she is going easy on them in scrimmages or practice battles when training. Only her closest friends know this about her, and of course, herself. Weapons: Two sai, which she keeps in her belt and a katana, which is strapped with leather to her back under her cloak. She has a police issue stolen gun for emergencies and scare tactics, but she barely uses or even pulls it out, so few know that she has it in the first place. Picture/Description: Sirin has pale skin and big, dark eyes. She has a rather smooth complexion, being past her acne days for the most part. She wears a black cloak with blue trim that reaches almost to floor, the cloak also has a hood. Said cloak is open. Underneath this cloak which she never takes off are a pair of jean 'short-shorts' and a T-shirt with varying color, depending on her mood that day, but that all have her name printed on them in big white letters (unless the shirt is white, then they're black) and a large dark angel decal. Over the decal is a short poem that Sirin herself wrote. On each is the same poem. Without going into the flames Without falling to your knees Without begging for mercy How are you to learn to accept The bitter taste and smell of defeat? She also wears black converse that go up to just below her knee or black leather boots that are about the same height. On special occasions she will wear short, black high heel boots (i.e. important meetings with strangers, meeting diplomats etc.) WORKING ON IT! (Pics will arrive soon!) Personality: Her words are sharp as a spear and blunt as a club at the same time. She is tough to those she hates and those she doesn't know, but when she gets close to people she is protective and stubborn, she doesn't want to lose them. Bio: Born a fae, Sirin had a life of blissful mischief, but, when her parents grew sick and old, she scavenged for food and begged for work. When her parents died within a day of each other, all of Sirin's hopes for life were dashed. On her own, she grew more and more angry at the world. Finally, she lashed out on the city by lighting houses of her bullies on fire laughing as they all choked on the smoke and begged for mercy, for she had locked the doors with magic. When the dust settled, she realized that she was a cold-blooded killer and fled, though she would have been banished anyway. She focused hard on containing herself, then, one night, a very old and frail fae dumped her on the boat to the school, where she found guidance, found herself. But, the old killer is still there, it will never go away... Student or Trainer: Trainer Other: Wow, I worked really hard on that Bio. ------------------------------------------- Height: 6'5" Hair Color: Black with some greys growing early from hard labor. Eye Color: Grey, like a storm with lighting rumbling in it's belly, ready to strike.
  21. "Sirin asked "Are you even 400 years old?" I did? I mean...she did? I don't remember that...
  22. I forgot to add that she has the ancient writing markings and in his history that: 1. She blames Sy;an for all the bad stuff in her life 2. She saw Sylan every one and a while as a hatchling 3. She's a bit younger than Sylan Sorry!