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  1. (Lol) Sirin nodded a little. She wanted to help Saihika understand, but he could not. This...goggling in and out of one's body was beyond his comprehension...unless... No, she wouldn't put her friend through the same as she had. (Lol CENSORKOP FOR THE WIN!)
  2. (I was just taking a shower and my water heater broke...) Sirin walked around within herself. She knew she had enough energy to re-inhabit herself, but she didn't have enough to do much else after that. She pondered which option she should choose. After a short while she settled on not making them wait any longer. She breathed a breath of life into herself and her eyes flitted back and forth. "You did not have to wait for me."
  3. (Sirin shall return into the same body)
  4. Sirin was faintly aware of the arguement, but didn't see anything she could do anymore because she couldn't make out what they were saying. She slept in her own phsyche, finding the never-ending blank whiteness unnerving. Wolfe woke up on the same beach and shook the sand out of his hair. He shook out his wet clothes and un-dressed, putting his clothes out to dry, hastily, he changed into wolf form so no one would stumble upon him, seeing him...exposed.
  5. (Yep, I have very...'colorful' ideas ) Sirin faintly smiled. I knew someone would try to save me. Her voice was rough and scratchy, as if she didn't bother to speak clearly, it would waste her breath. I need to rest. She smiled and pulled the plug, but right before that she used her powers to transmit to them the feeling that this deadness was temporary, voluntary, and that she would return.
  6. (Tyra is there, just trapped, like, she can't move, imagine not being able to think, that's what Tyra is experiencing, very complicated ) Sirin couldn't hear, couldn't see, but she was curious, so, she gathered her strength and felt her spirit flow like water through her physical body again. "What's going on?" She barely had enough energy to speak, but she managed to move so she could lean against the wall. Tyra struggled under the weight, the burden or the large boulder. (gtg, I might be able to RP on my kindle later! bye!) (Edit:*is here*)
  7. (It's a lot of description on whats going on in her mind, but since no-one if inside of the body, it's all blank, understand?) Sirin moaned a little, but her eyes glazed again. The stillness wouldn't cease unless Sirin's soul occupied the body. Sirin was aware that not everyone could choose when to occupy their body and when to just be dead for a while, in theory, only those with some freak-of-nature power or two souls. Tyra gave up on trying to pull herself from the boulder.
  8. Tyra smiled. Sirin is gone. Sirin gave up on conquering her body, she had to take down Tyra. For a moment, Tyra's eyes stretched wide, as if she had been hit, taken by surprise. then, Sirin's eyes went black and the body crumbled, not occupied by either of them. They tumbled inside of the body and it moved if the hits the walls of her conscious hard enough. The white walls of her blank mind were staggering and it was difficult to see where the walls connected with the floors. Sirin occupied her body for a second, and only thought of a simple boulder, but with only herself being able to move it. Sirin exited herself and trapped her demon behind the boulder. Sirin was too tired to do anything but lay down in her world of whiteness, aloneness and solitude, for the memory of Tyra had died, for now, at least. (Ha! Lol, I'm not the standerd American, then!)
  9. (cool and no, i live in the U.S. ) (Woops) Sirin managed to come forward, just for long enough to speak a short sentence. It's not me, she has taken my body! Tyra cringed, the goodness hurt her, but then again, this WAS a fae. What had she been thinking, choosing a FAE to take over, of all creatures! Sirin looked through her own eyes, but distantly, she hated the feeling, the feeling of being an outsider.
  10. (She's a magic-using, teleporting demon-ghost, draw your own conclusions about how she got there ) (kk) (Wow, I guess it makes them feel at home...and did you mean the U.S. Military or the CAN Military?) (And, Tyra is in Sirin's body, just remember that...) Tyra smiled and took the cookie, she stuffed it in Sirin's inside pocket. She took the creature, Saihika, by the arm (he has arms, right?) and dragged him outside. (Does he hurt when he gets wounded?) Tyra's vengeful and demonic soul had blackened long ago, it didn't even make her flinch when someone died. 'Another soul to reap, another persons weep': that was her motto.
  11. (Lol, kool-aid ) (And...have you been stalking my posts, vamp? No big deal, I was just curious lol) Tyra made her way to the hut/tent where Saihika was eating. Hello! Tyra tried to act as Sirin would, since she had invaded her body. Tyra cleverly hid the gun again. Wolfe snored loudly, waking all the birds and small animals in the area. Hi, hi, Wolfe-y!"
  12. Sirin suddenly stirred, but it wasn't her anymore. Ha! I've waited so long, rested for so many years...all for this moment! I will not let it fleet so easily this time!" Tyra spoke, half to herself, half to Sirin. She kicked open the door and cocked Sirin's gun. This is gonna be fun...! Wolfe finally got onto the beach of another island. Exhausted, he fell on the beach and that was where he slept, the soft sand cradled his head and body delicately. (0h, and vamp, sorry for taking forever to post, i had a late run for the show i'm part of in practice yesterday and today I procrastinated while doing HW)
  13. Sirin tossed and turned and screamed, then, she just lay still. Her breath had long stopped coming, but her heart was still beating, it was impossible. But there she was, sprawled dramatically across the floor, still alive, but with no vital signs. She was practically dead, again. It was like death was after her, but she was dodging the bullets one after the other, one day, death would get smart and catch her while she wasn't looking, and that day, she wouldn't come back again. (bum bum bum!) (Edit:* twiddles thumbs*) Sirin pulled but as hard as she tried she couldn't free her leg from the shark. More sharks appeared out of the blackness and devoured her. She was dead, but she still felt every chomp and crunch. Her last scream was the loudest. Blood spilled onto the floor and her pulse stopped. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sirin woke up, sweating and panted. Oh, thank God! She sighed to herself. She jumped off the bed and cracked her skull ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Again, Sirin woke up. The dreams within dreams went on for hours until she woke up in reality and stayed up. She couldn't speak, she only rocked in a corner under the lamplight until the sun rose. (gtg)
  14. (Yeah...) (Oh...okie-dokie) Sirin was in the middle of reading the first sentence on the page about Ken'oi when she collapsed on the ground with the book out of her hand, but close to it. (think of the scene after Snow White takes the first bite of the apple in the original Walt-Disney movie, if you remember ever watching it, if you ever did.) Sirin watched as the impeding walls of waters steadily pushed her down, cloaked her with itself. Bubbles rose to the top as she tried to gasp for air, but she didn't need it. (orange=dream)
  15. (lol...wow) Sirin read a book, a very boring one, but, she read it all the same. She stumbled upon a page about Ken'oi. They appeared to look a lot like that creature who have helped her earlier. Wolfe stood up and let the wind blow his hair all around. He waded in and set off swimming, he didn't care about his destination, he just swam away. The rough waters pulled him back and pushed him forward, but he refused to give up.
  16. () Wolfe sat with his pants rolled up and his legs in the ocean, toes stuck in the cold, wet sand. He felt marooned like a sailer. Inside, he was tormented and filled with rage, but he was very calm on the outside, appearing deep in thought. He brushed he hair away from his eyes and stared into the rough, grey-black sky.
  17. (Ikr. One time, someone was just lookin' at Good eggs, go bad and I was so bored that I PM'd them about and they were like: 'Uh...' people these days...)
  18. (Hello there, people! I have arrived and your days all just got better! jk...but I hope they at least improved a litte... ) Sirin sighed, she wasn't aware of any students in need of assistance, besides, it had always been her style to wait until they came to her, because it just seemed rude to pop up out of nowhere to help them. She swiftly polished her weapons for no reason at all, since she hadn't used them since she polished them last, after her encounter with that person that lived three islands over. She wondered where he was now, because he appeared to be well-travelled, going from island to island freely. She thought of a very cliche poem but didn't write it down, it wasn't really her style.
  19. Okie-dokie, kira Lol, vamp, you should've used the censorkip Edit:gtg, kindle fire is dying, see ya
  20. (Ha ha, Lol, Kk) Sirin felt herself slipping out of control of herself. Everything was red, as if she were looking through a lens that was tinted red. Tyra smiled. "I haven't been this strong in years!" Sirin gritted her teeth, she bated not being in control of herself. She pounded on the white walls that surrounded her in this world of limbo but she only felt a pounding in her own head, as if she were within herself.
  21. Sirin watched the moon fall into the ocean. Wolfe looked into the sky, though he refrained from howling because even he didn't want the sound of his own voice. Tyra looked up at the sky through Sirins' eyes. Sirin felt the odd tingling that meant Tyra was stirring. She cursed quietly to herself, she wasn't in the mood to hear her demon.