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  1. (Father-son relationships...I will never, ever get it...) She got to the arena and just sat, and cried. She cried because of all the wrongs she'd done, because it was all her fault that Vamprah was dead. Because, even, she was crying. She let out all her feelings there, alone, quietly, in a discreet place under that stands of the arena. And there, once she had stopped and sniffled and the tears were drying, that Tyra spoke.
  2. (I cant be on this weekend either...I might be on late at night or before 1pm EST though...) Sirin watched as Kira got smaller, as well as Vamprah. She glanced quickly at Saihika, feeling around in his thoughts, he seemed to have a distinct fear of the vampire. Wolfe licked his lips. The blood had gotten a little cooler, but it wasn't so bad. Sirin sighed and started off towards the arena. What have I done... (Oh...and sorry for not being online...my kindle died,then I got lazy.)
  3. (Lol...burn!) Sirin felt the presence of Vamprah dissapear suddenly and tried a mind sync, which is when a soul pretty much stalks another one until one of them comes back into the physical world. She only felt the dull blackness that could only mean one thing. She shivered slightly, ever since the fire that she had started in her village death had rattled her so. He's...g-gone. Vamprah's body was still warm but his eyes were dull and lifeless. She shook him. Wake up, Vamprah! You... Sirin desparetly tried to drag her accomplice to the build where she knew people could get regenerated. Wolfe smelled death and people. He quickly ran onto Kenomi and saw Vamprah. He had an idea. He bounded towards the body in his wolf form and riped to shreds the body, gulping it down so there was no chance that he could live again. This is something you cant control, Sirin. It feels weird to be on the other side of things, huh? Wolfe grinned once he had transformed into human form
  4. (You can still make him die...) (Edit:And I wanted to make it seem like she tried..., but I think it will be more dramatic for him to die, get to the healing place and then, try as they might, they cant save him...)
  5. (WTF! How does this happen?) () Sirin said, "If I save up strength, I can teleport you, you will have time." Sirin then weakly pointed to Vamprah. She started to glow purplish as she transferred about half of her energy into Vamprah, she had rested enough, and he needed it. She looked at Saihika. "help him, I will walk on my own."
  6. (Sorry for being inactive, my grandma has no wifi...) Sirin let herself go limp this time. The heat of the fire warmed her and she smiled briefly. "Saihika, why don't you attend Kenomi?" She asked for a second before wiping sweat and blood from the corner of her mouth. (Sometimes, when internal bleeding occurs, a person coughs it up, that's where shes bleeding from)
  7. Sirin wiped her face, her hand getting covered in blood. Her face was even paler than usual, due to her blood loss. Wolfe swam along the coast of the island, his final destination was supposed to be Kenomi. He hoped for the best.
  8. Ask stupid questions like that and you will not last long. Now, She turned to face the Ken'oi. You will not ask me stupid questions that require obvious answers, understood? Her voice was a stern growl, not anything like herself. Once she was well past the flames, her feet were lowered to the ground and she fell to her knees. Do you see why NOW?! Sirin yelled at Saihika and coughed up some blood. There are consequences to strength.
  9. No, no, no, vamp's post...
  10. LOL IT WASN'T MY FAULT THAT WOLFE BURNED DOWN THE FOREST!!!!!!! They have minds of their own!
  11. (Are you still editing?) (b/c I have to go soon so...) (Edit-I have to go...sorry, but you can post and I'll catch up tomorrow) (edit 2: I AM HERE! ) (MY COMPUTER WONT LET ME DO A NEW POST!!!!! WHAT THE CRAP!?) Sirin tried to shake herself out of his grasp. Hm. Sure... Her eyes started to glow in the odd way that they did when she was using magic. The flames parted and she floated through them. She did not seem fully aware of what she was doing and she looked very gothic-mythical. Do not try to restrain me, friend, I am very destructive.
  12. O.K.! Sirin screamed. She actually could teleport if she could concentrate hard enough, but she didn't want to alert Vamprah to that. She looked for someone or something through the smoke and flames, coughing as she ran though them. Her eyes and skin burned as the smoke stung and fire licked curiously as her skin. Her face was black with soot and ashes and her eyes had become red with the smoke. She felt something dropped and, after looking at it for a few second over her shoulder, saw that it was her notebook. She ran back after it. Sirin picked it up and her hands seared with pain as the fire lapped her hand. She screamed with rage but kept going behind him.
  13. Sirin looked at Saihika for a moment, not believing him, but she quickly felt the heat from the flames and rushed out. How...why...? Her head was filled with questions. Wolfe ran out the small escape hole and watched as the flame closed it up and the tongues of heat advanced. He delved into the ocean and swam until he was pretty deep and his feet could no longer touch the bottom.
  14. (sorry for being inactive...oh, and also, I got grounded...so...yeah...) Sirin did not come out of her little room, she feared the light would harm her, given her ever-present headache Wolfe looked back for a split second before leaping over the burning, searing flames and catching onto the next branch down, he swung onto the next tree. Wolfe swiftly made his way down, getting as far away as he could from Saihika with each swing. Eventually, he got down to the forest floor. He tried to sprint, but he soon realized that he wasn't fast enough and morphed into his wolf form. He jumped over a surging river and after that he made a trail of flames behind him, they quickly spread through the forest on his side of the river. He veered towards a beach and shakily encircled himself with a flame-stoping powder. The sheer heat made him pant out his sweat and the fiery walls enclosed him, except for a small exit, which he hoped the other creature wouldn't find. (edit:homework is really annoying me right now...why don't teachers updated their websites... I mean...seriously... is it too much to ask of them? NO! thank you for reading my epic fail rant.)
  15. Sirin wrote a little in her journal. Wolfe jumped to another tree. He caught onto a branch by his hands and swiftly scrambled up to start climbing again, this tree was taller. He sighed, catching his breath at the top. (Gtg)
  16. Wolfe howled in pain. He opened a small bottle and put a small amount of blue powder in his hand. He then opened his hand again and dumped it on Saihika. A large blue flame erupted around the creature, quickly closing in. Wolfe climbed higher all the while.
  17. () (Ok) Wolfe quickly climbed a nearby tree. He started showering Saihika with leaves. There ya go! Leaves, dumb***! (dirty, dirty language, wolfey) Sirin was oblivious. Her ear buds were blasting music too loudly.
  18. Wolfe faintly smiled. He stayed where he was, though. Sirin got dressed. Her hair was in a messy ponytail. She shuffled around for a while. (Good morning.)
  19. (Meh...haven't decided...but I'm gonna go to bed 'cause I've been going to bed pretty late recently...so yeah..good night, ttyl) Edit:oh..good, ur here... Sirin woke up to the sun, its irritating morning light penetrating her eyelids. A dark creature lurked just around the bend for its victims. Tyra had long given up. Wolfe licked his lips at his prey.
  20. (A prequel would be cool) Sirin shook her head and then realized that she was lying, she did need sleep. She went onto the hammock, closed her eyes and was peacefully snoring in five minutes. Wolfe looked around the island for food. He saw a movement in the distance. Food.
  21. (Well said, Kira, maybe a tad bit blunt...but anger is a valid excuse )
  22. I am for gay/lesbian marriage because it's not fair to segregate them from people that are 'straight'. I am proud to say that even though people call me gay even when I'm not because I realize that everyone would be upset if a bunch of gay people controlled the world and 'straight' marriage was outlawed, so why cant we let gays and lesbians love each other, because it's not their fault who they love (ok, maybe a little but seriously, have a heart!). Imagine what they are going through...you would hats that and so would I. The end.... And I'm not hating on people who believe that gays and lesbians are...incorrect, I'm just stating my opinion. Thank you and goodbye
  23. Sirin shook her head. Her body was screeching in pain but she didn't let on, it would only make things worse. Instead, she limped towards her room until she realized that she wouldn't be able to make it. Wolfe kind of enjoyed being secluded from everyone, it almost made him...happy.
  24. Sirin was shocked at Saihika's reaction, but she half-smiled, knowing she had been missed."No, I'm fine." she said to Vamprah. Sirin pondered her capabilities to conquer the bodies of others, but then banished the idea. She stumbled out of the open door a of the cabin, but the her legs failed to independantly carry her any longer and she fell against the outdoor wall. She cursed quietly to herself at how weak she was.