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  1. Wolfe cringed. He instinctively pulled away, a reflex ever since he had been shunned. A large rock plummeted down on his head and he fell. Blood pooled around him, but, amazingly, he was alive; barely.
  2. Like I said, we're headed to the arena, I am gonna test you so we can work on your skills. She laughed lightly, trying to keep the atmosphere...comfortable. Finally, she arrived and went in. This is the inside of the arena, it's really big, huh? So...whenever your ready, call it and we'll begin!
  3. Wolfe went in after testing the walls. Looks abondoned! He called loudly. Curplunk. The building fell from it's place, as if waiting for Wolfe to enter for it to falter. Crash. Boom. Crack. The noises were surprisingly quiet, hushed at the sadness.
  4. Hm...I dunno. I'll check it out. Wolfe strode towards it. It looked all old and crumbling, as if when he opened the door it would all collapse on him. He though for a second, this girl was giving him a chance, pushing aside the notion that since this was a stranger, maybe it would be best not to communicate with him, but no, she gave him a chance. He hung on that thought. (EDIT) Sirin pointed to Bolas Weaponry. There is Bolas Weaponry, which you might want to check out if you want some more weapons or something. And that's Kenomi Postal Service, right there next to it is Runners and over there is Keith's, which is a grocery store. By the way, Runners has take-out food. That huge domed build is the arena - which is where we're headed - and right over there are the trainer dorms, which you don't really need to worry about until a little later on. Sirin took a long, deep breath. That's it! Are you up for a scrimmage after all that? Sirin asked sarcastically.
  5. (yeah, yeah, yeah, it's fine) Wolfe was in his human form, eyes sparkling, as usual. Hi, there! He called to Sarisha, though he didn't know her. Do you know what island this is? I'm so confused. He lied. He knew where he was, what he was doing.
  6. (Doesn't matter to me...just not the arena, Sirin can't see him for the integrety of the RP...and my sanity.) Sirin continued on. Those buildings there are the student dorms, she pointed. And that, Her index finger moved slightly to their left. is Good Roast, which is a small coffee shop. (Edit: Looked you up on yt...I like it...your voice is really loud, good thing, keep it up!)
  7. (No one, my charrie left and if talking to Ensis, but my NAN, who is doing nothing can have an encounter with Sarisha if you want)
  8. (hm...*thinks up random number of years*) Sirin sensed the reluctance in the girl's voice, but she really needed to know if Ensis was trustworthy or not. Hm. I got here when I was...er... Sirin couldn't believe that she had forgotten. I think I was...14...and now I'm 20 so...6 years. She cracked her knuckles instinctively and started off walking briskly. Alright, let's get started! She pointed to the Health Ward. There's the Health Ward. If you get killed - which is pretty rare- you are rushed here, where you can get brought back to life as long as most of your body is still there.
  9. Sirin sighed, realizing that this person with computer-like responses could see rifght through her. It's very complicated, I would have to delve way back into my history. But, uh, why don't I show you around...or would you rather go straight to the arena and have a match...? Sirin realized afterwards that this was not enough. It would really help take my mind off of what happened. She casually pulled her black hair into a ponytail to keep it from fluttering into her eyes. (EDIT) (Grr...putting the pic here is really making me mad... ) Sirin smiled thinly. I almost forgot...my name is Sirin.
  10. Sirin looked at the stranger. Nothing. She could tell it wasn't really very convincing, but the other girl didn't seem like she cared so much either, so she dropped the subject. Are you a new student here? In her head, Sirin said to herself: DUH! What's wrong with your head today? (I am very close to uploading it...but the pic is a wee bit small.)
  11. Sirin wiped her face shakily. She slowly walked over to the Health Ward. When she got there, she couldn't bring herself to enter it. She just waited near the entrance to the island (where students enter from the boat). She leaned against a post close to the entrance. (Edit:b/c someone is on the computer and if I get caught I'm in big trouble)
  12. (I think I might fall asleep before eleven thirty but ill try to stay up...but you don't have to, it might be a big waste of your time. You can sleep.)
  13. (I have a dev. account, yeah)
  14. (Ill try...but if I don't, ill do it tomorrow after school) (Someone's using the computer....ill stay up until...11:30 pm EST but if they don't leave by then ill have to do it tomorrow.)
  15. (FINISHED!) (Btw, jaina, I love you intro post, but did you post a form in OoC? If you did, awesome, if you didn't it would be awesome if you did asap. Thanks) (Nvm, saw it. I like your writing style)
  16. (Don't flatter me...but even I am looking forward to see how it turns out...working on hands+shading right now...)
  17. (Thanks...almost done..will prob post late tonight/ tom afternoon)
  18. (Do frost ken'oi have paws or hands?)
  19. (Kk) Sirin didn't want to risk Vexx dying forever, so she teleported him and Kira to the health ward, with Vamprah on a healing bed. She felt it was the least she could do. Sirin stayed in the dark for a long time after that. (Telling about the future, not a time skip) She fixed her hair, though it was unnessesary. (Too lazy to wait for Kira)
  20. () (Do you plan on regen.ing Vamprah?)
  21. (Ok. I was just wondering because I have way too much free time on my hands)
  22. (Oh yeah...I wanted to ask you if I could draw the frost ken'oi. Can I?)
  23. (Lol. *rereads rules* oh crap...epic fail.) (I has epic awesomeness plan...) (Edit:maybe, on the prequel, people have to show that they can manage their chars+either know you or be on the rp for at least 2 months and be active...that would probably ensure no forgotten charries)
  24. () (Interesting.) Sirin perked up at the voice. Let me fix it, Hun How do I know you're not lying? Wolfe walked around in the charred forest. (Should I make another charrie?)