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  1. The Final Chapter


    Theresa lived another ten years after the Sista Viska was retaken. She tried open up to people more, and though her anger was still an issue, she kept it under wraps. She grew close to Roberts, but five years after finally admitting her affection for him she walked down a street with Ceto. On pure instinct after seeing a flash of a gun, Theresa knocked Ceto to the ground, and took the bullets for her. There were three bullets fired all at once from Templars. Theresa fell to her knees and the Templars fled, their mission a failure. Theresa was laid to rest by her brother, who later aided the Assassins by using his contacts to eliminate the Templars who killed her. Her brother later joined the Assassins himself, and also named his first born girl 'Theresa' after his sister.

    Aero grew to be old. His sandy hair turned white, his eyes faded to grey and his skin lost its youthful look. He grew wearier by the day until finally he went to bed and died peacefully in his sleep, satisfied with his life as a whole.

    Cullen Reid fell in love with Ambra Neirum in Ireland. They returned to the Sista Viska for a short time but decided to return to the Emerald Isle. There, they served the brotherhood for several years but eventually retired to the countryside. Cullen purchased land and built a farm from scratch to support their, then, growing family. Three children, two daughters and a son, were born to the couple. Cullen and Ambra grew into old age, training their offspring as Assassins, but rarely bringing up their brief time spent as pirates, since niether had truly been one. Cullen got back in touch with Abigail briefly, and settled past tensions, finding that both were happier. With a bit of wealth and a profitable estate, a loving family and a soul mate, Cullen died from old age at the ripe old age of sixty four. His son went onto become the Irish Mentor and drove the Creed into success and led in a time of peace, finishing the work Cullen had begun after returning home.

    Abigail Dunn changed her name to Abigail Hemsworth after marrying the Sista Viska carpenter, Garrett. They stayed aboard the ship for a bit before she got pregnant. Leaving her beloved cannons behind to a promising young sailor with as much passion for them as she, the black-haired woman and her husband left at an English port and lived out the rest of their lives on a slow farm in the hills of England. They had eight children in total and, stunningly, all of them grew to adulthood. In her last leg of life, Abigail gathered her kids 'round and told them the story of her and Garrett's life, but changed the names and told them it was a fiction. That story carried on in their family for generations and generations. It became the go-to story of the Hemsworth's, whose family line eventually crossed paths with the assassins again at some point.

    Duncan, after leaving the pirating crew and the assassins at the ripe old age of thirty, devoted the rest of his life to Christianity and became a priest in a slum town in Italy. He taught youngsters how to live and gave sage advice. Remaining celibate, he never had any children, but the young people he passed wisdom onto surely did him proud by making advances in sciences, governments, maths, and philosophy. His existance was not lost on the world after a life of loneliness.

    Mary managed to find her way back to the Sista Viska, and eventually moved to Ireland with Robb. In a lot of ways, Mary took charge of the farm. She would often take over plowing fields for Robb in exchange for not having to clean or cook. While she did not have many children, Mary raised her one child carefully. When there were rumors of Assassins, she considered having her child join them. It took a lot of convincing, but when the boy was fourteen, he started his training away from home. While not directly friends with the other crew members, she still wrote to Ceto, Roberts, and on rare occasions, Theresa. Mary lives to sixty three, and at the end of her life, wrote a memoir. Her child grew up to be one of the Irish Masters of the Creed and wrote to her regularly. She'd reply only with two words, "thank you." Her son found her last letter to contain a copy of her memoir and the words, "I love you, son."

    Nobody really knows what happened to Heidi (a.k.a. Poppy) or Castiel.


    It's been a long road. We've watched our homes burn and dug them from the fires, rebuilding. Handed down our legacy to our children and watched it progress for years. We've visited our roots and touched on numerous pasts. It's been a long road, but the story doesn't die. The road won't end here, we're just taking a turn. Won't you come join us? We've plenty room.

    A new era begins here.



  2. "As you know, you're the best in the business…" The man shrouded in darkness said.

    Add a comma after the ellipsis.


    "Hurry up, our order doesn't like us dawdling on pointless requests." A Priest, with blonde hair and dark blue eyes snapped.

    Remove the comma.


    "Ya see sir," the blonde Priest said. "We're experts on ghosts and the like, but what you have is a monster.

    Since this is a quote, the first period should be a comma and the 'w' in "we're" should be lower case.


    Black pants and shirt, with the white square at her neck.

    Remove the comma.


    "Let's just say we have sources." The head Priest said. A confident smirk on his face.

    The first and second periods should be commas. The 'a' in "a" should be lower case.


    They retain the shape they were in when they died, I.E. They have stab wounds, contorted limbs, all sorts of fun stuff.

    Change to:

    They retain the shape they were in when they died, i.e., they have stab wounds, contorted limbs, all sorts of fun stuff.


    The Cardinal lives in a pocket dimension that no one knows where it came from, but is inaccessible unless you have permission.

    I suggest you change this to:

    The Cardinal lives in a pocket dimension that no one knows the origin of, and it is inaccessible unless one has permission.


    The Castle itself is expansive, housing hundreds of students at once as well as around fifty or so teachers.

    Can you give any more description of the Castle? What does it look like?


    Students need permission to do any of these jobs beforehand, and must have taken the Travel Pass test, which requires a group of at least three people working in unison to complete.

    Who gives the permission to the students?

    Who arranges the groups? What qualifies 'working in unison'?


    Hollow Souls: These souls are empty until acted upon by a White or Black soul. They are compelled to do whatever the soul they have tells them to do until they absorb it completely. Then they continue to be influenced by that soul alignment, often time presenting traits from that soul. Until they have an extremely colored soul, this presents as Depression, or an absence of feelings, empathy, or just emptiness in general. These souls are rare, formed by typically a lonely childhood or a 'birth defect'. Typically it is the former.


    Can you elaborate on the process of the soul 'being acted upon by a White or Black soul'? What do you mean by 'extremely colored soul'? "Depression" should begin with a lower case letter. What kind of 'birth defect'?

  3. "Never had a pastry?!" Abigail exclaimed comically as she held the door open for her companion - friend? - to enter the little shop. It was warm and quiet, with only a few other people sitting there sipping, nibbling, and chatting quietly. Strolling up to the counter with a kind of swagger that aptly concealed her previous sadness, she leaned on it and looked at the clerk smugly. "Give me two of everything."

    "Can you pay for it?"

    "Of course." Sliding out her hidden blade, Abe grinned and pressed the cold metal up to his neck, though it was only the flat part of the blade. She didn't want to actually kill him - too messy. "With your life."

    Sighing as though he'd been threatened such before, he rolled his eyes and got two of each of his pastries for the short-haired assassin.

    "Here you are."

    "Thank you kindly," she granted, tossing him a small golden piece from an African nation that was probably invalid in Rome. Setting the large order of sweets down on a small table, she sat down and gestured for Mary to sit down also.

    "It's just a matter of knowing to how talk to these people, see? You can have all the extravagance in the world if you've got a silver tongue. Or a silver knife."

  4. Chuckling lightly, Abe grinned and let herself be pulled along. "Alright. If you say so." She took a deep breath and began to pick up her own pace so she could walk with Mary rather than simply being pulled by her. Though Abe was senior to her, she wasn't actually that much older, so keeping up was fairly easy. "So where are we going to get pastries? I won't mope unless I get too fat to run. That'd be a tragedy, aye?" she joked after a long spell of solemness. Too long. Smiling, she thought for a moment. If they were going out as friends, she'd put an effort into it! It was the least she could do, after all. What places sold pastries nearby? She couldn't think of the names off the top of her head, but a few did come to mind, but it had been years since she'd last eaten a pastry. Or anything that wasn't stale or half-rotted, for that matter! "What about...this place?" she suggested, coming to a sudden halt and motioning toward a pastry shop that stood before them. It sold coffee and tea and herbs and medicine and sweets and some Roman assassins had suggested it to her the last time she had spoken to them. "Apparently a lot of assassins come here and it's pretty good."

  5. Hanging on Liska's every word, Mercy decided she would get nowhere by simply giving her the same simple courtesy and transparency that she gave Master Volar. He was more sensible, she concluded, and thusly earned more respect from her. But Liska would need to be handled differently. She would have to deal with her from a distance, offering her no more than she herself was given.


    "Well I'd have to ask you for advice on this matter. Something that would fit in here, mayhaps," she began, removing her hat from under her arm to show Liska how much space was in it. "And definitely something that would shine in the sun, because those in the backs of crowds still need to see what's going on for me to make a profit. Birds and other trinkets modeled after creatures with the capability of flight are usually the ones that bring in the most profit, but now I think the masses are beginning to shift to wanting more serpentine things. Do you think you have anything that fits that description? If not, I'll just wait until you have enough supplies to commission something. It's not anything I can't synthesize with magic, after all."


    Shoving past Mercy roughly, a man who stank of booze, vomit, and urine began to attempt a sentence aimed at Liska. "I wanna thinkin' autowhozit fo' m' girl. She always c'plainin' 'at I ain't home no mo'. Ye make a sack o' bolts 'at looks like me an' I'll even pay ya!" And then he laughed loud, as if he thought abusing automatons that had done nothing but service the humans was funny.

    "Excuse me, sir..."


    "Sir, this is a store for-"

    "I dun' 'member askin' ya t' say a damn thin'." And with that, he collapsed on the ground, out cold.


    Shrugging, Mercy crouched down and grabbed both his arms, slowly dragging his from the store. "Please forgive me, but I feel this man being left on the floor as he was would be too much of a distraction. I shall return so we may continue our conversation with this man outside." Once she'd dragged the drunkard (careful not to let him touch her with his filthy extremities) out onto the sidewalk and left him leaning against the wall of a tavern that wouldn't suffer from his touch, she bought a handkerchief and wiped her hands on it before disposing of it. When all that was done, she felt ready to reenter and did so, taking a second to remove her hat, as per usual. Smiling a calm smile, she resumed her conversation as if nothing had happened. "Now that that's done, we may resume our conversation from before, yes?"

  6. Wiping her eyes self-consciously, Abigail shook her head. "It's alright. Don't worry about my feelings. I was just thinking about...the past." Forcing a smile that looked more pitiful than anything, the woman continued. "Thank you for the compliment." Sniffling and looking around for Templars, a little bird was singing a song that seemed to mock her situation. But then, it could also be interpreted as a good omen for the things to come, as a sign from God, who (from Abe's perspective) had done her no favors in the past.

    "So what are you up to? Just people watching?"


    (Sorry for shortness. sad.gif)

  7. Abe, who, in an act of defiance against Cullen, who had broken her heart with his apparent infidelity, chopped off her dreadlocks so her hair was short and spiky, rubbed her eyes in a sorry attempt to keep herself from crying again. Even though she had a plan of how to get back at Cullen, it just broke her little heart to see him with another girl. Thinking of him with her while they had also been together. Maybe even using them both... Pausing under the overhang of a shady roof, she rubbed her eyes and sniffled, trying not to think about it anymore. She just had to work the angle with Garrett and pretend that her old significant other didn't exist.

  8. "That's alright so long as it doesn't get in the way. I have to at least make sure the shipment gets to Mister Wells on time and in good shape," the captain responded simply, opting to get up and start out of the room. But when Xiao went on, she turned and smiled a type of smile that poorly shrouded a great deal of anger. "I'd advise you to drop the matter, but you don't seem like the person to just let it go. You'd pull a file on me or something sooner or later. And you wouldn't take a bribe. It's obvious that you've got more on your mind than money." Pausing a bit, she sighed and leaned against the wall to conceal the fact that she was feeling lightheaded already. "An old friend got me. Not the first time it's felt like he shot me through the heart, but the last time wasn't so literal. He and I...we used to be an item. And then I killed his brother and things went south. This... This is why browncoats and purplebellies can't be involved, even after the war." Narrowing her eyes threateningly, she went on quietly. "Satisfied with my life story?"

  9. "Good day, Liska," she responded brightly.


    When the feline-shaped machine went on, she nodded along to show she was listening."Oh," she responded simply before her mind's gears whirred to formulated a more elaborate appropriate response. "I see. Well, I just came in to commission a little metal bird, but it seems you might not have any supplies to construct it yet. Do you have any idea of when I might be able to do so in the future?"


    Even though her voice was sweet and bright like it normally was, the automaton's obvious distrust for her threw her off a little. It was common for her to face adversity from the aristocrats who profited from the oppression of those weaker, but she'd spent a good chunk of her life fighting the discrimination. She didn't know why Liska wouldn't trust her. Maybe it was her naivete, but she and the sentient machines were considered to be on the same team from her view.


    Her gleaming brown eyes sparkled with just a flash of hurt before she recovered and switched her cane from one hand to the other to distract her thoughts from Liska's unease about her. While most humans would have taken it easily due to the stigma against automatons, the advocate took what others thought of her very seriously outside of work and had a hard time getting over negative comments. One would think that someone of her profession would develop a thick skin, but it only went so far.

  10. "Step riiiiiiiight up, folks! Come one, come all! There be wonders for young and old, man, woman and automaton!" Reaching her right hand up in an elegant gesture, her gaze followed it. The crowd looked up expectantly and began to grow with suspense and excitement. When she drew her hand down, there floated an orb of water, approximately six inches in diameter.


    "How did you do that?!"

    "Mama, I want to do that when I'm older!"

    "Can you teach me how to do that?"



    Those were the types of things she heard from almost every crowd. It was commonplace and nothing she needed to reply to. Just to continue on with her act. The more amazed people were, the more they paid. And with the extra cash, she could afford to buy that flaming metal bird she was talking about commissioning with Volar last week. It would probably make her enough money to buy more than her standard bread, tomato, and leaf of lettuce for the day. She could conjure her own drinking water for free, though. It probably saved her a fair sum of coin, since merchants often took advantage of her in that way. But those thought would only hinder her performance, which was still incomplete.


    Bringing her other hand level to the one that 'held' the orb, it slowly split in two and one orb floated above each hand. Throwing both high in the air, she waited until they were both a second from crashing into the ground before using her hands to command them to rise, and then split into hundreds of tiny droplets of water that quivered slightly with the gentle breeze. Then she drew her right arm to the right, dragging the water droplets behind it. After a few drag finger and hand movements, she'd created a dragon of the water droplets. Then, with her left hand, she created a flame-like shape that looked appropriate for her dragon to spit. Then she drew them together so the dragon did seem to be spitting the flame-shaped water and made it rise up above the crowd. Dropping her arms once it was where she wanted it, she just smiled at them for a second, then entire mass of people completely silent. Then she looked up and spat. But she did not spit saliva. No. She spat flame, which traveled up to the dragon and collided with it, creating steam. That steam quickly cooled and the droplets fell on the cloud like a light rain.


    Smiling at the crowd again, she took off her top hat and bowed to them in another act of graciousness, even though she knew just have to play the masses so they'd give her money. The trick was getting kids to watch. As long as she had them for an audience, she'd get some turnout. When the last of the crowd had dispersed, she looked in her hat, pocketed the coin, and set back atop her head again.


    After a pleasant walk over to Magical Mechanics, she passed a scared-looking messenger with a burned spot on his pants. Chuckling slightly, she took off her hat upon entering and held it under her arm like most gentlemen her age. Approaching Volar without fear but without an overabundance of familiarity, she noticed that Liska, another sentient automaton, had already began to speak to him. "Excuse me for intruding. I simply came to discuss a trinket I would need to commission from you. Please do not feel rushed to speak to me, though. Since your shipment of firite was supposed to come in today, you should have enough supplies for me and some others to commission things that require it." Bowing slightly, she smiled and waited to be sent away by either of them, for it was rude to simply leave without giving the other party a chance to reply.

  11. (xd.png I'm glad people care about this enough to bump it and stuffs. Try to stay on topic more, but I appreciate the enthusiasm. wink.gif)


    Heh... Everything's all fuzzy! Opening her eyes slowly to the harsh white light of the infirmary, Lyra tried to sit up but found that she was too weak to move very much. And her chest hurt like hell. Even shifting slightly made her ache incredibly. Turning her head to look at Xiao, she smiled softly and tried to chuckle, but stopped due to the painfulness of the act. "You didn't get off the ship. Does that mean you accept my offer?" Struggling against the pain, she managed to sit up instead of lying on the semi-reclined sickbed. "How long until I can get back to my job? I don't want to have to be a sitting duck for too long. It's dangerous out in the black. Don't wanna get shot twice..." It was obvious that she had a particular disdain for weakness, principally her own. Perhaps, it Xiao was truly curious, she would ask the wounded captain why she even bothered with such a life. High risk, low reward. Who would be so stupid to accept such an occupation? The answer? Someone with a goal other than money, success, or longevity. Someone out for blood. Someone out for revenge. Someone out for adventure.

  12. "I've been trying to convince Abe... Tell ya what. If I go back to Ireland, I'll drag you along..."

    "We could hold each other and put names on the stars... I can't wait..."

    Even though she'd only caught bits of the conversation, Abe was crushed by it. Cullen, of all men, seemed not to be the type to cheat and sleep around. Yet...she'd had her suspicions ever since Ambra boarded and the two Gaelics bound by nationality had bonded almost unnaturally well. Turning from the corner she'd been huddled in as soon as she heard the two speaking, she wiped a tear from her cheek and bolted to her bunk, subsequently burying herself in her thin blankets and lumpy pillow and just sobbing. I'll show him... I'll show him what that pain feels like. And I know just who to help me do it...

  13. "Listen, Castiel, I want you to think long and hard about this. Do you honestly want to cross me? Because I don't switch sides all willy nilly. I need reasons, insurance, confidence in the movement I'm supporting. And I know this document is a fake. Ceto isn't siding with the Templars. There's no way. She's not the best captain and I would support you if you gave me the proper treatment and respect, but it's not looking up for you. If you can't even tell me the truth, I'm sorry, but I just can't join you." Taking a few steps to chip off a stuck-on piece of grime on a cannon, she kept going. "You take me for a fool because I'm a woman, right? That's what everybody says. I wasn't educated, I can barely read and my writing is piteous at best. I was a slave to the men aboard the ship for about ten years. So I can't possibly be smart, right? That's what they say. But I would have never thought you would be one of them. Surely you know that I do have a fair amount of influence and that I'm not a proper, reserved lady like Theresa is. I will serve and kill without mercy. But your job - your only job - to get me on your side is to offer enough respect. That is all."

  14. Abigail shrugged passively, not seeming to be very motivated one way or the other. "But why does that paper prove anything? The signature is too shaky for her to have signed that sober, so how am I to know if she was coerced or not?" Pausing, the woman sighed deeply and rubbed her eyes. "But in truth, I have considered overthrowing her if I ever got the chance. So let's start over. You tell it to me straight. Tell me why you want her overthrown and what you'll do afterwards. And what's in it for me. Maybe I'll join you and maybe I won't, but it's not in my nature to be overly aggressive outside of a real battle, so I think you're pretty safe. All I want is the truth."

  15. So...should we post rankings for our characters now that we have an official guide to them?

    If so, I'd bet five dollars that Katerina would be a caretaker due to her love of children and wish to help them through life because no one except her friends helped her early on.


    As for the piece relating to the hunter insignia, I have nothing to offer currently, but I shall either post here or edit this post if I come up with anything.

  16. (I kind of figured that an enemy within the team itself would create more drama too, especially since none of them really know each other yet.)


    Blitz looked around at the other recruits when Robin asked them what their individual powers were. Seeing how no one spoke up, the girl stood and tried to gaze into the eyes of everyone around. "I have two forms. There's this one, and another one which I call Havoc who can manipulate life energy from me sacrificing blood to change form." Stop... Please stop... Let me in... I'm sorry. What? I want you to give my body back. Not going to happen. What do you even hope to gain? It's not about my gaining something, but making you lose something. "What about the rest of you? I can mostly guess, but there's more to people than meets the eye," she boomed, again looking around the room with eyes that dared those who met them to call her on the strange behavior. To those who already were aware that something was up, it was fairly obvious that Havoc was trying to sabotage Blitz, but at that point was only toeing the water and that the situation would get worse if left unchecked and would inevitably end in death.

  17. When Castiel approached and told her to read something and made a hasty explanation after shoving a document in her nose, she gently took it and skimmed the content. Alright. Fairly incriminating. But Abigail was not a dolt. She'd have to know the truth. To be honest, it didn't particularly matter to her what was used as incriminating evidence to take Ceto down as much as the people doing the deed. She needed to trust the people she was to stand behind, which was why she needed to know the truth in order to side with the rebels. "Why were you snooping around Ceto's room? Tell me the truth, now." she asked quietly so as to not draw attention to the situation. Even though she was undecided and suspicious, it was not her goal to jeopardize Castiel's mission. He could carry on without her if that was what she chose in the end without her trying to take him and his co-conspirators down, but as soon as one of her own was threatened, that would be enough to get her riled.

  18. (Placing Abe so Casty can try to convince her to join them. wink.gif)


    Waking up on a lazy morning alone in her bunk, the Scot rolled her head around on her shoulders and stretching her body in a luxurious, cat-like fashion. It was a good start to the day for Abigail, as she had woken up refreshed and ready for the day's trials and tribulations. This is how it ought to be, she thought with pleasure. Dressing herself at a leisurely pace, the gunner strolled out of her room and climbed the ladder to the upper deck. Bypassing the busy sailors, she simply leaned on the railing of the ship and overlooked the waters that crashed and flowed below them. It was beautiful, really, but she rarely thought to appreciate the splendor of the sea. As the gentle salt winds licked her face and shifted her heavy dreadlocks around, she smiled and closed her eyes, resting her head on her hands and allowed herself to relax. What a lazy, good day!

  19. Blitz turned to face Phe when she spoke, her face almost seeming to look incredibly pitiful and pleading before it became confident and bright again. "Me? I usually like just cheese pizza, but pepperoni is alright too. Hawaiian is something I'd like to try, though. But, really, just pick something. If you don't like it, you can just cut off the piece your bit and I'll eat it instead. I'm famished, so you have a few tries," she chirped, smiling a bright but insincere smile. Reaching over to grab a piece of Hawaiian pizza to try as she'd indicated before, she looked over at Phe again, holding eye contact. It'd been so long since Havoc had taken over Blitz's form, she'd forgotten the intricacies of the possession. The eyes were one indication, the sudden confidence was another. And her voice sounded different. Havoc was unaware that someone so unconfident as Phe would cling onto her words and might notice the subtle changes. But the sinister persona was not a fool. She noticed Raven's whispered exchange with Robin and noticed his own changes in expression. She'd have to be rid of those two first. Cyborg and Beast Boy were naive to keep around for a bit. They could even be disposed of last. And Starfire would be tricky, but if Havoc could find a way to mess with her emotions she could stand a pretty good chance. What she didn't count on, though, were protests and counteractions from Blitz, who would soon discover that she was not quite as useless as she had thought.

  20. Scipio shrugged and started leading the way. "Whatever you say, friends." As they grew nearer and nearer to the Templar den, the crowds cleared to reveal whole families starving and flea-bitten on the sides of the streets, their gazes like tiny, malnourished hands grabbing at the trio of assassins. Once the ill-informed man had gestured toward the den and said, "here we are," a little boy ran up to him.

    "Uncle Scipio, Uncle Scipio!" he shouted with glee.

    "Augustus!" Scipio greeted in turn as he picked he boy up and sat him on his shoulders. "What are you doing in this section of town?"

    "Aunt Aelia sent me to deliver blankets and coin to the people here!"

    "Alright. I'll take you back the fun way, then." Turning to Castiel and Poppy, he smiled. "I hope you find what you're looking for." Then he turned back around, swiftly scaled a building with his hookblades as Little Gus held on for dear life. Then he set off sprinting across roofs and taking long bounds. It took less than two minutes to get back, though it had taken maybe fifteen minutes to get there through the crowded streets. When they reached the assassin headquarters, he threw Gus off his shoulders into the cloth roof of an old bread cart and caught him as he bounced off in the nick of time. It'd taken some time to have an eye for such a stunt.

    "Again!" the boy screamed through his giggles.

    "We can't I'm going to take you inside and then visit baby Julia."

  21. Looking at Raven blankly as she burst into action, she spoke quietly and definitely, not faltering in her words. It was as if any and all emotion had just shut off to prevent her from doing anything stupid. Natasha would be able to say that she'd seen that expression often. It happened when Havoc scared her, which was her worst fear because there was nothing Blitz could ever do to stop her once she was out. Or so she thought.


    "Havoc wants to kill you. Havoc wants to kill all of you. She comes out when I bleed and she wants to kill everything."

    "You forgot the part that I'm you. So that means you want to kill everything."

    "Stop. You're lying...," she whispered as she put her hands over her ears in a feeble, childish attempt to get Havoc to stop talking.

    "You're leading them on. You're putting all of them in danger. Just let me take care of it."

    "No, no. Don't... Stop talking..."

    "You're tired. Let me take care of it. You're really tired... Let me control your body while you sleep, okay?" Hvaoc's voice melted into honey as Blitz let her take over. Suddenly, Blitz's face was lit up with a nervous smile and her rubbed the back of her head. "Sorry, Raven. That was just Havoc trying to shake you up. I'm fine. It's really nothing. But I'm starving. Could we get back before all the pizza's gone?" The voice was slightly lower and had a completely different tone from when she'd spoken before and was much more informal than when Blitz usually spoke. Poor girl. A slave to her other half. And there was nothing anyone could really do about it. The only thing was that Havoc didn't know how to work Blitz's power, to turn it off. The one that prevented her from bleeding. And Havoc would soon be dismayed by the weakness of Blitz's form. Indeed, she was considering giving it back. The evil-doer almost had more influence when she let Blitz ruin her own life instead of dirtying her own hands...

    Despite all this, Havoc's eyes gleamed unnaturally and one could have sworn a coat of black kept rippling over Blitz's natural light gray eye color, but maybe it was just an illusion of the light...