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  1. Noone is filling out the form, Im going to have to PM ALL of them.
  2. Anyone who has counted there points points already and have been checked, you do not have to fill out the form. Past participants ; If you have not, please fill it out.
  3. Thanks for your idea, I updated the thread/points/prizes Erica, just to be sure, please use the form
  4. Please fill out the eligible dragon form Past Participants.
  5. Just did my first try ever using Male Magma and got a trio egg. So happy <
  7. June 1st (caught)- June 14 (matured)
  8. For which round? This one or the next one? If next, im still planning out dates and such.
  9. Any inbreds are welcome on my scroll. I treat them the same as my other dragons, give them a good amount of views and clicks. They will be cared and loved.. (Egg-Locked)
  10. List updated. Sorry for the late update!
  11. Im egg-locked with springs now. Hopefully summer will be my season to breed >
  12. Forum ID:GoldenFist Scroll Link:GoldenFist PM Link:PM Proof that I read the rules: Shiny Happy People
  13. In a bit. Maybe tomorrow or day after.
  14. Guys.. waiting for people to post their stats. Bump
  15. You could keep track if wanted. ;3
  16. Your in the next contest. Points will be counted up and might take about two days everybody. =) I am going to get donated prizes in a bit. =)
  17. The next contest will start soon. There is currently a contest going on until tomorrow, it was June 1st - 14th (2 Weeks) It ends tomorrow at 7:00 PM Est Edit : Everyone above was added. FlowerOwl, we check to make sure noone cheated
  18. Added to next round participants.
  19. Early registration for next contest arrived!
  20. They dont get counted if breeded. Remember these are CB only. Unless of course you try to enter your breeded dragons.
  21. Thread updated. Lumina' turning sandy color when bred with turp? oo