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  1. Hello again DC community...I am not quite addicted to DC like I used to be...ever since I found out about GPX+ I have been wasting away my hours there instead! I only need 10 people to add me to there Pal Pad for the Social Network achievement and was hoping I could get a few from here that didnt already have me? It would be much appreciated! Even if you deleted me after I got SN, I wouldnt mind. And if you need SN also I would be happy to return the favor, just send me a PM on here or GPX (<<better option) and I will happily add you. I click daily...normally use odd incense...you could say I am pretty active...Im sure my GPX "arch-nemesis" (who is also on the DC forums ) would agree....stealing all the Lab RARES meant for me....Yoou know who you are!!! lol Thank you
  2. 150 is really good in my experience. I think about keeping anything with IVs over 120. anything under that gets released unless they are Rares, Shinies or Legends...or IVs of 31 in stats I will find useful in battle.
  3. Can someone please explain to me what is the deal with "Cypress bred" pokemon? I have seen them before when I am cicking, but why are they special and how do you get them...lab or shelter?
  4. All I want is a Deino from the lab...I have tried SOOOO hard, to no avail.
  5. the first Girafararig I ever hatched/recorded in my dex was shiny. it was my first ever shiny as well. (when I started I thought you couldnt even hatch shinies if you werent hunting them! lol how wrong I was!!!)
  6. Heatran #5...these things are becoming a plague! fingers crossed this one is shiny...
  7. Me: I havn't unlocked that sprite for Scyther before...its a bit dark...wait...is that??? yehhhh, it's a SHINY!!!
  8. That thread is from just over a year ago. Why hasn't this issue been rectified if it was brought up more than a year ago? What is different this time? I'm guessing (unfortunately for us all), that this time is no different and it will go un-noticed until: one year later when somebody decides to bring the issue up again and the uneventful cycle continues. How to keep users interested in DC? Maybe start by listening to users requests to genuinely making the site easier to use, thus creating a more enjoyable experience.
  9. Im guessing Twinkies corrupt a Pidgey egg... from Wikia: Twinkie- "Corrupts a Pidgey egg into a Pudgy Pidgey egg"
  10. Game Boy DS (Lite for GBA capability) Xbox/Xbox 360 are all MUST HAVE consoles for gamers everything else is a bit meh
  11. @purpledragonclaw I don't feel like it is deserved though...I feel I only half deserve it!!(finding a Legendary in the SZ...Thats why I prefer Lab got eggs!) In other news...been crazy few days on the shinies!!! 1/4 Litwick in my dex 1/13 Druddigon in my dex 1/36 Aron in my dex/28th in my hunt Lots of smiles in the past few days!! Quick question for anybody that knows...How do you get Bidofo? The Lab and/or the Shelter? and do the eggs appear as Mystery eggs if I havnt had one yet? Or do they just appear as Bidoof eggs? thankyou also, have a look at this GPX+ FAIL: oh and one last thing...does anyone else find Heatran on a regular basis? I just got my 4th and for a Legendary they are starting to become annoying!!!
  12. I often get paranoid of fraudulent activity going on in the Trading threads, such as a user claiming such and such dragon as being CB so I compulsively check EVERY dragon offered in a trade to make sure...It is a task that could be made a lot easier and I imagine it would not be that hard to implement? I can understand people that dont want to have their scroll viewable by the entire DC community, but in regards to trading: if you are offering something for trade it is fair game and anything goes. Anyone that accepts a trade without checking specific details is playing russian roulette...or lets say, DRAGON ROULETTE!!!
  13. Every single Dragon Cave user will agree with me on this, in that the dragons offered in a trade should be easier to view. The way things are now, you have to copy and paste codes, and doing this mutiple times gets a bit tedious. You should be able to click on the pictures of the dragons in the trade and their respective lineages pop out in a new window. I searched for an answer to this and couldnt find anything so sorry if my eyes deceive me!
  14. Anyone seen a Cresselia in the Safari Zone before? I have now!!!
  15. What a beautiful and unexpected sight this was! Not even hunting it! I <3 Dragon Pokemon too!!!
  16. GPX is very different to DC in that nobody cares about Pokemon lineages...I hate picking up Shelter eggs because I have the same mindset as I do in DC and want only CB eggs (or in this case- "LG" Lab Got) I will feel OK if I hatch a Shelter shiny, but if I breed a shiny from Lab Got eggs or even hatch a shiny Lab Got egg, it feels SOOO much more rewarding. Anybody else like this? Or no-one cares and always takes Shelter eggs?
  17. So if a Lumina is bred with multiple times or tanned, if you will, does the original non-tanned sprite change into a more attractive one permanently? eg. A Lumina can breed once a week...breed one with a Turpentine every week for lets say: 5 weeks. This means it has grown back scales 5 times. Is it now more permanently beautiful?
  18. @FluffyPillow I guess-timate the GPX+ shiny rate is 1 in 200-500 so by that way of thinking you should be successful after a 100 more eggs of each. Just count your total shinies you have hatched and divide your total eggs hatched by this number...I would be curious to know if this figure falls in the 200-500 range am a massive GPX n00b but...just my dumb logic EDIT: Just GPX stalked you and if I am correct you have got only the one shiny in almost 2000 hatched eggs...hmm...as i said...just my dumb logic ^^^^ (my first and only shiny was my 415th total egg hatched...but was my first ever Girafarig)