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  1. I have a chicken for this :33 http://dragcave.net/lineage/8F5vm
  2. After the release I was able to get myself a CB Thunder and few of the other releases but a copper? No.
  3. Touhou 12. I reached the fifth stage's boss, but her second spell card killed me and I gave up ´v´
  4. Yay, it's finally working again for me! <3 Thank you~
  5. I went to the Desert in hope that I could get some more spitfires (Collecting them like a maniac haha) and just saw a Thunder egg. It took me a few seconds to realize it was a Thunder egg and I clicked on it pretty much like "Haha, I'll not be able to get that with 17 people on the biome" ... I just caught my first CB Thunder while being hopeless about getting it.
  6. Oh my, another Tolkien fan <3 Also, I support this idea. Many times I wanted to use question marks on my dragons' names or even the ~ sign but I couldn't :C
  7. I'm anxious to see what the adults will be like
  8. I'm getting the lag message every time I try to add things there. :C Which is sad, because I use the site a lot. Hope it gets fixed.
  9. Oh my God, the adult is gorgeous. I think that this and the hellhorse one are my favorite dragons of this release :3
  10. Me too, I'm already wanting to hoard them but I egglocked myself I was planning to get at least 4, but I misclicked my very first CB Silver.
  11. I agree. By the way, your sig sums pretty much the week for me
  12. Wow, over 400 people already on the Volcano I can't wait to wait to see what will come out of those <3 Thanks for the event, TJ and spriters > v < ! Edit: Over 500 as I posted
  13. I'm having this strange deja vu feeling that I've seen those hatchies before. I wonder if they were made in public? They're really pretty, by the way. I might get some once I'm unlocked ´v`
  14. Me too. I had to find another ER hatchery to hatch my last 3rd day egg ; w ;
  15. Those adults are so lovely <33 I feel like I'll hoard them once this is done and when I give a break in hoarding Spitfires I think they must look lovely with the STDs :3
  16. I'm very slow and only got my two now
  17. Bah! Another drop where I couldn't get anything. I might be luckier in the morning, I don't know.
  18. I don't think the turps are ugly, but I need to agree with you about the olives And I didn't get to catch anything until now ; n ;