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  1. Have: 


    3G Holly x Male Swallowtail checker-






    2G+ Yule x Grey/Storm unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/AuBdG

    2G Yule x Tangar 

    Any nice 2G Solstice pairing 

    Any 2G Yule






    2G Aegis x Bronze Tinsel(Uskebeaghe) -


    Egg is incuhatchable! 




    2G from Prize or Spriter's alt swap

    Yulebucks and Solstices take priority

  2. A cockatiel! <3

    I currently have no money to commission you with, but I hope to see many more birds and animals from you in the future all the same!

    Definitely keeping my eye on this thread. c:

    I love tiels. I have two of them. The drawing of the tiel is of the one on the right in the picture below, Lilly! The one on the left is Isabela (:

    user posted image

  3. Hi, I'm Erica, a disabled community college student. This is my only way of making money. I have two cockatiels, two crested geckos, three cats, and freshwater fish. I play a lot of video games and am really into animal welfare. You can check out all of my art here




    Might take requests, probably won't.


    I prefer you to email me at ericad8798[at]gmail.com with inquiries. I won't start commissions until I am paid through my paypal.


    You can support me through my patreon, art blog, and redbubble.


    style 1: $25; +$5 per animal; other objects such as flowers, gemstones, etc are negotiable


    user posted image


    style 2: $35; +$10 per animal; other objects such as flowers, gemstones, etc are negotiable


    user posted image

  4. I am still waiting to hear about Tabitah's experience of pregnancy and how many children she has.

    I'm a good friend of hers, I don't know much else, but I do know she has two kids. She hasn't been replying because it's kinda late now where she lives.


    I'm not at all defending her, just wanted to (at least partially) answer this.

  5. The thread said specifically not to rip people to pieces.


    I'm sorry, but my religion says to try to help the non-believers. Forgive me for saying what I think is right.

    And nobody is ripping you to pieces.

  6. If kids don't want to be around, then they wouldn't be! They can prevent themselves from living, or they can revel in what they have.

    SO BASICALLY you would rather they commit suicide than them be aborted.