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  1. @HeatherMarie: Thanks for the different opinion. I’m used to influencing/precogging if I send hatchies, so I expected other people to do so, but that's not their fault!. However! Part of DC’s welcome message is about breeding, so I think it’s fair for people to put that kind of info in a trade message. It’s not hard to say “not precogged”, and I’ve seen it a lot! I also see a lot of Prize dragons in the Trading area now, so I don’t consider ‘lower’ generations to be as rare, but that's just me =0 But I defs don’t think what they did was intentionally malicious, I’m not trying to ‘out’ anyone or accuse people of something awful. @Laura-Lana: Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve never seen a lineage pattern like that before =0 I’ll defs try it! @Yhme: Thanks for the input, am going to stick to egg-only trades now ^.^’ I don’t know the breeder, but I don’t think it’s worth wasting their time over, and I defs aren’t trying to ‘make them face consequences’ x0 If I knew I would’ve just messaged them to ask about the background there. @Fuzzbucket: Thanks for the advice! I’ve seen a lot of scroll names that were different to forum names, thought it’d be too much trouble to double-check at the time! My fault, will have to remember in the future. And I’m defs not trying to complain (or start a fight here!) Just wanted to see if I’m getting too into it. Sorry about your first misgendered shimmer! Even with the dimorphism, the Silver Shimmer/Moonstone looks really good! The lineage Laura-Lana suggested is a really good idea (wave?) and I’m excited to try it! Appreciate all the feedback. I’m an all-over-the-place kind of person and tend to get emotionally caught up in things that don’t matter, and usually need to get a reality check. After finding out about the ‘wave’ lineage- no longer upset! V interested in trying it ❤️
  2. Saw a really nice Silver Shimmer in the trading section, and made an offer for it. I was so excited when it showed up on my scroll a little while later: this baby. I precogged it to make sure, and it's a female =[ The user who put this up took two CB Truffle eggs and two CB Pyrovar hatchies from me and sent a misgendered shimmer, does that seem pretty rude to anyone else? I assumed that people putting up trades were decent, and if they were sending a hatchie then it'd be precogged/influenced already. Was that too much to expect? I only have one new release adult because i've been happily trading the ones I had for other things, but this was really disappointing. I've never had luck in raffles but was always keen to pick up 3G+ shimmers in trades to continue the lineage, and now I have a hatchie I can't do anything with. I can't find the owner through the dragon's page or the trade, so I can't message them. Anyway, tldr: traded 4 CB new releases for a misgendered 3G Shimmer hatchie from a lineage I really liked and wanted to continue. Is it wrong to be pretty upset about it?
  3. So, I goofed up. Back in 2012/2013 when I was playing for the first time, I caught two CB Arsani eggs during the event. I started playing again a few months ago, to find that silly teenage me froze one of the CBs as a hatchie! If I kill/release it, does it free up the CB limit and let me get another? Or is that spot now taken permanently. Thanks for any help!