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  1. I havent seen any of these new eggs after 2 days of hunting.. grrr
  2. not sure what you did there but all it tells me is I have to download something and that aint happening.
  3. OMG I did it! Thanks to SolarCat for the PM help.
  4. OMG Finally! I got the green dog. Now what Please??
  5. I have the rat, I have been to the basement. I dont understand how to get the green dog or the chicken. Also what does the dragon skull look like?
  6. Ok how do I get the green dog? I have played the piano. Help Please
  7. Ok guys, I am completely lost. Help! I have no idea how to find the attic, basement... secret door.. helps! Edit: found the attic but not the basement.
  8. Ok I see everyone saying x/53 so is that the final number? 53?
  9. what happens if the winners/honorable mention people didnt see the email due to it going into the spam folder and them auto deleting it? Will it be resent after a specific time? Congrats to the winners!
  10. If the tree is well decorated -- minimally or with a lot of ornaments, I do rate it well. The blank trees get no sympathy at all. The ones that are cluttered and looked like they were just thrown together with no thought are pretty gross. Some of the "cluttered" trees are awesome, you can tell they took their time and put a lot of thought into them, carefully placing each ornament and some look like they opened the box and just tossed the ornaments on and let them stay where they landed. I vote each tree -- not because it is cluttered, blue/silver, gold/red, design -- each tree as an individual. Sure there was a bug -- I know cause I was dealing with it after submission but TJ gave us extra time to fix it from what I heard so no pity votes are needed. What I dont want to see is a winner tree that you can tell won only cause peeps felt sorry for it. That would upset me and my children who worked hard on our trees. And yes if they have a lot of floaties, or wings or something that looks impractical if this tree was real in someones house, I do take that into consideration. Tis a Christmas Tree and should be celebrating Christmas, not New Years (seen a few that say 2011), not dragon cave, not how much we love TJ but Christmas and if it doesnt, I vote accordedly.
  11. Okay that makes sense, thanks for answering TJ.
  12. It would be nice if there was a counter so we know how many were entered and how many we have actually voted for. You know just an FYI thing. Also -- when the voting is all done, locked, whatever and awards given out -- will we be able to see how our tree faired in the votes? Like how many 1s, 5s and so forth it got? Thankie!
  13. Ok here is how I decide what to give a tree: If this tree was in your house and I walked in, would I go: and then I vote appropriately based on my First reaction. Very simple.
  14. I think telling how you voted sorta defeats the purpose of an anonymous voting contest. Why not vote and not say what number you are giving out? Isnt that why TJ made it anonymous -- so noone knows WHO voted how? Now I realize there is no way we can vote on every single tree submitted because I am sure there are thousands but to say you are giving 5s or 7s or 4s -- will make some think you messed up their chances to win and none of us need that drama. Now on topic -- I do think it is unfair for the ones of us who submitted during the bug because I just had 4 bare trees go through for me to vote on.
  15. Well I still cant add the lights. I had them on before I submitted, then when I looked they were all off and they are still off. Everytime I add them, it reverts back to no lights. Good News though is my son and daughter editted their tree before submitting and the tree saved the new verson before and after submission so they are happy.
  16. Thanks and yea mine will have to wait, she couldnt handle her tree messing up. I am just glad I am on the forum so I know what is going on. I am glad your neice caught a leetle tree. I caught one this year also and was so excited, my daughter and son also caught one. Daughter danced around the room when she realized she had one. I just hope TJ and his elves allow us to resubmit with the final version and not the bugged one.
  17. OMG I was freaking when I saw what happened. I added all the lights then hit submit and NOW all the lights are scattered around my page and not on my tree. I am soo upset but glad to see it isnt just me. @To the Mom of the 12 yr old, yea my daughter is gonna submit her tree also, I will make sure she finishs the decorations, signs out of her scroll, signs back in then submits -- hoping that stops this bug for her.
  18. So could you have grabbed a lettle tree if you had 4 eggs?
  19. Ok here is a question for you all... How long does the lettle tree count as an egg in grabbing more eggs or breeding? Is it forever or a limited time?
  20. To succeed at special drops on DC, you need to make sure you do things on EST time. I live in Alaska, so Midnight for TJ is only 8 pm for me. You will get better at the time diff the more you catch specials.
  21. Yes thanks Drakrono... she found hers on page 2 with her ice dragons and above her waters. She is so happy! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! *edited to properly spell Drakrono's name.
  22. Hey my friend is getting this message: You are already at the limit (1) for this breed of dragon. Please note that the limit includes eggs, hatchlings, and adult dragons. But she doesnt have a lettle tree anywhere on her scroll... anyone else having this issue??
  23. YES! I got one! Thanks TJ! Anyone know how long these will drop? My kids both want to try for one if they drop for longer than tonight.
  24. will he drop these more than 3 every 15 mins?
  25. I cant click on anyone else's tree but my own.