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    Glomp Gifting

    velvet-curse --> bonvoyage - 2nd gen Seasonal (ACCEPTED)
  2. velvet-curse

    Glomp Gifting

    velvet-curse --> Frodo - 2nd gen PB Blusang Lindwurm
  3. velvet-curse

    Glomp Gifting

    velvet-curse --> poisonedbite - Silver Tinsel stairstep
  4. velvet-curse

    Glomp Gifting

    velevt-curse --> CaduceusCade - Silver Tinsel Yay my second egg glomped to someone
  5. velvet-curse

    Glomp Gifting

    Velvet-curse --> ajrich - Ice egg ACCEPTED
  6. Ok here goes, let me see if I can give my thoughts on this Breeding Tracker. 1. Yes I would like to be able to see the gender of the dragon. 2. I would use it to track my dragons that I give specific mates to, so for me it would be useful to see a list of refused mates as well as a list of current mates. 3. I would like to go with option 3C so that I can see the most successful outcome that my pair of dragons had had, as long as that also had a date to show how long ago the preferred outcome had happened. 4. I would go with option B although it wouldn't be necessary for me to know the code just the breed of the egg. 5. If possible I would like to be able to see all dragons of a specific breed on one page, e.g. all of my Magma dragons would show together on one page but all of my Thunder dragons would show on a different page. If this is not possible then I would go with the second option where the dragons would show one at a time. I hope this was helpful input for the project
  7. Gave this a go and it seems to have worked
  8. I only have 41 ToT items and no more have popped up for over 3 hours, I have tried deleting my cookies and signing out of my account to sign back in, nothing helps. Anyone have any suggestions?
  9. Thanks Lady Dragoon this was the one I was stuck on too, now 34/34 ^.^
  10. May I be added to the list please? Thanks to all donators