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  1. 1 minute ago, Nakeisha said:


    I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I do agree with you.


    I find new eggs every month very hard going and the novelty & excitement of a new dragon begins to wane :( Having said that, when the release is like this one: only one new dragon to have to hunt for and one hybrid, it's a lot easier and more pleasurable and importantly far less stressful. If we are going to continue (as I imagine we are) having new dragons every month then I would far prefer to see them like this release has been: two new dragons maximum.


    Nonetheless I am looking forward to seeing the new hatchlings and in due course the new adults - and of course breeding the hybrids :)


    Absolutely 100% agree with this. A new release every 3 months would be better I think but if they have to stay at one every month I would much prefer one cave born and one hybrid. Too many new releases makes it too stressful to try to keep up. 

  2. For me, I believe the new tree makes messier lineages easier to read, as it easily shows the parents in relation to the child.


    However, I believe it spoils the look of lineages such as checkers and stairsteps as it splits the dragons themselves and creates gaps meaning that the lineage looks more disjointed and removes the affect created by the original look.


    As a huge checker supporter, if given an option, I would immediately switch back to the original view.


    I would personally like an option (perhaps on account settings somewhere) where the lineage could be changed to tree view or traditional view so everyone could pick the lineage view that suits their scroll.

  3. Added all of my finished checkers to the database doc and added myself as a breeder. I love to have a reason to breed my dragons, and I'm happy to do so for free so people can feel free to PM me if they see anything they like smile.gif


    Also, I'm willing to be lower gens of the lineages too if I have the dragons to be able to breed them.

  4. I hope this is ok, I'm not going to 'join' the project but I wanted to offer my services to those who are breeding in this thread.


    I can breed any generation of seasonal up to 5th gen with Winter start (6th gen once the season switches over) and would like to offer to breed for anyone who this could help.


    Here are my dragons, Dragon 1 & Dragon 2


    I will happily breed any gen needed for anyone who PM's me with a polite request smile.gif

  5. I Gave a Gift!

    Forum Name: velvet-curse

    Scroll Name: velvet-curse

    Your Current Total LP: 70

    How many gifts did you give?: 1

    Code of the Egg/Hatchling Gifted: nCXht

    What did the Egg/Hatchling turn out to be? [sprite&lineage link]: user posted image

    Who did you Gift it to? [scroll AND Forum Name]: silverrose1290

    New Total LP: 80