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  1. Please remove this. There is no chatting on this thread and the mods know what we're doing to comply with our rules.
  2. FireMercury -> Dirtytabs: morphodrake (PENDING) FireMercury -> Merenwen: aeon (PENDING) FireMercury -> furbyblood: thunder (PENDING)
  3. woot! finally caught them all! thanks for more pygmies TJ!
  4. ooh the hatchlings are nice looking. happy halloween everyone! (late i know lol)
  5. where are the new eggs? i caught 4 of the glassy one in the volcano and can't find the other
  6. yes i did actually read what the post says. i could ask the same of you? i did say i wasn't making a suggestion so much as pointing out that the market seems very arbitrary. the post also says the market is not intended to make people grind for shards but that's exactly what your going to have to do if you want to save up the shards for a gold or silver egg. that becomes even worse if the prices are going to go up based on demand. if i have to save up 4100 shards for a gold dragon then fine but in 40 weeks (or more since you know i'm not "grinding") once i've saved up those 4100 shards i want
  7. I'm not sure how to 100% make a suggestion about this but... the prices of the eggs don't make a whole lot of sense. i mean gold and ice are nearly the same price but silver is 1000 less?? also it seems to be the dragons people would most want aren't actually on there. we have gold, silver, and the trios, thats great, but no copper, pyralspite, xenowyrm or zyumorph. also the fact that the prices might change based on demand seems unfair. that means you could be saving forever and never actually get enough shards to buy the dragon your saving up for. overall it sounds like a nice idea and i gue
  8. yea hi i just wanted to file a complaint: not all of my dragons are green. some are still normal colored. clearly the game designer is either bias against certain dragon types or lazy. i want my money back. (perfect plan!) k thanks. gonna go snatch some random eggs for my basket now.
  9. OMG can finally have marrow dragons T.T thank you TJ!! also looking forward to the trick or treat basket sprites!
  10. you thought you'd fool us doing it on a monday! you were wrong! excited for nebula hybrids!!!
  11. nope didn't help. they didn't all 3 grow up at the same time they were days apart
  12. i know what 3 dragon they are if anyone needs links for some reason. the "i believe" was because i think i grew 4 not just 3.
  13. ?? how will that help? i know i had 1 dragon become an adult on the 17th and 2 on the 19th. i go them specifically for the raffle. i'm not questioning if i did raise dragon i'm questioning why my raffle counter says 0/3 still.
  14. could this update possibly have reset raffle entry counts? >.> random question i know but i'm trying to figure out why my raffle thing still says 0/3 when i had 3 dragons that finished growing on the 19th
  15. so i assume "raise 0/3 adult dragons" means to hatch dragons and raise them to adults right? i've done 4 so far this month i believe but my counter still says 0. It's worked for me previous months so i'm not sure whats happened?
  16. much excite! i've seen that egg pattern in sigs before and the other one looks like a 2 heads dolphin? can't wait to see the adults!
  17. oh wow i hate the PM box now.... some of the coding is weird now too? looks nice tho :)
  18. so many of my pairs just refused each other i'm going to have to get more CBs so excited for pygmies!!! thanks TJ!!
  19. happy birthday dragon cave! so what is dropping where? >.>
  20. they look gorgeous! still waiting for an all pygmy release
  21. really 3 more eggs right between the holidays? :/ its starting to get hard to keep up with all the breeds in this game (and no new pygmy)