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  1. I honestly don't get why someone would oppose this... It's not like you /have/ to battle. And the people that want to battle can. For some, it can be a collecting site, and others, a battling site. I know a lot of people that play pokemon that either collect shinies or battle. And each group gets along just fine. People say "Why not play another site then?". Well.. there are billions of other collecting sites, that's like saying "Why create this one at all, why not just use those?" It's because we like this site better, and we enjoy the sprites, the design of the site, dragons releasing every month or so.... And we've gotten to know people here. It's not like people would be /forced/ to battle. And it wouldn't exactly be a petsite, so long as nothing like feeding, buying items etc. etc. would be involved. It can still be little maintenance, you can just keep collecting and ignore the feature. Edit: Looks like someone already made the point I was trying to make |D; .... And they made it much better than I. Either way, I suppose I'm showing my support
  2. Abbiebugs

    Best Movie

    My favorite movie is the animated movie 9. Some say it lacks character developement, and they didn't like the open ending, and it had plotholes, but... The whole point of everything not being explained was to show that you only knew what 9 knew, because he was the focal point of the story, and you were seeing everything that happened from his perspective. Besides, it was made specifically so it was open to interpretation, and allowed for the audience to participate, so you felt like you were more apart of it. Then with character developement, as I said, you only say things from 9's point of view, therefore you only knew what he was told, or what he say. 9 doesn't have much backstory because he awokened at the beginning of the movie. And there was still a lot of character shown through visual interactions, expressions, etc. so you still know the character's personalities if you pay attention. The movie does communicate a lot of character, symbolism, and story through visual elements, mostly because the original 11 minute short it was based off of had no dialogue, and Shane Acker, the guy who made the orignal short, also directed the movie. I absolutely ADORE this movie, and I've had an obsession with it ever since it was first released. I love the instrumental score, the visuals, its uniquness, and the fact that, because it's purposely left open for interpretation, there's a lot to imagine to, and read fanfics for. It's such a beautiful movie, and I love it to pieces. It's not for everyone, I admit, but I really do love it, and its fanbase is rather dedicated.
  3. Stimpy from Ren and Stimpy =D I loved him... He was so adorably naive at times, and hilarious. I love how he wasn't ANNOYINGLY stupid to the point where he understands nothing that's told to him. I like how he also expresses deep emotions, something many stupid cartoon characters don't seem to do, which makes his reactions to things all so much funnier. Such as the episode where Stimpy farts, and he thinks he's given birth, so he goes into a 3 year and several month long depression because he can't find his son. And what's incredibly odd is the fact that you ACTUALLY feel bad for him; while laughing your head off of course |D Don't get me wrong though, I also like Ren. I like the fact that he's a complete jerk to Stimpy, and yet, he openly admits Stimpy is his best friend, and he misses Stimpy whenever he's not there. Plus being phsycotic at times is pretty funny. I just happen to like Stimpy better.
  4. Honestly, I've never seen the show, but this movie.... Ugh << Though... it honestly makes me very curious about the show, since so many people who liked it hated the movie. I'd like to compare the two. Anyways... this movie had absolutely horrible acting... Honestly, I really have no idea what happened half the time, though, I'm guessing that's just because I never watched the show... What was with the people with the Earth powers though..? If they could use their earth powers all along, why couldn't they...? But I've heard this actually had a reason in the show.. However, I will admit, the special effects were pretty nice and all. I'd have to say the only highlight of this movie was simply SEEING that one dragon thing. That's it. All in all, this movie sucked <<
  5. I'd say that, I'm fine with the commons having the same description..... That doesn't bother me... Sure, it's a bit annoying, but hey, they aren't that difficult to get really with patience. However, I LOVE striped dragons... And I always used to get excited when I saw that description in the cave. But now.... I don't feel like taking the chance anymore... I'd rather not spend all my time trying to gamble for an egg that's extremely rare in the first place. It's not that I can't wait 5 hours, it's just, that egg spot being taken up over and over again for 5 hours over and over and over again is rather annoying. Especially since the ratios are screwed up as it is. I think that, if we at least wanna make it a challenge, we should either alter the descriptions a bit, that way it might trick people, but if they're tricked, it's their own fault. Just my input on the situation.....
  6. Keep over-using those angry smiley faces. I'm sure it'll speed things along.... Really though, just be patient, I'm sure it'll be over soon. He's trying his best... I mean, he CREATED the site, so you wouldn't have a dragon to want to check in the first place if it weren't for him.
  7. Socg = "S o c k" (I named the wrong dragon this, so I ended up naming the one with this code "Spyro" and I named another balck dragon of mine "S o c k" dOUG = "I would've been named Doug" (It turned out being a female |D;; Xx Libbo xX = LbBo
  8. I have a winter seasonal named "Fabreeze", a mint named "A l t o i d", and if my chicken egg grows up before I trade it for a black alt, or if I decide to not trade it, Imma name it "OM NOM NOM" or something along those lines ;;
  9. Aw.... I want the Male so bad, but I dun have any money, and I don't think my dad would trust buying things from people outside of official sale websites >.<
  10. HOLY FUDGE!! I'd LOVE a Silver plushie, and a striped dragon plushie This is an awesome idea!!! I've actually been thinking of this. I dun really want a little plush bear with a shirt that says DC, I'd want the dragons!! Edit: Odd... first time I posted this messege, it blocked out the word "fudge" :/
  11. I have a dragon named Fabreeze, one named Picklejerky, one named Suicube(Suicune, suicube... see the reference?) a male daydream named Fantina (pokemon fans, you'll get this ), and a black named "Sock"
  12. I added that because I wanted to name my Silver after the song "Iris" which is my fav song, but it wasn't available any way I tried it, even with spaces between the letters.