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  1. Pfftt.. I didn't put it in there.. Waiter, there's a egg in my soup!
  2. how much wiid ciykd a wiidchuc chudck if aa woodchuck coupd chick wpps Next post: I wish I was a dragon
  3. No, they're not one gender! Find a way to influence them, even if it says you can't! Why won't it let me name a dragon anything I want?
  4. I'm so excited for this! I love pokemon, and the more the better. Even if filling the National Dex will be harder.
  5. The Good, The Bad, The Dirty by Panic! at the Disco.
  6. I love Warriors so much! It's all I talk about, I draw them, My name is my OC, I have my own clan, I got my friends who also love it, I make tons of fan fics, too! I'm way to obsessed. Oh well!
  7. I think that the fairy types will be nice. Plus, all of the new pokemon.
  8. Very Cheeky Cheese http://dragcave.net/user/_brightsplash_
  9. Frozen Foxtails http://dragcave.net/user/_brightsplash_
  10. I eat Yogi Bears http://dragcave.net/user/_brightsplash_
  11. I HAZ TWO HEADS http://dragcave.net/user/_brightsplash_
  12. I couldn't understand anything... http://dragcave.net/user/_brightsplash_
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  14. I AM the wrapping paper http://dragcave.net/user/_brightsplash_
  15. Eat yogi bears ------------------ I love it! http://dragcave.net/user/_brightsplash_
  16. Buzz off http://dragcave.net/user/_brightsplash_
  17. Okay, SpottedSky200 PM me please!