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    different stuff but mostly my own two little dragons (kids) that ocupy my life 95% :) Sometimes can come across as unpatient, unfocused/messy (but that's mostly due to the fact that I have poor eye sight, so if I mess up on forum or my pms are 'strange', I apologize for it)
    This is more of a 'To do' than 'Wishlist' since i intend of geting them sooner or later:
    day glory male CB-got it
    sunset dragon-got it
    nebula (all colors)-got 1 cb (that I'm about to give a nice round house kick if she refuses to breed again! Ugh!) , 2 from ap and all of them are girls :D
    swallowtail-got it
    royal blue-got it
    moonstone-got it
    ridgewing female-got it
    bluna-got it
    geode-got 'em (can breed them if you want)
    ember-got it
    striped (all variations)-got a few
    night glory male and female-got male...it will be added along the way
    ice-thanks to alliana I have one now (biggest hugs and tys over and over again)
    purple-got it
    red-got 'em :D
    black-got it
    The only thing I can put on any kind of 'Wishlist' is a bronze male tinsel dragon, since I think it's the only suitable mate for my ember dragon (see ambers lineage to understand why), and a shadow walker
    tinsels- bronze (not the right gender tho), gold, silver
    gold (metallic)-got them
    silver(metallic)-got it
    I don't do the IOU thing really, but now and then you can ask for it. And I also hate to be the one that has an IOU towards anyone; either I give you what you ask for or I don't and we break the deal, unless you insist on going through with it.
    Atm IOUs to me: pyrolycan (am waiting for a nebula egg) so...what's up with the egg? o.O
    IOUs by me: none atm
    Cat (2008-2012)
    R.I.P. my dearest friend I'll miss you always
    Well I guess I have some editing to do. Lots has been going on since I was here the last time.
    R.I.P.-to my dearest uncle D (passed away unexpectedly November 8th)
    R.I.P.-my dear granny (passed away a month after my uncle)
    R.I:P.(passed away May 22nd '13) -grandpa you will always be remembered by me as the most kind and gentle man in the whole world