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    by Lyric Shadowcrow

    What do I look like to you;

    A cripple, malformed, retard, or handicap?

    I am no different than you

    I smile, cry, laugh and even curse

    My tools scare you away from asking about me

    A wheelchair as my legs or a white cane to” see”.

    Crutches or braces that have every day uses.

    Maybe pain creases my face and ages me past my years

    Why should I be so different than you?

    Why because am I seen as less than “normal”

    Should I be pitied or treated differently?

    Last I checked I’m still human I haven’t changed.

    Our assistant animals are scorned

    By “normal” people that don’t know.

    People whisper behind our backs or worse

    Tell us that we’re handicapped and can’t understand.

    They want us to leave our tools behind and fit in with them.

    Ugly stares, baleful glares and rudeness greet me

    I wonder if they are the handicapped and we’re not!

    If you want to know more ask I don't bite! I have many talents and hobbies :)