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  1. He said it would, but maybe it just still has to hit here... I dunno though, just a sudden thought I had
  2. Oooooooooh epiphany! Could this be the poorly-timed server maintenance stuff TJ mentioned in the other V-day topic???
  3. The dragons won't be sticking around until the last day. They weill be hovering about not being content with what you have until then. At least that's how it seems to be going based on everything known so far.
  4. Tap the items below the image and drag them around to place them where you want Also, to get more than just the magic items, tap the other categires- meat, shinies, etc.
  5. Crystals? I thought they were scales But yeah that seems like Brimstone to me!
  6. Yes you do Next to the bit where the items are, you can click 'meat' to get the meat items The new hatchlings have it yes, it's a glitch/bug/small mistake. Pretty sure TJ will have it fixed soon enough
  7. By waiting until tomorrow Also, in case you haven't noticed (took me a while): you can click the 'tabs' next to the stuff to decorate with (magic, shiny, misc, etc) for some stuff
  8. Patience, m'dear The suitors won't decide until the very last day, they'll probably keep hovering about until then
  9. Liiittle transparency problem on the hatchies there Congrats on another release, aangs-sister So far they look cute!
  10. The dragons won't stay around until the end of the event, you're not doing anything wrong
  11. It seems to depend on the biome of the chosen dragon :3
  12. For those worried their monogamous dragons are in trouble: I'm 99,99% sure nothing will come of this event. No forced breedings or anything. Like people have already said, some people chose pygmies which are attracting non-pygmy mates, which is an impossible breeding pair. I highly doubt this event would be able to create such impossible things.
  13. Picked my favourite Red for this So far he's attracting an Ember. Seems like a good match to me
  14. Oh man, I so wish I could just pull an all-nighter for the new ones... whyyyy do I have to work in the morning?! The temptation to pick up more eggs is so strong... I need those last two spots filled with the new release ASAP
  15. It's to prevent holidays from breeding in the same breeding period they themselves were laid. It's normal and will happen to all the adults from this year's v-day breeding!
  16. Whoo finally froze two RA's, now my v-day collection is complete Also done breeding mates I needed for other dragons, I just hope I can catch some more things I need... and otherwise I'll juuust have to wait a year So far this year: 1 val '09 1 sweetling 1 rosebud 3 heartseekers 4 arsani 4 radiant angels (of which 2 are now frozen) With 7 eggs hatching tomorrow, I should be able to pick up some more... it'll be tough leaving two spots open for the 14th though ._.
  17. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Nice and simple, and I'm loving it Will definitely attempt to finish it 100%.
  18. You don't have to do anything when it concerns your own dragons - if you want to breed the messiest, most inbred dragon in existence, go for it I don't think you should let the general preference dictate how you play the game Personally, I love messies for freezing For adults I do prefer clean lineages, though.
  19. Got this beautiful baby <3 Paternal grandparents are mine, parents belong to another wonderful person, and now this one's mine again
  20. I feel your pain! Oh if only we'd known we'd one day be able to have more than two total on our scrolls... so many holiday dragons I'd never have frozen! So many more lineage options!
  21. I am NOT having a good weekend, and it has everything to do with my job. I generally like my job, but this weekend is just... ugh. I work at a call center, taking calls of customers who have a problem with their elevator, after which I send a technician their way. This, of course, means I have a lot of contact with both the customers and the technicians themselves. I work out of office hours, so evenings and weekends. Lately I've been scheduled to work until 23:00 (a.k.a. 11pm), which I'm fine with since I never go to sleep before 1:00 am anyway, and usually later than that. However, on Saturday I was scheduled to start again at 09:00 am. That's only 10 hours between shifts, in which I have to get home, prepare dinner, eat dinner, sleep, get up, get ready for work, and travel to work again. That's just... not enough. Still, I did it without complaining too much, stuff like that happens after all. It wouldn't have been so bad, however, if I didn't get all the idiots >_< Usually the vast majority of people is just normal, quickly wanting to call in a defective elevator and maybe expressing their annoyance at it a bit, that's nothing new and to be expected. But I don't think I've ever been yelled at by people for no reason as much in one day as I did Saturday :/ That's not the end of it, though. I somehow managed to get through that without yelling back at the customers. Today I'm back at work again, and I just talked to one of the technicians for a very routine thing. However, at the end of the call the line remained open for a bit longer than I intended, because I got distracted by something else work-related. I have no idea if the technician knew the line was still open... but he said 'Rhynn, you sound so horny/hot' (the word he used in my language can mean either of those, but either way it has a sexual meaning). I really, really hope I misheard him there. I sent a mail to my supervisor asking her to listen back to the call (everything is recorded) to see if I did indeed hear what I thought I heard. I won't know the answer until at least wednesday though, since she doesn't work during the weekend and I've got my weekend on monday and tuesday :/ And if I did hear it right, I just don't even know what to do. I'm definitely not comfortable ever talking to the guy again but I don't know how possible that is >_< I mean... I'm not naive enough to think he's the only one who might think such things; I'm a young woman and have the voice to match it, and none of them have ever seen my face so who knows what they're imagining to go along with the voice. But there's a HUGE difference between knowing they probably have those types of thoughts, and actively hearing them say it to me. I just feel violated somehow :/
  22. Disgusted. I'm at work (service call center) and one of the technicians just said something wildly inappropriate to me.