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  1. The way I see it, they're all of the 'draconic' type of animal/creature, which is what we 'keep' on our scrolls. The draconic type has dragons, pygmies, drakes, and I'm sure each of those can have sub-species as well (eastern, western, wyvern, etc.). I'm sure there are proper biological terms for this, but alas, I do not know them Just my thoughts of course
  2. A refresh should fix it, not sure if a phone can do a hard refresh though. Going on a computer for a bit might indeed be your best bet.
  3. ... I had a question a week ago, but of course I can no longer recall what it was. In any case, great idea and I'm pretty sure I'll be back with an actual question!
  4. Not yet, but it seems that's what should happen at the end of the event
  5. Try a hard refresh (CTRL+F5 on windows, on mac I think it's just cmd+R). That should fix it
  6. From the text on the game page: So, you're doing it right, no dragons will stick around yet You can use this time to decide which mate you want to try to attract, and decorate your cave accordingly. If the mate you want, wants sweets and shinies, use more sweets and shinies than other stuff.
  7. Well as of yet no one knows exactly how the end of the event is going to work, but I'd hope that latecomers to the event have just as much of a chance of attracting a mate as those who have been playing from the start Otherwise the game would have quite the design flaw!
  8. Click the other categories, the list under the cave picture :3
  9. Nope, one by one is the only way I'm afraid!
  10. Do a hard refresh (CTRL+F5), that should do the trick
  11. Haha I suspect they're Starscream's doing Those pizza rolls look good though My dragon would totally love those!
  12. And again there's a dragon demanding more sweets. Go away with your sweet tooth, I will not add more sweets! Drimar doesn't like sweets! Shiny's where it's at, girls; get with the program!
  13. Whoo, the ember from the first day is back! Now to silently seal off the cave so she can't leave. Shhhhh nothing suspicious going on here dear Ember, have you seen the meat stash yet?
  14. Click the words 'sweets', 'meat' etc below the cave picture
  15. Argh all the dragons stopping by right now demand more sweets... go away, I don't want more sweets in my cave! Shoo! Bring me the shiny-loving dragons!
  16. Drimar moved his hoard from the back of the cave to the front, and just couldn't resist rolling around in it. It's still not quite as large as he'd hope, but he's confident it'll still grow. He has also acquired a prince and put it in a cage. Drimar's not yet sure what to do with him.
  17. I submitted a concept for this year as well, and started out with the specific idea not to make it pink. And let me tell ya, it's not at all easy to still give it that valentines day-vibe. Sure, you can make the description fit the holiday, but the dragon itself has to give the right vibe as well... and yeah, since valentines day is usually associated with pink, the most logical way to do that is by using pink. Are there other ways? Yes, the Radiant Angel and Heartseekers prove that, but there's a very, very fine line; plus, you want to make sure the dragon doesn't look like already in-cave dragons. I couldn't make it work, and ended up using pink after all. It's really not as easy as saying you're just not going to make it pink. On the event... I don't think there's anything wrong with it actually. It fits the holiday, it's creative, and I find it fun. It's too bad we don't get more goodies as the event progresses, but it has already been said that there's not a whole lot of artists available. Creating an event takes a LOT of time. I'm very much enjoying it. I haven't seen a lot of bugs either, in fact the only one I've heard is the problem with mobile not working until it's been used on a pc first. Honestly, I think it's really easy to overlook the creators' side in things like these. Remember everyone here is a volunteer, no one's getting paid for the work they're doing for these events. With that all in mind I think we're getting pretty darn high quality stuff.
  18. My new valentines eggs hatched And the rest is cracking, so I'll soon be egg-free again, whoo
  19. I dunno, even with 600 new prizes out there, 2nd gens are still highly sought after. Sure, it's slightly easier to get them now, but the DC population is huge; the amount of prize owners is still a pretty darn small percentage of the total. I know I can definitely appreciate them, in any case; they give some great lineage opportunities. Right now is definitely the wrong timing though, with the Valentine breeding only just having ended.
  20. Drimar's cave! That pile of loot in the back is going to grow a LOT larger, if the game will let me... I want it to become huge. And yes he considers his boots to be his most prized possessions, even though they're both left shoes and he insists on wearing one on the wrong foot! Unfortunately the pile of meat is starting to smell a bit, and it seems to be attracting mice... Oh well, time for snacks!
  21. Pff, size doesn't matter His charm is plenty for those ladies, it seems
  22. I uh... I volunteer? Seriously though, I'd love to help out with stuff like this. --------- Completely redecorated Drimar's cave, I'm actually kinda happy with it now! He's attracting another Red dragon now, yesterday it was an Ember... I think I prefer the Ember, but this'll do.
  23. Just maintenance, it'll be over in a few minutes