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  1. Perfect time, this won't affect me one bit
  2. Finally managed to hatch alts again I'd have liked one alt vine and one alt black, but sure, I'll live with two alt vines Or at least the one they're meant for will, haha.
  3. This nebula gendered right, now I finally have a mate for this one
  4. Cold and foggy. And my weather app is confused, because it's saying it's sunny. Uh, no.
  5. Back when the AP was still full of them (so, years ago) I hoarded blacks and vines, and froze most of them. These days I don't actively hoard anything, though I've got quite a lot of Nebulas
  6. I'm honestly neutral on this subject. I'm okay with a limit of 2, I'm okay with a limit of one per biome, I'm okay with no limit. Everyone can only hold 8 eggs at a time anyway, though good traders could amass an army - but I'm not bothered by that... if they can manage that, good for them. Does it need to be increased? Probably not, but it'd be fun to have more than two CBs. I also don't see why it should be possible to get more CBs of past holidays, when lifting the limit of owning only 2 at all didn't have that option either.
  7. Honestly video games have just kind of always been a part of my life... but I think it might have been some helicopter game on Atari? Honestly can't recall the name though. It's also possible I only witnessed my brother and father play it, which means I have absolutely no clue what my actual first game was - might have been Super Mario World, Tetris on a watch, or Super Mario Land 2.
  8. Finished Ocarina of Time, got started right away on Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. Though if I'd had Majora's Mask I'd have done that first since it follows OoT nicely, but alas Can't complain with Persona Q though, absolutely love the mix of Persona and Etrian Oddyssey.
  9. That's okay, I just made it huge this time so hopefully more people will see it
  10. If you cannot see the mate in your cave, do a hard refresh! CTRL+F5 for Windows, CMD+R for mac!!! I'm starting to feel like a broken record I think I've lost count of how many times I've already mentioned this
  11. Hard refresh (CTRL+F5) @Marie19R: You can decorate more if you want, but it seems the mate that's there now is staying.
  12. Do a hard refresh (CTRL+F5 on Windows, cmd+R on Mac)
  13. Cold and windy and rainy D: I hope at least the rain has stopped by the time I get to go home from work, I don't want to have to walk through the rain for 20 minutes.
  14. Probably, but it never hurts to make sure I've seen more than my share of 'but I thought we had another day!' in previous events to not assume that's what they mean
  15. My final batch of Valentine stuff grew up yesterday
  16. A Pyralspite... sure, I'm just a little surprised because I hadn't seen one of those visit yet Oh well, it's a pretty pairing Also, I've seen some people saying they'll fix their cave tomorrow... this is the last day of the event, you cannot change it anymore tomorrow! Check the calendar if you don't believe me...
  17. I'm not sure of everything, but I'm at work and bored so here's what I think everything is. Corrections welcome of course! Magic Row 1:Neutral mana Air mana Ice mana Magi mana Time mana Row 2:Earth mana Life mana Light mana Water mana Dark mana Row 3:Death mana Fire mana Lightning mana GoN scales Ice scales Row 4:Magma scales Thunder scales Magi scales Red scales Staff Row5:Sword Locket/necklace MeatRow 1:Mouse Blue crab Lamb Pheasant Chicken Row 2:Lizard Pig Frog Rainbow chicken Hotdog Row 3:Fish 1 Red crab Steak Ham Squid Row 4:Fish 2 Rabbit Sausage string 1 Sausage string 2 Skinned cow Row 5:Toe 1 Toe 2 Penguin ShiniesRow 1:Pink pearl Jewelled stick thingy 1 Blond prince in a cage Blue round gem Brunette princess in a cage Row 2:Verdigris copper scales? Orange gemstone White pearl Earring/necklace Jewelled stick thingy 2 Row 3:Purple ball thingy Pink ball thingy Bar of gold Blue ball thingy Black-haired prince in a cage Row 4:Black-haired princess in a cage Bronze tinsel scales? Magenta gemstone Silver ingots? Blonde princess in a cage Row 5:Red gemstone Broken bronze shimmer egg Teal gem Steel-coloured gem Bright pink gem Row 6:Bright geen gem Purple gem Gold gem Soft pink gem Soft purple gem Row 7:Red gem Crimson gem Deep green gem Yellow gem Clear diamond 1 Row 8:Black diamond 1 Pink diamond 1 Brown diamond 1 Red diamond 1 Orange diamond 1 Row 9:Gold diamond 1 Green diamond 1 Light blue diamond 1 Deep blue diamond 1 Purple diamond 1 Row 10:Clear diamond 2 Black diamond 2 Pink diamond 2 Brown diamond 2 Red diamond 2 Row 11:Orange diamond 2 Gold diamond 2 Green diamond 2 Light blue diamond 2 Deep blue diamond 2 Row 12:Purple diamond 2 Crown Broken gold shimmer egg Gold scales Green ball thingy Row 13:Dragonfly Green round gem Red round gem Coins Silver scales Row 14:Scales (not sure which dragon) Brunette prince in a cage Gold round gem Light blue ball thingy Broken silver shimmer egg Row 15:Ring (not sure which gem it could be) Diamond ring Ruby ring Emerald ring Onyx ring Row 16:Jewelled stick thingy 3 Scales (not sure which dragon) SweetsRow 1:The Almighty Potato Mushrooms 1 Eggplant-ish thing but not Purple grapes Green grapes Row 2:Bananas Beet? I'm sure this has a name but I am sadly not aware of it Sucker Candy corn Row 3:Lollipop Wrapped sweets Honeydew? Not sure what the proper english name is, in my language it's all just Melon Cupcake Mango Row 4:Red apple Green apple Strawberry Carrot Melon slice Row 5:Mushrooms 2 Celery I think Cherries Rhubarb? Cabbage Row 6:Eggplant Honeydew? Not sure what the proper english name is, in my language it's all just Melon Misc.Row 1:Neotropical scales Bright Pink scales Fleshcrowne scales Brimstone scales Albino scales Row 2:Terrae scales Sunsong scales Royal Blue scales Horse dragon scales Tri-Horn scales? Row 3:Mint scales Brute scales Skywing scales? Sunrise scales Blusang scales Row 4:Sunset scales Yellow coral Lavender coral Turquoise coral Blue coral Row 5:Pink coral Red coral Red/green/yellow scarf/ribbon Green scarf/ribbon Blue/purple scarf/ribbon Row 6:Spinning top Boot Red rose Red and yellow rose Blue rose Row 7:Pink rose Blonde IB doll Brunette IB doll Black-haired IB doll Flower Row 8:Little blue dragon Little brown dragon Little green dragon Little pink dragon Little red dragon Row 9:Little yellow dragon Brown teddy bear Pink teddy bear Blue teddy bear
  18. From what I've heard, TJ and aangs-sister haven't actually decided which avatar they breed yet
  19. Preeetty sure TCA was joking there These were made by aangs-sister. And I highly doubt the heart-shaped pose is a coincidence