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  1. Too cold for my liking, and I wouldn't be surprised if it starts raining between now and the time I go home.
  2. Annoyed because somehow I'm being blamed for a mistake a colleague made and I have no idea why.
  3. The on-site time can't be changed, it's there to show what DC time is so it's easier to figure out the timing for sunrise/sunset eggs etc. So in fact it makes it easier to get night dragons, since you don't have to do any calculating from your own timezone.
  4. Support. Wouldn't use it myself (I'm perfectly happy with the new default) but there's plenty of people who would to make it worthwhile.
  5. After using it a bit more the only thing that bothers me a bit is the reduced amount of space between the top of the scroll and the first bit of content. It bothers me especially on lineage pages, where the shadow falls under the top line of dragons. Definitely a minor thing though, I can learn to live with it
  6. Awesome Love the new skin! I thankfully don't have the nausea problem others seem to be having, though it definitely feels odd to have the scroll and the background scroll at different speeds Ik keep wanting to click the top of the page to move around, haha Definitely going to need some time to get used to it. Absolutely love the clock with the day/night indicator! This is going to make things so much easier! And Thank you, Nakase, for the awesome background art!
  7. Oh no He is gone but will never be forgotten. It's amazing what he has accomplished. Going to see if I can donate some to an alzheimers support cause in his honour...
  8. I think it would be nice if any extra art for the species, if made by or with the direct guidance of the original artist(s) of the sprites, were to be displayed on the encyclopedia pages. But I don't support more art on the dragon's page itself. Let's leave it for just the sprites so they can shine in all their beauty
  9. Excited! Going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London this Friday The train ride from here in Belgium is surprisingly short. Going to meet an internet friend from New York there(and my dad's coming with me, for fun and just in case of course )!
  10. Yessss once this one's grown I can breed the final egg in my 8th gen even pure nebula project!
  11. Traded for an older Tinsel line I didn't have yet
  12. Forgetting to abandon an AP pickup I didn't want, which locked me, and then breeding a shimmer for a trade. Congrats to whoever picks up that 4th gen silver shimmer in a few days!
  13. First spring-like day of the year! Too bad I'm stuck inside at work
  14. Sad about sitting at work inside when it's the first nice spring-like day outside And curse those blinds which automatically go down at the faintest sign of what could possibly be sunshine! Otherwise feeling good though, less than 2 hours left until my shift is up again
  15. Absolutely not ready for a new release, but yeah I am expecting one some time in March
  16. I think that does create extra work for the mods, though. Keeping up with DR already takes quite some time from what I heard, and if they also need to keep an eye on whether the artists for each completed concept are still active... yikes. With my modding experience on other big forums, I can tell you it sounds like a great idea at first, until you actually start doing it. Then it's just too much work to bother with it and it stagnates, and at some point someone is bored enough to do it all in one go, it's kept up with for a few weeks but then the cycle continues. Apparently TJ occiasionally goes through the completed list and removes concepts for various reasons. What if he just adds a small note ('needs new art' or 'concept needs updating' etc.) on concepts which need it? While this doesn't entirely solve the problem, it at least improves the current situation somewhat. It creates a small amount of extra work for TJ, but at least it's not a huge amount of extra work for the mods.
  17. I'm on the fence about this. On the one hand I totally understand Socky's points and I don't think it's a good idea to have a public list of rejections (I'd be pretty upset if my work ended up on there). But on the other hand, I want to know if my art even stands a chance of ever making it on-site, and if improvements are needed or even a complete re-work. It annoys me that concepts that were finished literally years ago are still on the list without any indication on whether they might ever see a release. I'd definitely prefer getting a message 'unfortunately, concept x wasn't deemed suitable for release, for the following (standardised) reasons: a, b, c, etc.' ----- Random thought in extension of this... would having the finished concept be submitted through an on-site form instead of on the forum solve any of the problems DR faces? Really just a random, not-very-well-thought-out idea, but maybe someone can run with it and improve it
  18. Meh. Outside of the US it's not a special day at all (different way of writing the date and all), so I'm not jumping at the occasion, really. A release on the day would be alright (regular release, nothing special) but please, please, please no badge. I'm not a fan at all of one-day-only badges, especially if they're not for globally celebrated things. I'm still very annoyed at the 4th of july badge. I'd be less annoyed at it if it was available every year, but it isn't and this badge wouldn't be, either. So regular release yes, anything else no.
  19. Bred this If nothing refuses now, I have only two more breedings to go until the project is finally finished! Only took me a few years
  20. Uh, those aren't hazing. As posted by Socky on the first page: None of the things you mentioned are abusive or humiliating, and if a university defines those things as hazing then they're doing it wrong. Personally, I don't understand why on earth anyone would willingly subject themselves to humiliation. I definitely don't understand hazings which are mandatory to even go to school or the like: I know that's a thing here in Belgium, and the first time I saw it happen (I didn't grow up here) I was baffled and horrified. I saw groups of students, literally being herded by other students; they were caked in I'm guessing mud and a combination of incredibly smelly substances (definitely smelled feces of some kind). The majority looked like they'd rather be anywhere else at the time. One girl looked particularly miserable, her mouth was taped up with ducttape and she had been bound in ropes... it just... honestly, the whole thing looked more like abuse than any kind of initiation ritual. Harmless initiation rituals (like the ritual of being led to the campfire blindfolded someone mentioned above) are fine, I don't mind those at all. But hazing, like what sororities/fraternities/other college or uni groups often do... nope. Let people have their dignity.
  21. Yeah I'm not entirely sure either I just recall hearing something about it at some point. I'm not actually fond of less-than-legal means of acquiring pokémon, but honestly there should be more events for the really rare legendaries in parts of the world that aren't Japan. They're just too rare for a game whose core goal is to catch them all. ORAS is already great in having a huge amount of legendaries available, but those event-exclusives... they're a pain
  22. Pretty sure it's supposed to, actually. If you want details feel free to PM me, not sure we're actually allowed to talk about this sort of stuff on the forum
  23. Back when I started it wasn't possible to view lineages yet, so I didn't care at all about prettiness - I actually tried breeding the highest gen I could possibly make, which I remember took ages to count and a LOT of tabs open But everything changed when the fire nation attacked when the lineage viewer was implemented. I saw the eldritch horrors I'd created and picked up, and saw what pretty stuff was possible... yep, that forever changed DC for me.
  24. Finally finished my living dex last night Now on to make it a living abilitydex