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  1. My two attemtps with blue gemshards only gave me more gemshard eggs, unfortunately!
  2. Got my first adult - a blue Gemshard! Bred her to a GoN, got a gem egg
  3. Three hours left for me, which means I think about 1 to 2 for people who noticed the release sooner.
  4. ...huh. Interesting. It would seem my home computer is absolutely awful for catching eggs. I've been trying to get more Gems all day, with only two misclicks to show for it. Been trying at work (shush, it's very calm here tonight ) for five minutes, and caught two of them. Maaaybe it's time to have my computer cleaned out and completely re-installed... that might help Oh well, fingers crossed these at least colour right!
  5. Not having much luck picking up more gemstones I can only hope the two I have hatch one green, one red, since that would mean I only still need one red...
  6. Another Gem hatched, too bad it's blue again. Oh well, time to trade
  7. Argh, stupid Striped River egg, stop getting sick already You have less than an hour left until hatching, it's not a good time for you to be sick (...anyone else talk to their eggs as if they're sentient? No? Just me? Ok then)
  8. What a wonderful release Congrats on the releases Odeen, JOTB and LadyLyzar!
  9. Two blue, influenced male and female Got a second plate and puddle, so have a pair of each now I just hope the hatchies gender before these get too low, so I can still influence them. Wish I wasn't locked though, so I could hunt again!
  10. Odeen told someone else who thought they remembered the Gemstones that it was impossible, so I'm guessing those were made in secret. The plates feel vaguely familiar, though.
  11. Had to give up on two of my three ND experiment eggs just so I can catch what I want Would have given up on the third one as well if its code wasn't so perfect for an ND. Oh well. Two gems, one puddle and still have to catch a plate, then I'll be locked *edit* Well that went quickly. Happily locked
  12. So uh, the Ides of March idea was fun and during that massbreed the eggs were gone pretty quickly, but can people please stop massbreeding their brutes now? This totally kills the fun of AP-hunting :/ I have nothing against an occasional mass-breed of any breed, but please not weekly ones of the same breed. A little variation, please!
  13. Rainy Not looking forward to having to go outside in it!
  14. Picked up an egg with the code HRkRI (it's fogged, so no link), which I read as Harakiri. Which is absolutely perfect, since it's an ND-attempt
  15. It has taken me six and a half years of being active on these forums, but I've finally reached level 10! Time to start thinking about that custom member title
  16. Totally with Pie as well. If the original artist isn't comfortable with anyone else doing official art, then that's the end of it. I had on-site sprites on another pet website which I since quit, meaning new sprites had to be made. The new ones are technically good, but they're not the same creature anymore... the artist wasn't there for the creation of the original ones, and it shows. So, art for the encyclopedia should not be mandatory.
  17. ... I just picked up Susan I hope it'll follow its influence... oh well, otherwise I'll have a boy named Susan, haha
  18. Very interesting topic. If I were to get three wishes granted, I think I'd first make sure they are granted in the way I intend them, not the way the wish-granter perceives them. That would avoid any negative effects and unforseen downsides, I hope. If this is impossible without using a wish to have the subsequent wishes be granted like that, I'd do it in place of my third listed wish. My wishes are the following: 1. To be succesful in all my endeavours. This pretty much is an ability to grant my own wishes though... it would allow me to become rich, to establish world peace, to end hunger, to achieve equality for all... 2. The ability to transform into and back from anything at will, while retaining all senses and human cognitive abilities. Want to fly? Bird. Want to overhear a conversation? Boom, completely inconspicuous potted plant. This wouldn't be restricted to strictly physical things... I'd for instance also be able to send myself as data over the internet, which means near-instant travel to anywhere with an internet connection. 3. The ability to observe any moment in time at will, without needing to physically be there.
  19. I'm neutral on this issue. I'd like it, of course, but I don't see a definite need for it. It makes sense to me that breeding cooldown is the same no matter what happened (Fi gives a pretty good example for the refusal cooldown). At the same time, though, it'd be great to be able to breed dragons which refused to other mates relatively quickly!
  20. After nearly four years... I'm finally done with my EG pure Nebula project! Still can't quite believe it... now what
  21. I don't feel the extra art should be restricted to only certain breeds. I think if the original conceptors and artists want art for their dragon(s), they should be allowed to make it and have it show up in the encyclopedia.
  22. I think this idea could work. It would definitely be nice to not have to load every single dragon of a gender that's available to breed, every time I'd like to breed. This could work together with other breed page modifications, I'd say