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  1. That's not possible. Ingredients are uniquely generated for everyone, no one can take it away. There seems to be some sort of glitch going on where sometimes the number generated for the ingredient just doesn't work. Just pick up an ingredient in another biome instead.
  2. This happens sometimes. Pick up an ingredient from another biome, that will make this one go away. You'll probably be able to pick it up next time this specific ingredient appears!
  3. I don't think my neglected has ever felt this pretty before (click the picture, it doesn't show up on the linage page)
  4. Something I 'discovered' about the ingredients which return an error: It seems to have to do with that unique ingredient. If I'm not mistaken, everything which the site generates has a unique ID (code), even the ingredients. Some of these IDs for some reason don't work. When this happens and the ingredient can't be picked up, just pick up another ingredient from another biome. I had this happen with the pink dragon scale ingredient. I couldn't pick it up, picked up something in another biome instead, and a little while later another pink dragon scale popped up and I could pick it up no problem. So, don't worry about not being able to pick up 'glitched' ingredients ever. You'll likely be able to get it the next time it pops up. Note this only goes for ingredients, I don't know about treats which can't be picked up like some people have mentioned.
  5. I keep getting the 'item not found' on some pink thing in the desert. I wonder what causes that?
  6. ...I think I'm one of the few who absolutely loves the new Nilia sprites ._. They have the somewhat larger size of the Magelights which I love, and I absolutely love that the pose is more dynamic instead of the somewhat standard sideview. The neck doesn't seem broken either to me. The only crit I can possibly think of, is the female's tale being rather long if you take into account what's hidden behind the wing. Really like the new Holly as well; it's a great compromise between the old and the new. The less noodly neck is great The head's still somewhat large, but that's all part of their charm The horse is great as well I have to say it's my least favourite of the bunch because some things just don't look right to me, but overall I absolutely love the pose and the male's concept. So... great job spriters, I can't wait to see the other updates!
  7. I wouldn't say it's just the newer users, really. I've been here for... *checks* almost 7 years (holy smokes that even more than I thought ). Been around for a lot of events, sudden happenings and drama. I don't think there's a definition by which I can be called a newer user; yet, I'm fully in favour of sprite updates. I do, however, completely understand the feeling of loss some people are experiencing. For them it would be great if at least the old sprites are visible in the encyclopedia or the like. Then again, on the part of the spriters I also completely understand wanting to have your old, sub-par (for the artist's current skills) work still out there. In the end, it's just not possible to please everyone. Especially not a drama-loving audience as the DC userbase
  8. I have to admit I'm sort of hoping for the new silvers to be the ones I made, where I aimed specifically to find the middle ground between fixing them and having them look the same in lineages Probably not going to happen though, I'm guessing I would have had to sign something by now for that to happen. In any case I can't wait to see how they'll look, I'm generally completely in favour of sprite updates
  9. Just bred mine, got the following: Female Pyro x Male Volcano Magma Female Mageia x Male Cave Magi Female Thalassa x Male Forest Silver All are their mother's breed.
  10. Oooh, grabby hands on the Shadow/White/White Imp. Can't find it in the AH though, is it still available?
  11. Funny to see Duolingo mentioned here, I'm actually part of the team that created the Dutch-English and English-Dutch courses over there Was a lot of fun to make, but it's a lot of work to keep up with, haha. Dutch is my native language, and by now my English is at C2 level. Was fun to have a Canadian come up to me at the train station asking me what part of the US I'm from - apparently I don't have any Dutch accent whatsoever, which I'm very happy about. Apart from those I speak French (B1 level, trying to get to B2) and some German. I know a little bit of Papiamentu, Japanese and Spanish. Finally, I also created a language myself, for a fantasy setting which no longer exists. It's a fully functional language I should really do something with it again some time
  12. Decided to join as well, went with Shadow Shirozuka, that third one's really pretty BRB sending you a PM
  13. 62/62! Definitely did not expect to actually get this done within 24 hours! Thank you very much to everyone involved in the event, there's some absolutely beautiful eggs again! Lots of fandom references I don't get, but I'm really happy there's a Harry Potter in there
  14. OMG how was I not aware of that video I'm a huge Etrian Odyssey fan O_O Thank you for bringing that into my life 55 eggs down, 7 more to go! That went quicker than expected
  15. For the Festival of Eggs you have to get invited by an in-cave spriter. Holiday dragons you PM to TJ Also omg I never thought I'd ever come across someone else who played Lost Kingdoms and liked it!
  16. This is the thread you are looking for
  17. Yeah, this forum needs spoiler tags which allow you to expand the post to see more - I have those on my own forum and they're brilliant Caught a few gorgeous eggs, my favourite so far seems kinda steampunk-ish
  18. I'm glad to hear TCA's egg from last year made it in alright this time! Bit sad I didn't get invited this year, but oh well, perhaps next year again I'll just keep building my list of ideas, haha
  19. Yes You're not alone, it'll likely get fixed pretty quickly.
  20. Okay this might be a useless request but... could people perhaps not post the actual eggs here yet? I'd like to discover them for myself... describing them is fine but part of the fun for me is finding out what all the eggs look like as I get them on the site.