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  1. Oh god now I'm imagining yelling attacks into the 3DS mic and actually having the pokemon react... and thinking about how Siri and similar voice-operated things like to mis-hear things... that'd be fun
  2. If you have Tyrogue or Hitmontop, you can breed those and evolve them to get the other Hitmons. It's annoying though since the Attack and Defense stats have to be right, so it's best to do some Super Training to make sure the stats are as you want them to be. The pokemon from Yellow can't be transfered yet; it'll be possible to transfer them to Sun/Moon, but for now they're stuck on Yellow. Probopass (and Magnezone) evolve in XY in the Lumiose Badlands, which is the pretty barren route with heavy winds. In ORAS you indeed have to go to New Mauville as dragontamer44722 said; explains how to get there
  3. You have to have registered each pokémon's details into the pokédex, meaning you need to own (or have owned) them. This excludes event legendaries/mythicals, meaning you do not need these: Mew Celebi Jirachi Deoxys* Phione Manaphy Darkrai Shaymin Arceus Victini Keldeo Meloetta Genesect Diancie Deoxys may be needed now, as it's catchable in-game. Once you have all pokemon registered, you speak to the Professor (in person, not through the PC) and show him your national dex. You should get the shiny charm! To make it easiest for yourself in future games, it's definitely a good idea to make a Living Dex, in other words have every stage of every pokemon in your boxes. That way you only need to transfer them to future games and catch any new pokemon there to get the charms
  4. If you're going to breed for shinies, it really helps to put some effort into completing your pokedex first (not including event legendaries). That way you can get the Oval Charm for quicker egg production, and the Shiny Charm for higher chance of shinies. It makes a huge difference, especially when also using Masuda Method!
  5. Uuugh. I really don't like that they seem to be moving towards more code events, instead of less of those in favour of wifi distributions. Not everyone can get a code, and yeah not everyone can get the wifi events either but there's a much, MUCH higher amount of people who can get them... the motto is "gotta catch 'em all", then allow everyone to catch 'em all! /rant :V
  6. Whoo, got one of each new one now to get a new bright pink- er, Aria and then hopefully a frill if they drop, otherwise I don't think I'll bother with those for a while. Love the new Zombies, though with the new forms it would be fantastic if they were also available year-round again with an increased chance on Halloween, instead of the current Halloween-only!
  7. Funny, it's completely opposite for me - XY is what got me back into pokemon big time. Love the region, I only wish there was a bit more to it! I haven't given up on Pokemon Z yet, however foolish that may be :'D I know lots of people absolutely loved the Unova region, while that one is... meh to me. Don't like the pokemon there much, don't like the overall feel of the region. So far I'm really really really loving Alola. Perhaps partly because there are some very real parallels with my own life; moving to a new country/region which is a tropical island where you don't really know anything yet. Before leaving I literally called it a new adventure All I'm missing are the pokemon :'D On another note, after having known the starters now for about a day, Rowlett has grown on me. I think I'll call it Pigwidgeon.
  8. cirruspuss, in the UK they're distributed at GAME stores Which leads me to being a bit cheeky in return - I've recently moved to a US region with my EU games and systems, meaning I can't get the codes myself - would you (or anyone else in a EU region) be willing to pick me up 2 codes (one for myself, one for my boyfriend)?
  9. Oh definitely I really hope they give the majority of NPCs an at least somewhat darker colour, it wouldn't make sense for everyone you come across to be white. I just wish they'd move towards a more complete character customisation right from the start, like picking hair, eye and skin colour separately. Although that's only a small step away from making the main character a Mii, and dear god please no
  10. >be me >live on tropical island >as pale as it gets So far the starters are cute but... they'll have to grow on me. I think I'll have to see the final evolutions before I can pick my starter. If none of them jump out at me, I'll probably continue my tradition of going with the grass starter on my first playthrough!
  11. Okay I swear I've seen those before. But I can't for the life of me remember when or where, or if they were just very similar designs... in any case I'm not convinced those are legitimate. They'd be really cute if they're real though :V
  12. They definitely are region locked. I'm a EU person with EU system in another territory (not even sure what this is considered by Nintendo/Gamefreak/The Pokemon Company, but we get US systems and games here). Since I have yet to find a place distributing codes here, I asked a US friend who was going to get her Mew code to get me one too. I entered it, and got the message that this code could not be redeemed in my region. So yeah, region locked D: No idea yet how I'm going to get myself a Darkrai code.
  13. Hey all I started a discussion on the Dutch wiki forum about reviving that wiki, because I think it's a shame that there's barely any content on it and the admin of that one seems to be inactive. So I would very much appreciate it if all the Dutch people reading this who would like to have a Dutch wiki about DC to read, would add their thoughts! Non-Dutch people are also very welcome to give their opinions, of course; I've made sure to translate the post into English so you can follow along Here's the post!
  14. So apparently these games are going to have at least 10 new pokemon. You know. Because that wasn't clear yet it's official now though, said by Masuda himself according to Serebii. Also this news is a few days old by now, but shhh
  15. There is already a cactus pokemon though, so I doubt they'd do that
  16. Terrible after what happened in Brussels today. I know a lot of people in the area, and I don't know if all of them are safe. My parents are safe thank goodness, but there's just too much uncertainty about too many people right now. terrorists.
  17. The designs shown so far don't scream 'China' to me at all, so from those I don't think the region will be china-based... but then again the addition of chinese to the languages is pretty darn huge and could be a major clue. If it's not solely to reach a bigger market So hyped about this though 8D
  18. I.... broke my game ._. Went through a sign somewhere, the game tries loading another area and can't finish. Resetting my location isn't working, unfortunately!
  19. Same here, it's just black Chrome on a Mac, by the way.
  20. Same here! *edit* and the tattooed skull thing seems to have gained a white background!
  21. I have to admit, I really had a 'wtf' moment when something that looked like poo appeared on my scroll suddenly I can... sort of see a potato in it though
  22. I agree with this. Many people (myself included this year, unfortunately, unless I get very lucky) just can't make it on to grab stuff on the holiday itself, so a day extra would be very welcome for those.
  23. I haven't gotten a single one yet either, you're not alone!