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  1. Today is the first day of August and you know what that means: yes indeed, it's time for a new release! This month you may think you already know them... but do you really? New Ferrose variations are now available in not one, not two, not four, but six locations! Yes, you read that right: six new Ferrose variations! Start by looking for them in biomes which didn't already have a Ferrose. Make sure not to skip the Ruins! Then, make your way to the shops to see if they have something new for you... I heard Fawna whispering about the Ferroses and the Black Market seems to have set up shop for the week as well. These were made by Rhynn, of course based on the existing Ferroses by MadiFox and Lavie!
  2. Three nude Dark Luminas (two have very messy lineages, so you may have to scroll a bit to find the actual lumina ) https://dragcave.net/lineage/NlQU6 https://dragcave.net/lineage/Fc8eP https://dragcave.net/lineage/QiXLj Need some myself to get the encyclopedia entry, anyone have some for me to observe?
  3. Spoiler for the non-pygmies (highlight below): Sunsong Amphiptere + Sunrise/Sunset
  4. For those wishing to spoil themselves on what the pairing for the pygmy is: Crimson Flare x Nilia (highlight above here)
  5. If only I could get to my scroll to abandon and breed stuff :'D
  6. I'm not as excited about these as I would expect myself to be. Though it's possibly just because I'm disappointed no proper Pokemon game is happening for the Switch... Switch already has plenty of fighting games either out or upcoming, I want something else. 'course, I'll end up buying US/UM anyway, because pokemon. Just not as hyped about them as I was about S/M. Hopefulyl those empty spots in each town are filled up now. Gyms, possibly? Since now the pokemon league has been set up on Alola and all...
  7. New month, new release! Only one creature this month, but we think you'll like it. It's cute and it lives in rivers and lakes - find it in the Aquatic Biomes! These were originally suggested by MadiFox, and reworked for release by Rhynn. Make sure to thank them!
  8. Hello hello dear Mysgardians, As you all hopefully know, we're working hard behind the scenes to make Mysgardia the best it can be. To fully tailor Mysgardia to the wants and needs of you, the users, we ask you to please fill out a short questionnaire. It would really help us out. After all, there's no point in making a site which is perfect for teenagers if you're all in your late twenties, or the other way around, etc. etc! All responses to the questionnaire are completely anonymous. Some of the questions may be somewhat personal; we have absolutely no way of knowing who answered what, so be as open as you feel comfortable. There's a space at the end to write whatever you like, so if there's anything you want to say to us anonymously, there's your chance To take the questionnaire, please click here Thank you all in advance! Feel free to share it with members who you know aren't on the forums - it would help us a lot The more answers we get, the better we can make the site!
  9. They look like lambs because that's what their original concept was. Together with the Igneo they were supposed to represent a 'lion and the lamb' thing, so that's what I remade them as.
  10. Mysgardia's new permanent forum is finally live! Come check it out here!
  11. What does that darn sink want this time :V My dragons know me. They're just as curious as I am. They're happy to infect themselves, for science!
  12. Every PC can do screenshots. Google is your friend You may want to check the Site Discussion section, there's a thread there explaining how the game works.
  13. They'll be healed eventually anyway - might as well see what happens if we go all the way with the disease! DISEASE FOR LIFE!
  14. The sentence which got me to finally understand Minesweeper years ago: The numbers tell you how many mines are in the squares touching the number's square; horizontally, vertically and diagonally That is what the entire ruleset of minesweeper comes down to. (feel free to add that to the first post if you think it's useful)
  15. If the spread/cure bar is supposed to be more cure when the marker is closer to the cure image, and more plague when the marker is closer to the plague image, the bar really shouldn't have two different colours. That just causes confusion. Make it a single colour and I can agree to that interpretation of it... right now purely going by visuals, it would indicate that the more red there's in the bar, the more plague there is; and the more blue there is, the more cure there is. So the marker is just a nice looking divider between the two.
  16. You've got a mistake there somewhere in the top left 'block'. The top empty square is a mine - mark it. The one below it is safe, you have it marked as a mine now - unmark it and open it up. As for the bottom left/center 'block': you can open up that last one safely
  17. Okay but what prompts the appearance of that NPC? I know exactly where she's supposed to be, but she's not there. I have done everything possible, with the exception of catch the max amount of pokémon possible in the catching challenge (darn Pikachu busting my balls :V) I'm not convinced the datamine revealed all new pokemon. I'd be disappointed if that's everything, to be honest.
  18. It can still be both... it's entirely possible for a pokémon to be version exclusive and be able to evolve only during a certain time of day.
  19. Generally, it depends on what the artist and the commissioner agreed upon. Art intended for use on adoptables websites: as long as the artist is aware of this intention, the art usually becomes property of the adoptables website. The artist needs to be aware that the ownership is being transferred to the site, though. If nothing is agreed upon, from what I know of European copyright laws at least (this might be outdated info), the art remains property of the artist, and the site is simply granted usage rights. The safest route by far for both parties is to draft up and sign a contract before any work is done, though. It prevents exactly cases like these... I don't know if anything has ever been signed for WoU? It should not matter that the art is no longer being viewed or used on said website. As long as the person with whom the ownership lies, has not transferred this ownership, they remain the owner. Again, unless otherwise has been agreed upon beforehand. Keep in mind this info can definitely be outdated and should not be used in legal situations.
  20. I have found one of those, but the app just crashes when it tries to start up. I'd prefer having it on my iPhone anyway, I don't actually use my android phone... I'm just rather annoyed that I can't find a release date anywhere, while everyone around me is playing and having fun T_T
  21. So uh... anyone have any idea when Go will be released in Europe?
  22. Congratulations to the new moderators! More than that though, I wish you good luck. Moderating a forum such as this one is no easy task!