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    Shimmer and Tinsel lists are in the spreadsheet in my signature. Anything with 'Open' in green is open for trading!

    I'm fine with IOUs and understand the risks involved.

    I enjoy breeding for people, so if I have something you'd like me to breed, let me know! Most things are free, though I might want trades for others.

    If you want to know what I'd be interested in for trading, have a look at my wishlist, linked in my signature!

    If I have bred a dragon for you and you do not pick it up, I will hatch it for you (if it has a special lineage it will be influenced appropriately). I will then send you the link for picking up the hatchling. If you neglect to pick it up, I will still consider my end of the trade fulfilled.
    If special circumstances did not permit you to pick it up, please let me know and I will decide if I will try breeding for you again.

    For a while, I handled trades for my friend's CB Bronze shimmer, Felix Felicis Leviosa. His list is currently CLOSED so please do not ask to be put on the list.

    If you are waiting for me in a Dragon Request and I don't show up, please PM me! I sometimes lose track or plain forget, and reminders are always welcome.

    I try to respond to all polite PMs and would appreciate the same in return.